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Romney Out-Hustling Obama on the Campaign Trail

Gov. Mitt Romney is spending far more time campaigning than President Obama, staging 16 campaign rallies and speeches compared to only 9 by Obama so far this month, according to a White House Dossier analysis of their schedules.

Obama had held only six events through October 16. With his recent decline in the polls, the president is suddenly making up for lost time, holding three events in the last two days. He is appearing at another today in Fairfax, Virginia. Romney holds a rally this evening with running mate Paul Ryan.

Obama has been off the campaign trail a total of about a week this month preparing for the first two debates, with mixed results. He flopped in the first debate after three days of study.

The figures are for traditional campaigning and do not include fundraisers done by the candidates.

Romney’s campaign travel has focused intensely on two swing states – Virginia and Ohio. Eleven of his sixteen appearances have been in one of the two, with seven stops in Virginia and four in the Buckeye State.

Obama also has focused on the two states, making three appearances in Ohio and one in Virginia.

Both candidates have also been to Colorado, Iowa and Florida. Obama has not held a rally this month in North Carolina, the state where he held his convention but which appears to be slipping from his grasp, while Romney was there Oct. 11. Obama has been to New Hampshire and Wisconsin this month for rallies, but Romney has not.

Obama is approaching his reelection very differently than George W. Bush did eight years ago. Bush barnstormed the nation in October 2004, holding nearly 30 rallies between the first of the month and the eighteenth. Bush also made two appearances for other GOP candidates and held a brief impromptu question and answer session with reporters.

Unlike Obama and Romney, Bush continued to campaign in the days leading up to his debates with Sen. John Kerry.

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  1. Ya, game over for Obama. You gotta know that Romney’s campaign wouldn’t be focusing on just several states if he didn’t already have the votes needed to win. I mean come on, I have liberal friends that tell me they aren’t voting for him and some say they aren’t voting. This doesn’t like good for Team O and in fact… I even think California may be in play or at least the non-marxist areas inland from the coast. You’ll see a sea of Red on the electoral map come 11/6.. it’s gonna be a corn whippin”

  2. I would like to see Romney in California. I hate it when they write off a state. Only the coastline is full of liberal socialists, whereas the interior is full of real Americans. You would think you are in Texas.

  3. If there’s any segment of the Obama record that is more pathetic than his economic agenda, it’s his Foreign Policy debacles. Obama attempts to cleanse his monumental failures by repeated references to the dispatch of Osama bin Laden by a courageous group of Navy Seals. An event that was triggered by SecDef Leon Panetta, while a hapless Obama had to be extricated from the Andrews AFB golf course to passively observe the live-feed of the Seal assault. A classic example of the fiction surrounding the most pathetic excuse for a POTUS in American history. Scrutiny of each Obama claim to Foreign Policy acumen is shredded by actual facts. On Iraq – America’s sacrifices in blood and treasure to bring a semblance of self-government to that beleaguered Nation was totally squandered when Obama hastily vacated the scene without executing a ‘Status-Of-Forces’ agreement that would have permitted the constitution of a Rapid-Response-Force in Iraq to guarantee secure National borders from its pariah neighbor Iran. As a result, this oil rich Nation is fracturing into irreconcilable segments with Iranian influence controlling their destiny. On Afghanistan – The public pronouncement of a date certain for withdrawal of American forces, regardless of circumstances on the ground; and the contemptible disregard of our military Commander’s advice on the pace of withdrawal vis-a-vis the ‘Fighting Season’ considerations, has emboldened the Taliban and set the stage for their re-conquest of Afghan territory. Obama might be asked: ‘ From where’ does he intend to launch Drones to curtail X-border assaults from fanatical Islamists in Pakistan? As a result of Obama’s Foreign Policy skills, Afghanistan will once again become the Training-Ground and the Launch-Pad for terrorist elements against American interests at home and abroad. On Libya – Obama’s incorrigible negligence on the protection of assigned American personnel to that seething cesspool of Islamic fanaticism is a SCANDAL of Epic Proportions. With unconscionable ruthlessness, four American lives were needlessly sacrificed to perpetuate the myth that Obama had vanquished al Qaida. In spite of a Live-Feed of the brutal six hour assault on the American Consulate by heavily armed, well coordinated combatants being fed into the various Administration ‘Situation Rooms’, Obama, several days later, dispatched a hapless Susan Rice to five Sunday Talk Shows to proclaim that there was: “A spontaneous, unpredictable uprising from a protest over the video disparaging the Prophet Mohammed.” There was NO protest. Obama, himself, repeated this decoy fable several days later, no-less than six times, at his UN speech. A brazen deceit perpetrated on the American public. Impeachment proceedings are in order. On the Middle East in its entirety – The region has become an inferno with radical fundamentalism, aided and abetted by Obama’s policies and your tax $s, raging across the expanse of North Africa. Even more dangerous to American National Security, while both Russia and the CHICOM are feverishly modernizing and expanding their Strategic Military Forces, Obama, with his anticipated “flexibility” of a second term, is systematically ‘Decapitating’ America’s Military Components in a steadily increasingly dangerous world. In the upcoming debate on Foreign Policy, Obama will unconscionably proclaim that we have won because, in spite of the turmoil and chaos raging throughout the world -AND- Iran’s proximity to a Nuclear Weapons capability, HE hastily vacated the playing field before any terminal decisions had been rendered. Obama is the greatest treachery ever to descend upon the Presidency of the United States. Greg Neubeck

    1. Well said, Greg. One thing that is clear, you are a patriot. You would voluntarily wear a US flag lapel pin, and not call it divisive like our Dear Leader Obama used to as a senator. How the heck did this guy get elected in the first place?

      The media will tell you that he’s the most intelligent man in the world, but not one of his college transcripts was ever released. It’s a total farce.

  4. The al Smith Dinner was a triumph for Mitt last night and he made funny but true points with the Church, voters looking in. He has a comedic touch and is not afraid to mix it up as a guy who can hoot, hollar, charm and laugh. In Fla. today, that will aid him.. But, he and Ryan need to go to Pa., Wisc., Mi., Ohio , NV and Col. in the last two weeks. To keep Bama off his back.

  5. This emperor has never had clothes. Our media has simply put up a curtain around him. Now, with a new dawn behind him, people are seeing through it.

  6. No surprise here: Romney is a successful businessman used to working long days, early mornings, stressful deals and then comes closing of the deal which he can make happen. On the other hand, Obama, lazy, slothful, lack of motivation, hates real work, has no business experience and most of all DESPISES the American capitalist system. Romney is the CLEAR choice and is light years ahead of Barry.

  7. Make sure to vote for R&R, but be cautious in the excitement. Dems do not loose elections easily — it’s WWIII to them as they’re irrational and supported by a sleazy press.

    I learned last night that Soros bought/owns 60% of the Italian firm that will COUNT a significant amount of the votes. They bought a Florida firm slated to do vote COUNTS. As the communist crooks know, he who counts the votes decides the election. I sensed that Soros political spending is down, perhaps this is why, he really knows where to put his money to influence the election. Just speculation, but these people do not respect the law or rules, they are irrational fascists that can pitbull a dove.

  8. romney has been running for president for 8 long years – that has been his full-time ambition. he REALLY wants HIS NAME to go down in the history books. THAT is what he is all about – HIM. THAT is why he PRETENDS to be anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-universal-health-care, pro-yokel. he will say almost anything, sink to almost any depth, sacrifice almost any principle. i would almost guarantee he actually thinks obama is a great president. now, perhaps he has been conditioned to lie even to himself to some degree, but he certainly knows he is riding a wave of manufactured stupidity (aka the GOP strategy).

    the gop is a party of imbeciles and hucksters. their party is controlled by media propagandists – drudge, rush, beck, hannity, coulter, and other such amoral sociopaths. even rove scoffed to a reporter that the GOP operated outside of the “reality-based community.”

    so, the gop is about to vote for the pro-abortion, pro-gay-rights, pro-universal-health care (he wrote an op-ed in favor of the individual mandate in the wash post in 2008) former liberalesque governor from massachusetts and wall street corporate raider. good job, geniuses…

    1. So he’s all about going down in history, huh? He seems a bit less self-aggrandizing than our premature Nobel Laureate to me. And it can’t be the money, despite how you like to make him out to be Scrooge McDuck–he earned a lot of money, he’s not denying it–but he took a buck a year to be governor of Mass–which also let him out of pension there, by the way.
      So why does he do it? Because he wants to help his country–and us? Just a possibility…

    2. Saul, Obama has run the country into the ground his record is 23 million people unemployed, 1 in 6 in poverty, 50% unemployment for recent college grads, gas price double what they were when obama took office, 1.5 trillion in new debt a year for 4 years, more than the previous 43 presidents combined, 47 million on food stamps up 32 percent, food stamp spending up 100%, $90 billion to green energy companies half of which are now bankrupt and just happened to be obama donors, health care cost up $2500 per family, income down $4000 per family, and the idiots on the left think the biggest problems are gay marriage, abortion and global warming you are the one being fooled fool

  9. Romney is looking more and more like a president every day. I am liking him much more than I thought a few weeks ago. I think he will be great for America. At least he doesn’t want to make it socialist like Obama wants to do. Obama is an arrogant narcissist.

    He got what he wanted, he will be rich beyond his dreams now. No one is going to tell me he hasn’t already figured out a way to get himself and his friends millions and millions of our dollars by now.

    1. Maybe no one call tell you otherwise–but I think you are wrong. Successful people can figure out how to make money all on their own. That is not the issue. You think Obama is not thinking of his blind trust, his house being built in Hawaii, his speaking career (although why anyone would pay to hear more is beyond me), and what other books he can get someone to help him with? He assured his kids they will always be rich–so he’s on the case, believe me.

  10. The mother of an American diplomat killed during a terrorist raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has hit out at Barack Obama for describing the attack as ‘not optimal’, saying: ‘My son is not very optimal – he is also very dead.’
    As a mother how would you feel if your son was killed and someone said “It’s not optimal”about his death? Shameful.
    President Obama may have been born with a silver tongue (forked tongue in my opinion) but he sure put his foot in his mouth saying “it’s not optimal” about those 4 Americans who were killed by terrorists in Libya. Obama’s “likability” just took a nose dive as far as I am concerned.

  11. Guy walks into a bar and has a couple of drinks while CNN is on the TV. After a while he gets fed up and stands up shouting “Obama is an A-hole”. A guy stands up, taps the drunk on the shoulder, and says “I resent that remark”. The drunk says “You must be a democrat” to which he replies “nope. I’m an A-hole.

  12. “Bush continued to campaign in the days leading up to his debates with Sen. John Kerry.” Since Bush was a hands on administrator that knew what his adminstration was doing he did not need debate prep. No amount of debate prep can help the president because he attempts to defend the indefensible.

  13. If Obama had MORE campaign stops than Romney this article would be about how Obama is too busy campaigning and not working.

    this website is:
    4 ever.

  14. The Dems all believed that Romney was unlikeable and that their character assassination would cement that impression. The problem is that Romney is more likeable than Obama and the debates have shown this to America. Add Romney’s superior competency, and the result shou be clear.

  15. Romney’s all about the rule of law huh? Letting illegals CHOOSE whether to go back? Obama’s actually deporting some. Romney’s taking a step down from that and just ignoring the law. Wonder how Sheriff Joe can support Romney.

    1. This isn’t an immigration problem, this is a border security issue. We must shut down the border and help our our border patrol/ICE, rather than treating them as the enemies ala Obama/Holder policies.

  16. obama admits he is lazy. More than 100 rounds of golf (6 hours at least away from “base”, typically the white house), numerous dates, vacations, and it would seem at least a dozen appearances on letterman, the view,….
    Based on white house logs and obama’s schedule, he skips his national security briefing about half the time. Would it seem possible he doesn’t even read every one? While it is the state deparment’s responsibility relative to security, it is possible obama didn’t even know of all the escalation of violence, dangers, and intelligence regarding the known dangerous situation in Libya. There was no cut to the security budget and the budget proposal did not cut the budget, it slowed the growth, just like virtually every “cut” that is attacked. So it wasn’t money as was suggested. If obama was aware, more failed judgement and leadership. If he didn’t know, we might want to think about having the boss involved in the really dangerous stuff and maybe a little less about condoms or celebrities.

  17. I believe that Romney will “hustle” more for the American people when he’s elected as well. I am sick of this charleton Obama. The media bending over backwards to help their candidate is making me ill.

    Romney/Ryan 2012
    An administration for ALL AMERICANS!

  18. I find it hard to believe people who are hurting are going to take the chance on giving him 4 more years. People can not wait any longer for the economy to improve. Bottom line: Obama has called this the “New Normal” so unless you are happy with how things are going, you better vote Romney OR enjoy 4 more years of the same.

  19. Guaranteed Success Strategy for Romney’s Monday Night ‘Foreign Policy’ Debate .

    First of all, Monday night’s debate is not about foreign policy. It is about americans’ response to obama’s foreign policy decisions as well as his indecisiveness in times of approaching crisis. It is also about obama’s lack of leadership (‘america will lead from behind’), outright sloppiness, and lack of transparency that followed EVERY foreign crisis over the course of the obama presidency .

    Wrap you entire debate around the following points. DO NOT DEVIATE.
    1. Obama foreign policy action or lack of action.
    2. Outcry from concerned americans.
    3. Congressional Investigation.
    4. PATTERN of failure over four years.

    Identify the obama failure, white house lack of transparency, and how the cited failure in foreign policy is part of a four year pattern of complete foreign policy failure. Tie every obama foreign policy failure to another obama foreign policy failure.

    For example:
    2012 Benghazi:
    American ambassador and three embassy assistants die from rebel fire and gunshots during attack by rebel forces.
    Obama foreign policy action or lack of action:
    Deaths were due to Obama administration failure to respond to at least three formal pleas for protection of American embassy in Libya over the perious six months.
    Outcry from Concerned Americans:
    Lack of transparency: misinformation, contradictory information.
    Apparent Coverup: UN ambassador rice and press secretary jay carney interface with America. Neither president obama or secy of state Hillary Clinton fail to address the issue for seven full weeks.
    Congressional Investigation:
    Seek truth about incompetence of STATE DEPARTMENT and President Obama and reasons behind the lack of protection at the embassy.

    Next, tie the Benghazi crisis to another obama foreign policy crisis to show the PATTERN of obama foreign policy failures over four years. For example, the Mexican border massacre in December 2012.

    Romney says: THIS IS A PATTERN WE SEE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Romney says: just a year ago, Americans were outraged by the murder of Agent Brian Terry, an American agent guarding this country’s mexican border agent.

    AND ONCE AGAIN, there was an Outcry from Concerned Americans. Just like after the deaths in Libya.

    Once again, there was an outcry from Americans. Just like the outcry following the deaths at the american embassy in Bemghazi.
    Americans learned that border agent brian terry was killed by gunfire from Mexican rebels. There were reports that the very bullets that killed Agent Brian Terry
    were illegally shipped to Mexico by our own Justice Department.

    AND ONCE AGAIN, there was a Congressional Investigation. Just like after the deaths in Libya.

    Americans demanded because just like there was last month following the Benghazi deaths.
    This time it wasn’t Obama’s State Department like it was with the Benghazi slaughter.
    For almost one year, Obama’s Secretary of Justice eric holder refused to release documents critical to the congressional investigation. Mr. Holder tried to blow off the investigation with a thousand excuses. He even called the investigation ‘racist’….

    like llibya, American’s turned to their president for an answer. But there were no answers. Just like Libya, there was incompetence on the part of the Obama administration. the coverup that followed, and the incompetence of the obama JUSTICE DEPARTMENT. ….once again, the public outcry for the facts forced congress to investigate.

    Americans have lived with this PATTERN again and again and again.

    NOTE 1: SEAL THE DEAL…..any time obama objects, circumvents, or denies a Romney comment, Romney response: ‘I’m just repeating the criticism that Americans made at the time of the (libyan or Mexican or fort hood or ???? or ????? ) event. ‘
    Suggested Romney comment: ‘tonite’s debate is as good a time as any to get an answer, mr president. …america’s still waiting.’

    NOTE 2: PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDERNEATH OBAMA EACH TIME HE BRAGS ON THE DEATH OF BIN LADEN…, ‘this should have been accomplished during your first two years – not the last two years to boost your re-election chances……..was it because your were so absorbed in pushing obamacare over the objection of most amerians??’

    NOTE 3: Be discerning of advice from all tv and print journalists who may be well intentioned ….some have a very competent, objective, studied understanding of foreign affairs during obama’s presidency. Surely far more knowledge than I have. Perfect for the war room and college textbooks.

    However, this debate needs to ‘publicize’ the events of the failed obama foreign policy – not to document the minutiae before curious but busy, skeptical, entertainment-ready Americans.

    NOTE 4: don’t shy away from events that may not fit the exact mold of foreign policy; don’t be afraid to color outside the lines….. for example, talk about fort hood….in the minds of most Americans, it is terrorism – a foreigner’s act of terror on American soil terrorism. And isn’t that the true point of debate? To answer questions that have never been answered for Americans.

    Remind Americans of the headlines, the questions, the skepticism involved in the shady way that obama handled (failed to handle) EVERY foreign policy issue. ….—there were the usual unresolved concerns that Americans have.

    NOTE 5: Obama will continually try to diminish the questions (not just your responses) you ask. Respond: ‘these are the questions that millions of Americans asked at the time this tragedy occurred. They are still waiting for answers’. I iguarantee that every American will love you for asking the question.

    NOTE 6: Be blunt when obama tries to pull you into areas you don’t belong. Obama will somehow try to draw you into DEFENDING YOUR HISTORY on foreign policy (I know that makes no sense but remember that liberals make no sense; obama has already implicated that Romney/Ryan is responsible for the tragedy in Libya. ) ….tell obama: ‘mr. president, I was not the president over the past four years. You were. Therefore, my thoughts on foreign policy were not enacted. You’re here to defend your decisions – not mine. I will start making presidential decisions when I enter office on January 20, inauguration day. ‘I am here to hold your feet to the fire over the events of the past four years. You are not here to hold my feet to the fire. ‘

    NOTE 7: NEVER toy with obama. He will look for an opening, a lapse to turn the tables on you…..that is his entire campaign strategy – his only campaign strategy…eg. ‘make the other guy look bad cause I got nothin…absolutely nothin.’

    NOTE 8: Rip obama to shreads on handing out billions in taxpayer dollars to countries and to dictators that would prefer to see every american die a painful death. Be specific on how these billions could be used to lower the debt.
    Question the placement of american troops in so many countries overseas….some seem completely unnecessary….some troops have been in the same peaceful countries since the end of world war 2.

    NOTE 9: Think before you answer the inevitable obama AND THE MODERATOR ‘gotcha’ questions and comments. Turn the question around and fling it back at obama or the moderator.


    If moderator persists, stop the debate, state you claim about the biased, belligerent moderator. THEN WALK OFF THE STAGE.

    Don’t worry how the tv news nitwits or the newspapers respond to your defiance aimed at tricks played by the moderator or obama…..the liberal media will slame you and the conservative will ignore the nastiness/the ’gotcha-ness’ underneath the comment(s) and wait till they hear how the country responds…..they never know how to handle this kind of stuff…. they put together discussion panels that are equally clueless.

    Remember, your job is to rescue this country. NOT to make the tv media nitwits happy.

    Good luck on Monday Night.


  20. I have never liked his style. But if you like watching a guy spend most of the time turned around doing something to his guitar, (my guess is we are supposed to be enjoying the rear view), and then screaming out “Born in the USA” in that voice that reminds me of someone scraping their fingernails on a chalkboard, then knock yourself out by listening to him. Hey, we all like differant syles of music. By the way, I called up my friend who has been playing in a band for 45 years around New Orleans to ask him why I never heard anyone cover a Springsteen song. His answer. “Cause he is a no-playing m.f. Just saying.

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  22. Romney is a hard working man and will make a great POTUS, but to say he is out hustling the Kenyan is not much of a compliment. A three toed sloth could out hustle the Kenyan.

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