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New Poll: Michigan is a Toss Up

A newly released poll suggests Michigan is up for grabs, with President Obama’s lead over Gov. Mitt Romney at less than 4 points – within the poll’s margin of error – and some 13.5 percent of voters still undecided, according to the Lansing State Journal.

With polls tightening up in neighboring Wisconsin and Romney close in Ohio and ahead in Florida, Michigan has become a must-win for the president. Obama had once appeared to be a fairly safe bet to win state.

But the poll of 600 likely voters by Denno Research – which is headed by a Democrat – shows the state within Romney’s grasp. Obama ¬†has the support of only 44.2 percent of those surveyed, while Romney is backed by 40.5 percent. The large number of undecideds suggests the state could tip either way.

Romney is from Michigan, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to Obama’s prospects there. Remarkably, the state is close despite Obama making his “rescue” of General Motors a central theme of his campaign.

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  1. At this point so close to the election, an “undecided” voter can be counted as anti-Obama and leaning Romney. These kinds of people don’t want to be caught voting for the loser, so they’re waiting for MrRomney to close the deal.

  2. I’m from Michigan and understand that the urban areas, like most states, are blue while the rest of the state is red. They elected a Republican governor in 2010 who is making sweeping changes that are working. Those same voters will vote for Mitt. In my opinion this election will be about voter turnout. At the moment, the Republicans seem to have the momentum. I’m beginning to get the feeling that this election will turn out with similiar voter split but this time going to the Republicans.

  3. The reason it’s like that is because the respondants have to be careful that it’s not a union trick to find out who needs to be kneecapped.

  4. I was in Detroit last week (we still own our house there, can’t sell/afraid to rent) and I didn’t see a SINGLE Obama yard sign. Not one. I saw two bumperstickers and one t-shirt. That’s it.

    Out by where I live now (closer to Flint) there is maybe one Obama yard sing, and pretty close to zero bumper stickers. I haven’t had anyone voiced support for Obama.

    I’ve long felt that a good Romney push could get this thing done. Obama’s ignored Michigan for most of this cycle. He came here once to collect money.

    1. Michigan could have been the turning point for McCain in 2008. Sarah Palin urged him to continue the campaign, but he pulled out. Hope Romney/Ryan make a push for Michigan.

    2. Im curious about yardsigns from WhiteHouseDossier readers from all over.
      Im in Delaware and in my travels (Newark-Wilmington) I have only seen 4 Romney yardsigns (that includes the 1 in my yard :-) and NO Obama signs…? and this part of Delaware is stinkin Democrat.
      Whats going on… I understand people/voters here are rather ignorant & clueless but it just dosent feel like there is a “campaign” going on.

      1. In my neck of the woods in Virginia, between Warrenton and Culpeper (20 miles) there are approximately 25 Romney signs and zero obama signs.

        1. I live in upstate New York, there are no Presidential signs any place in my mostly Republican town. Last weekend I went to Boston, drove the entire lenth of the Mass. Pike twice. Saw two old Obama bumper stickers, and two Ryan Romney. In my home town there were signs for local candidates, but again no Presidential. Strange…

          1. I too was in the Boston / Cape Cod area last week with a trip up to NH. I noted the same thing for Obama.. maybe 2-3 yard signs, an old bumper sticker or 3. Agree with local elections signage, plus all the news of Brown / Warren fight. Up here in NE Wisconsin there is a ton of Romney / Ryan signs along the roadways and in the farms. Homes too.

      2. I’m currently in North Carolina. Except for a few liberal enclaves around Greensboro, Charlotte, and the Raleigh areas the Obama signs are none-existant, and even there they’re not too numerous. Romney/Ryan signs proliferate in almost all areas.

        Funnily, one of the best bumper stickers I saw was an Obama sticker. It had pictures of the Christian “fish”, Durer’s praying hands, and Pres. Obama with his head down and eyes closed. It read, “God sent His Son to die on the Cross because God loves His People. God wants a President who loves His People. God wants Barack Obama to be President.” I am not making this up.

      3. I can’t tell you how many yard signs were up in my little town about 50 miles SE of Seattle, WA because they are stolen almost as soon as they are put up if they are for any Republican.

  5. The problem is Dearborn(Muslim) and Detroit(Union and Black)… the rest of us are sane.. Im by Kalamazoo and I travel the county daily and Romney signs are 5 to 1 easy over Barry. when he tanks Monday(and he will) it will be all over but the counting to know how deep the landslide was…

  6. I have proudly displayed my Romney/Ryan yard sign since August 31. I live in Michigan between Detroit and Ann Arbor. After the first debate more signs were visible in my area. On our way to Northern Michigan today, I saw numerous R/R signs in our little town. I feel very encouraged. As my sweatshirt says: DON’T MESS WITH THE MITTEN. God Bless our wonderful country!

  7. born and raised in michigan

    I agree with Jeff, after Monday it will be all over. I have seen mostly Romney lawn signs and hardly any Obama here in Michigan. Most people we have talked to are planning to vote for the Michigan born leader. Our state has suffered like no other. We are planning a big party afterwards!

  8. Guess it was a “toss up” but what about after last night’s “debate”? Obama came off as his usual snarky, snide and condescending self…Romney unfortuantely missed a few opportunities in his Mornomesque way….Like the cutting of funding for the military and “sequestering”…..Romney stated that it would bring our Navy back to 1914 and our air force to 1947….The “Little Weed” snarked off about bayonets and horses…..What Romney failed to capitalize on was that Leon Panetta, Obama’s Secretary of Defense had told Obama that already ( but never published by the Mainstream Media who is sucking Obama’s kneecaps) but Romney (ill prepared) failed to take advantage of….

    Mitt Romney is a very intelligent and well-versed businessman and proved himself last night (in the face of Sophomoric sniping) to be well-versed in international affairs. But will this be enough?…..Probably not. Obama has the “attention” of the lazy, brainwashed Kardashian people as well as the Hollywood “crowd” ( a monument to self-excess and greed) as well as the fat and lazy government employees who do their “9-5” and nothing more.
    But if he’s re-elected, who will he blame for his shortcomings then?…..Himself?…will he “man up”? Probably not. He’ll leave a legacy of ruin and destruction for not only the “rich” but the middle class who he is misleading. Isn’t that the Socialist way?

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