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Debate School at Camp David

President Obama is saving taxpayers some money of the kind they shelled out for his previous debate prep sessions in Virginia and Nevada, heading for Camp David for the weekend today to study up for the third and final debate, which will be in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday.

Obama heads down to Florida Monday and then Tuesday will campaign in Florida and Ohio.

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  1. No amount of practice is going to help Obama on the Libya debacle,even under the most “optimal” circumstances.
    Lets pray Bob Scheiffer keeps his yap shut.

    1. Bob Scheiffer is a political hack, just like Crowley. Monday night he might be a little less blatant and obvious about cheating, but he’ll do whatever he can for his “man”, Nobama.

  2. Obama made a fatal strategic error at the last debate. He should have saved the ‘Benghazi Ambush’ for the last debate on foreign policy. It was such an obvious set-up, why would he leave himself open for Romney to come in Monday night with guns blazing? Methinks he committed ‘political suicide’. This ain’t going to be pretty.

  3. He could just skip the whole cramming session and go golfing. On Monday night, he could keep saying “oops, Classified, next question” or “oops, that’s under “executive privilege, next question”.

    Then he could bring the conversation around to BigBird’s future and how many women can fit into a large binder.

    1. Large binder………You can get those at Staples…..which was rescued by Bain Capital……….It is all becoming clear now………:>)

        1. I read on Drudge where he suspects Gloria Allred is about ready to pull an October surprise…no doubt binder-related.

          Wouldn’t surprise me as Barry and his cohorts are extremely desperate right now. Hopefully everyone will see right through it at this late stage.

          1. I never saw Drudge link to it on his site, but on Thursday he tweeted:

            MATT DRUDGE ‏@DRUDGE
            Here she comes. Hearing Gloria Allred out there again, about to make a move. After all, it’s her time of the campaign. Team O at the ready!!
            8:03 AM – 18 Oct 12

            This morning, I went looking for info and only found this (I apologize in advance for citing such a rag, though):


            I just checked again and there’s a new article just posted this evening:


            It looks like the Chicago thugs will be out to play soon. Here we go.

          2. Thanks for the links, Snark – I should have clarified it was a tweet and not on his site…my bad.

            I’m sure they’re waiting for the most “optimal” moment to drop whatever bombshell they’re conjuring up.

          3. I would be less worried about Allred and more concerned about the Iranians being involved in some “October Surprise” than anything. WND has a story about Tehran giving in and stopping the enrichment program just before the US election (

            Tehran would rather deal with Obama than Romney, as would Russia and a bunch of other countries that have historically disliked the US. Speaks volumes about who is perceived as being strong for the US and who isn’t.

      1. Janna, I suspect a “matter of national security” will come up preventing Dear Leader from attending. The media will go wild, cheering his devotion to duty, He will then remain unavailable until after the election, having done “President stuff” which keeps him from making more of a fool of himself. Will the sucker voters buy it? Heaven help us if they do.

  4. In case you missed it, I just have to share what a classy FLOTUS we have (Not!). While in NYC on Wednesday for a celebrity fundraiser, Moochelle taped an appearance on Live with Regis’s old no talent sidekick bimbette and in the lightening round of silly questions, Mooch displayed what a no class POS she is.

    The question was, “What do you (Mooch) prefer Buh-rock (I stole that from Susan, I think) in, boxers or briefs?” Oh, I don’t know, most Harvard trained lawyers would be quick enough to come up with something like, “Well, that’s for me to know, and for you to never find out, ha ha”. But, no, our Mooch quickly answered “None on the above”. Yikes, I feel my dinner coming up. Read it and weep:–None-Michelle-Obama-risqu-revelation-Live-Kelly–Michael.html

    Oh, by the way, the article makes it clear that Mooch talked about each of her daughters quite a bit. You know, they’re just like all of us “folks”, going to kids’ sporting events on Saturdays, and all that. On a fashion note, why the heck is she wearing a spring like floral dress in the autumn?

    1. Why would those people ever consider asking the wife of the POTUS, the mother of two, such an offensive, intrusive question?
      And why would the wife of the POTUS, the mother of two, deem to answer such an offensive, intrusive question?

      If nothing else, without a doubt, the Romneys will bring back an atmosphere of civility, good manners, and decorum to the WhiteHouse.

      1. My thoughts, exactly, Srdem. As soon as I read it, I thought it’s because Mooch is such a no class loser to begin with that she would even be asked such a question as FLOTUS. I highly doubt anyone would ever have asked such a question of Laura Bush. Nor will they when Ann Romney is First Lady. I can’t wait until we have a President and First Lady worthy or respect again.

          1. Bingo, Nabob. “I beg your pardon!” with a stern look, is the reply Miss Manners would suggest. Butt it’s true they only ask her these questions because they know she is tacky enough to answer them. Like Jon Stewart asking the president of the United States about the vice president in a wet bathing suit, and the president answers. It’s jsut shameful.

          2. Me-Chelle’s other fine moment came when she urged “folks” to get out and vote early, because on election day, their toilets might overflow and keep them from casting their ballot.

            Such a classy dame.

    2. I am feeling wozzy from TMI

      When asked by Kelly Ripa what we might be surprised to find in her purse, she added that the most surprising thing about it is that it is almost empty.
      ‘I get teased for having a purse with nothing in it – no money, no keys… I have to find stuff to put in my purse’
      ‘There’s nothing in my purse,’ she said. ‘I get teased for having a purse with nothing in it… No money, no keys… I have to find stuff to put in my purse.’

      I am sure the “little”people can relate to having no money in their purse.

      1. If everyone here would be kind enough to pay for my food and lodging, airfare anywhere I wish to go, and provide snazzy vehicles to drive me around, then I wouldn’t need any money or keys either.

      2. Funny she didn’t mention a cell phone. I’m sure she has one. Wasn’t Obummer the first POTUS to demand a Blackberry? Mooch probably has a cell phone, but it’s just another item to be carried by one of her “staff”.

    3. That goes back to Clinton’s MTV townhall in 94(?) when he was asked boxer or briefs. The worst part was that he answered.

      On a side note, I did have an acquaintance of mine that was with the SS when GH Bush was in the WH, and years after Bush 41 was out told me that the elder Bush was a tighty-white man. But, that was something my acquaintance saw first hand, and was only disclosed after a number of tequila shots and a few beers.

  5. Hmm, someone just told me that they heard a radio show tonight (not sure which one) claiming to have inside info about why Hillary threw herself under the bus for Obummer on Benghazi. The theory is she does in fact want Obummer to win because she wants the next opening on the Supreme Court. I remember a couple of years ago there was speculation about Hillary having her eye on the open seat. I can totally see her wanting to make that her next and final career move, where she can really make her mark. She’ll never have to campaign again and she can stay there forever. God help us all.

    1. She is another one of those ( Bamster and Mooch come readily to mind ) who “gave up” their law licenses, if memory serves. This might not be the case…feel free to fact check me. If this the situation, is she even in position to take such a seat ?

  6. red allred could have proof that each of those boys was out of a different mother and Ann only stuck around for the money and I WOULD NOT CARE!

    1. Interesting question and I wonder also. My daughter lives in the flight path of the F-16’s circling Camp David and you can easily hear them so I just texted to ask if she has noticed. She works shift so she might not be aware. Her Hubby is bear hunting in W. MD so he can’t help me out with an answer. But I will report back if I get an answer.

  7. Got my ballot in the mail yesterday. No need for him to prepare. I did not vote for him in 2008 either. I think Romney is the right man to turn the country around. I would have voted for Mr. Tudball had the Republican put him up.

  8. He’s practicing saying, “Well, you know that we’ve got a thorough investigation underway, and it would be premature to comment before it’s concluded. Unlike Governor Romney, I will not rush to judgement on this”.

    And all the folks at MSNBC will stand up and cheer.

    1. more like practicing a little golf on the retreats mini course with no press pool to hound him. You know he has not been able to play as much as of late. He’s “jonesing” …

  9. I am very disturbed by reports that the United States will turn over to the United Nations the right to tax American citizens to pay for the rest of the world (a losing proposition btw) and hope it will come up in the debate. This has not received much attention in the media, by design I’m sure, but Dick Morris has a video on the topic which says that even after Obama loses the election, Madame Secretary will go to the U.N. and give up America’s sovereign right to tax its citizens. Wasn’t that part of the reason the colonists rebelled? I mean, how can she and Obama do this unilaterally?

  10. If I was Romney I would hit on Libya, Iran,Israel,Syria,Sudan,the fakestinians,Mali, and absolutely bring up the killing of Christians that has taken a sharp rise. then throw in a touch of China, a dab of Fast n Furious, a smidgen of Cuba and Chavez, and I’d tally up how much he has paid the Muslims in his 4years,, were talking bout 30-40 billion, with nothing to show for it. All he has to. Do is set him up with his failures one after another, make him play defense all night and it’ll be over

  11. Obama in Florida to campaign. What happens if I go heckle him just like the Obama supporters did Friday night in Daytona Beach at the Hilton. They kept with their little noise, and only about 20 or less were there. The Romney supporters there were well over 10,000 people who attended. It was great to see so many in Florida come out. Camp David expenses to the White House is only $7,900,000.00 Tax Payer Dollars. This is according to Navy Seabee’s Budget, for support of Camp David. The cost of flying Marine One around $38,000 an hour. With all the security needed, now if he flies Air Force One, the cost goes up to $179,

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