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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 19, 2012

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:45 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
4:45 pm || Departs the White House for Camp David

All times Eastern

21 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, October 19, 2012”

  1. Must not be much going on around the world that interests the celebrity pResident. He’s only been able to fit two daily briefings in his busy campaign schedule this week. Be prepared for the wag the dog event this weekend…

    1. Susan, I read your comments about that in other posts this week and I think you’re right. Obummer is up to something, but it’s not going to help him.

    1. “debate prep @ Camp David”?
      Here’s a wacky idea… maybe Obama is sneak flying off to Libya to show he is on top of the situation; just one of those high-security, in the dark, on the ground for 4 hours visits.
      Just a thought.

  2. Another early start I see!! He knows he’s done in a few short months so he’s going to enjoy those over-stuffed white house pillows as long as he can!!!

  3. It’s interesting that Obummer’s schedule has another college rally tomorrow, because the weekly schedule only said this for Friday:

    On Friday, the President will travel to Camp David where he will remain overnight.

    I wonder if the George Mason University event was a last minute addition.

  4. Just another example of the liberal media trying to make the Romney’s look bad:

    They have a headline that Ann Romney’s dress that she wore to the debate the other evening was $1,690, an Oscar de la Renta. However, they fail to inform us that Moochelle’s outfit, a Michael Kors dress ($1,795) and matching mini-me jacket ($1,495), cost almost twice as much as Ann’s dress at $3,290.

    1. This is all coming to a screeching halt in 19 days! The MOOCH has cost us over a billion $$$ in the last 4 years. We know who paid for Ann Romney’s outfit and we won’t have to worry about who pays for her clothes after she becomes First Lady.

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  6. Ladies how about a new tag phrase ‘Womenen in Binders for Romney’. I saw several liberal women with their panties in a bunch and mock outrage about
    the vile word binder. How pathetic can you be really? But that’s Obama’s
    group of women don’t know how they find the time as they are at war and all.

    1. The would really have hated Trapper Keeper…This is such a dopey riff I just laugh. Any of the spokeswomen for this mock outrage has a pretty significant job–her res has been in a binder before the panties went in the bunch.

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