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WHD Poll Results || Who Won? Romney, Say You

Well, White House Dossier readers are pretty unambiguous about who won the debate. In a poll we did from yesterday through this morning, you were clear: Mitt Romney bested the president again.

As of 9:30 this morning, with 1,079 votes cast, 871 one of you said Romney won, just over 80 percent. Only 174 votes, or 16 percent, were cast for “It was a tie,” and a mere 34 people said President Obama won the debate.

You know, it occurs to me, I should have given you the option to vote for Candy Crowley, since she participated too. Sorry.

28 thoughts on “WHD Poll Results || Who Won? Romney, Say You”

  1. Picking a winner in a heavy-weight fight where Boxer#1 is allowed to hit Boxer#2 who is warned not to hit back and the referee is a not-so- secret lover of Boxer#1 makes it hard to decide who won.

    One thing keeps bothering me; when MrRomney was on the issue of Bengazi, MsCrowley not only jumped in to protect MrObama, but had a copy of his RoseGarden speech at her podium and MrO knew she did. Then, MrO demanded that MsCrowley repeat what she said “louder”, showing all of us that he knew she was protecting him. That instance alone was disturbing display of a fixed fight.

      1. Girly1: WOW! I just went to that link and watched all of those videos. And to think that CNN – yes, CNN – is being paid by the O administration for selective reporting is just plain dispicable. Everyone who reads this needs to go to this link before it disappears. Thanks, Girly!

    1. Spot on, srdem. It was such a noticeably scripted event. Crawly lost any journalistic integrity she may have once possessed with her performance at that debate. They accomplished their goal, unfortunately. Millions saw her defend Obama’s claim that he called Benghazi an act of terror in his Rose Garden speech. Nobody was watching CNN when she corrected herself.

      1. I hate to see anyone lose a job, esp a woman–but she should be ruined over what she did–and now how she tries to justify it–with their help, I might add–the new party line over there is oh, yes, we did say it was a terrorist attack…Sure, keep saying it and everyone in Watters World will ask why is anyone even questioning it. Also this madeup nonsense of Romney with “binders of women”–are people really such total idiots they never heard of a briefing book or personnel files? Guess so. I am getting pretty disgusted.

    2. same thing occurred to me. Candy claims that she happened to have the transcript because she was researching the questions–which she had selected so she knew them all. ok, maybe. but Obama and Romney WEREN’T supposed to know the questions. so why was Obama so sure she had the transcript?

      why is nobody talking about this? oh, I don’t mean the LSM; they wouldn’t. but how about Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson and Blessed Dr. Krauthammer?

  2. Crowley interrupted Mit 28 times, Obama 9. Out of 11 questions, Obama got the last word on 8, Romney 3. Mitt not only survived the ‘ambush at Hofstra’ – he won! Looking forward to the final debate next week – Mitt will turn the tables on the ‘Benghazi ambush’ and throw it straight back in Obama’s face. It will be Ann Romney’s turn to lead the applause!

  3. Yes, this debate will not do Obama any good, I believe. After the VP-debate he said that Bidens performance was “terrific”, went to prep-camp and trained to be Bidenesque and then showed up at the second debate with his Biden imitation. The result was an angry, unpleasant, whiny character with aggressive and confused rhetoric.
    It appeared to me that the “undecided voters” read their questions like they had never seen them before. Also it´s highly suspicious that the moderator had a Rose Garden transcript handy and that Obama knew it. He just ordered ” Get the transcript, Candy !” and she followed the order like a servant. The whole affair had a nasty whiff of something pre-arranged. And that applause. Of course it was Mrs Obama who broke the rules. But then rules are for others, not for the Obamas.

  4. So gang, are y’all looking forward to that 20% fantasy football tax cut?

    Gosh, if Romney’s plan is to actually increase the Pentagon budget, but eliminate that hated deficit I wonder what socialist programs they’ll slash to make up for the lost revenue?

    Of course, they’ll save a few pennies by defunding PBS. That’s a given.

    Another penny or two will come from scrapping the NEA. No more Piss Christ’s for the Good Ol’ Party to complain about!

    Hmmm…. that still leaves many hundreds of billions of dollars to cut. Wooooonnnnder where they’ll find those dollars.

    Any of the retirees here want to hazard a guess?

        1. I see our little troll has returned after licking his wounds following the first debate and watching Biden flash his smile across the screen.

          1. Speaking of The Joker, just flipped on Andrea Mitchell–she is trying to whip up a frenzy over Romney’s telling his campaign manager she could have flex time–sputter–sputter–women are outraged that he thinks they need special treatment… The first woman she tried this on fielded it perfectly–said the campaign manager had asked for it–and named other nice things Romney did for employees. Then she had two more on–that Margaret Carlson and some gal from Politico…I thought, aw jeez, but although Carlson offered the deathless observation that Romney looked like the guy on Man Men, those two also said women needed flextime.. Andrea is such a joke.

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  6. you know–I don’t think it was bad that Romney seemed flustered at the whole Obama-Crowley-Libya-transcript thing. it was pretty clear that he was flustered because he knew Obama was flat-out lying and he couldn’t freaking believe it. I think people understood that. I hope.

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