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Video || Obama: Romney has “Romnesia”

The president of the United States ridicules his opponent.

He’s speaking at a college. The kids seemed to like it.

Actually, he seemed like one of the kids.

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  1. Keep up the funny stuff and let’s see how funny you feel Nov 7th in the morning. Hopefully the big Mayflower truck will have found its way to 1600
    at least the first one will need one for Michelle’s swag.

    • I either fast forward through his speaking segments or mute him. I didn’t even listen to this. I just can’t hear his voice anymore. The next time I listen to him will, hopefully, be when he conceeds the election to Romney on Nov 6 evening. Pray everyone.

  2. Sal Alinsky tactics folks, plain and simple. We are onto it and it no longer works. All he has left is the college crowd and the Comedy Channel. I wonder if the WH has started removing the “R’s” from the keyboards yet?

    • Think he may have lost the Comedy Channel crowd after his Jon Stewart interview last night. Most liberals vote on feelings rather than issues. He came across as a cold, heartless narcissist to his worshipers. He had his Elmer Gantry moment…

    • Wrong. He has the college crowds, Comedy Central, The View, David Letterman and more importantly…PBS. In a secret memo uncovered today, he is is the process of dropping Biden from the ticket. In his place, he will name Big Bird. This will solve two problems: 1) He gets the kiddy vote by providing Big Bird with a job; and 2) he replaces a bird-brain with a genuine bird.

  3. Obama probably stayed awake until the wee hours thinking up “Romnesia” all by himself. What a clever boy! Notice all the chumps in the background,
    all women. Obama must have been passing out free birth control to get them to be fawning groupies.

    • I either fast forward through his speaking segments or mute him. I didn’t even listen to this. I just can’t hear his voice anymore. The next time I listen to him will, hopefully, be when he conceeds the election to Romney on Nov 6 evening. Pray everyone.

    • I saw a segment on the net that showed these kids don’t have a clue about Benghazi, the state of the economy, etc. They are all lemmings. I won’t even remind my own kids to vote because they are lemmings too. No matter how much I try to tell them how bad Obama is on their future, they don’t get it. They get their “news” from Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. This generation is clueless. Too many video games. When they get out of college and Romney gets elected, they will thank me. One is in the military and I told him that Obama wants to cut 100 billion from the defense budget starting in 2013 and he didn’t believe me. He siad “I haven’t heard anything about that.” What an idiot. I can’t change their thoughts but they may change their own when I am done paying for their education and they are on their own. One is on his own now (military) and two will be one their own 3 months after their college graduation. I am sick of redistributing my wealth to my lemmings. ARGHHH!

  4. This is so sad, all those happy, smiling faces of young women who will discover that they won’t get a job after they graduate, will be burdened with a healthcare system that will force them to pay for their parent’s medical bills and an economy smothered with massive debt.
    Their President has come to visit with them, to ask them for their vote and the other guy, the one MrO is ridiculing, didn’t bother to visit any of them.

    The other guy, so the President says, is old-fashioned and doesn’t want women to have equal rights. The other guy isn’t cool or have friends like Beyonce and George Clooney. He doesn’t appear on the funny news shows like Colbert or any of the ones that tell the truth.

    I feel sorry for them and for us if MrObama wins reelection.

  5. He’s having problems filling venues unless they’re on campuses (PAR-TAY! Skip class!) or the unions bus a few loads of members in.

    Funny, first looking at those signs in the video frame, thought they said Edwards :D

  6. Obama needs to tune into Fox to see James Rosen’s report that he just presented to Megyn Kelley about the Benghazi people begging for more security for month and the day before.
    Documents have been released today.
    Is it too late for impeachment?
    If so,then how about Jail?

      • I watched Bob Beckel’s reaction he seems to think nobody cares about
        this meaning we are too stupid if we’re not in the chattering class of
        folks in NY and DC! I’m growing very tired of being called stupid and anyone without a PHD doesn’t care about the tragic events in Libya that
        are no more than a nuisance or annoyance for Obama.

        • Bob is being a total blob–or a more total one. He just says, yeah, yeah, it’s over, your guy won, whatever. So pass-agg. Like everyone woman’s ex. It’s getting tiresome…

    • Unbelieveable video , Sadie! For 4 years we have watched this Marxist and his wife preying on the mushy-brained, dumbed- down govt. trained nincompoops. At first I thought these kids must be from CA, but it turns out they’re from Ohio.

      As soon as Obama and the wife started loitering on HS and college campuses the first week they were in office, they both should have been banned from school grounds.

      It is a criminal act/felony for any political figure to register kids on a school campus . Bonnie and Clyde Obama have been doing it for 4 years. Now they are busing the kids directly from school cafeteria registrations to the voting booths. There are 18M young people who have reached voting age since 2008. How many of them have been shuffled onto the Obama buses? The Obamas both belong in jail!

      ***I wonder if Obamacare has a cure for ‘Obamaphobia’…I have a very bad case!

    • I remember my first year in college, 35 years ago, when I was told that I couldn’t vote in a local election because I was NOT considered a “citizen” of the state I was living in. My ID showed an address from back home in Chicago, and I was attending school in Indiana. If I wanted to vote I needed to get an absentee ballot from Illinois and vote there.

      When I finally moved off campus and established permanent residence in Indiana, I was able to get an Indiana ID, and register to vote in Indiana. I guess the laws have changed in the past 35 years, but to me, it makes no sense that college students, who have no vested interest in the local or state politics, are allowed to register and vote in a state where they are considered “temporary” residents. If they want to vote, and they still have their ties to their home state, then they should be voting absentee.

      Students living in campus housing and not establishing roots to the community where they are attending school shouldn’t be allowed to vote as residents of that community. Not to disenfranchise them, they can and should vote, but let it be absentee to their home state and community. As a student living in a dorm you pay little to nothing into the local tax base, other than sales or income taxes. You pay no property tax vis a vie the fact that you are living in campus housing. You have little to no allegiance to the community in which you are living, other than tailgating and going to school events, and most college students do move back to the areas from which they came, thereby further negating their ties to the greater community in which the campus sits.

    • Media generation. They love Jon Stewart’s “news,” Comedy Central, don’t read a newspaper (well, maybe USA Today), and don’t have a clue what is going on in the world.


  7. Mockery and belittling (personally) his opponent – this is why Ubama is slipping – the grade school candidate is wearing thin on serious people who are yearning for an adult as their leader because they know we’re in deep yogurt. The schoolyard bully ain’t cuttin’ it any longer.

  8. An audience full of deluded young women. Where are all the men?
    Pulling at his coked-up nose.
    Fomenting class warfare.
    Stammering, stuttering.
    “Fair shot….fair shake….fair share….” blah blah blah.
    Ridiculing Romney (it’s all Barry’s got).

    Same sh*t, different day.

  9. Ugh, I can’t get through the video. I already read Jake Tapper’s article and was sickened by this idiot’s lame “comedy” act. This wasn’t just a couple of “jokes”; Obummer’s prompter was loaded up with an entire new “comedy” skit. What an asinine way to conduct himself, especially in the remaining days of a campaign. I am SO effing sick of him, I cannot wait until this crap is over!

    Here’s Tapper’s article is anyone would rather read it than listen to the doofus in chief:

    As far as the crowd size today, Mark Knoller tweeted:

    Obama Campaign quotes local fire safety official saying crowd at Obama rally numbers 9,000.

    Big deal. He can only get a crowd that size when he has a captive audience on campus, a group of kids who would rather go there than to their class(es). In the meantime, Romney is regularly getting crowds of 8,000 to 10,000 enthusiastic people who have to go out of their way to go see him at rallies.

    • One additional point: Romney is regularly getting 8,000 to 10,000 WORKING enthusiastic people to his rallies.That is a big difference from college kids or welfare recipients who have nothing better to do.

    • On the flip side of the coin…we have MooChow being asked whether she likes Barry in boxers or briefs; and she, of the large ass and the minimal brain, answering, “neither.” Chuckle, chuckle, ha ha.
      Going all the way back to JFK, can you think of any other FLOTUS who would have been asked that question? Can you think of any other FLOTUS who would have deigned to answer?

  10. Levin had a new great term for Obama tonight!

    Obamarrhoids- painful spots located on the darkest and dankiest spots on a person’s posterior. Only cure-Cut them off!!

  11. Sadly, this is the best he’s got. And just think, this coming from the mouth of the “leader” of the free world.
    And scary, this is the generation of hypnotized bots that will one day be in positions of authority.

    • They aren’t lost causes, at least some of them aren’t. The older women who act like he’s Elvis shaking his pelvis are probably public union stooges who will never change. God willing, the grifters will be shown the door on November 6th. Once that happens, the teenaged crush will eventually fade, and these young women will most probably become productive members of society.

  12. Obama has been around the resident plagiarist-in-chief, Joe Biden, way too long. The term “Romnesia” was first coined by David Corn in Mother Jones ( in an article that called into question Romney’s remembrance of his family and up bringing. It’s a shame Corn didn’t do the same with Obama four years ago, but then that would require ethics.

    As to his “if you have _____, then you must have Romnesia” line, Jeff Foxworthy should sue for trademark infringement. That is classic Foxworthy comedic set up a la his famed, “If you mow your lawn and find a car, you must be a redneck” type jokes.

    I guess it’s apropos that a President and administration that cannot come up with any original ideas would pull a Berle and steal someone else’s material.

    • Shofar – excellent detective work.
      Biden is known for “borrowing” speeches from other politicians. The two of them are kleptomaniacs. In the big picture, not a bit of difference in character whether you’re pilfering words or money when the intent is to take what is not yours.

  13. Some of those women in the background don’t look college age to me. Most of them don’t. And I can’t wait for a president who will not refer to us as ‘the folks’. I want amnesia of that word for the rest of my life.

  14. What is so stupid about this is that Obama made up stories about Romney’s policies for the past 6 months. When Romney came out at the first debate and got to tell the voters what his policies REALLY are, Obama now calls him a liar and says he has amnesia. Obama is the liar and he is a loser. Let’s pray Obama loses this election or we all lose.

  15. You’re all so bitter he’s so funny and smooth. Plus a steller acedemic. Ud wanna be just like him if you weren’t so uptight. Look at the polls it’s the most educated that are for Obama and the states that aren’t so progressive for the other guy tricking them against their own financial interest. Racist homophobic Units! Review what economist say and don’t blame it on pure compassion that these people consider although last I checked I’m pretty sure god wants you to live by that too. All my high earning doctorate friends support him and the ones that don’t are money greedy , uptight , close minded or very uneducated On politics and just listen to the word less money for military salary that they propagandize