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Quote of the Day || October 17, 2012

“Mitt, really, that’s enough of your BS. Let the president speak.”

– Debate moderator Candy Crowley of CNN

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

24 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || October 17, 2012”

  1. Not too far from the truth, Keith. I did hear the BS word last night when one member of the Frank Luntz focus group accused the anointed one of “BSing the public”…

  2. ” All of you debate attendees can turn your credentials and unasked question cards to your nearest Burger King for a free Whopper, courtesy of Mr. Obama.”

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I would love to see the “4th Estate” take a back seat just once during the debate season and bring in a moderator like a High School Valedictorian Debate champion with a SAT score in critical thinking of 700+. I would PAY to see that on Pay per view.

  3. She should be completely embarrassed for lying to the public. I understand she is now acknowledging Governor Romney was right. That is too late. She should send a public letter of apology to him and to us, the viewing public.

  4. “And Governor Romney, I have a copy of the Rose Garden transcript, highlighted in yellow and provided by the president, that specifically reflects he said the word ‘terror,’ not terrorist. Using the Bill Clinton definition of “is,” terror in this case does equal terrorist. That’s my ruling and the opinion of the MSM. Now apologize to the president and quit attempting to ‘politicize’ his incompetence and fund raising the day after the attack that killed our ambassador, two navy SEALs and another fine embassy employee.”

  5. Crowley, who was warned ahead of time, went ahead and wrongfully inserted herself into the debate to score some unearned points for Obama. Clearly, moderators need to be people without political bias, although some of the questions selected did seem to allow equal exchanges.

    Aside from having the debate moderated by a computer, I would suggest having an automatic shut-off on the microphones ten seconds after the clock expires. That would keep all participants on target.

  6. Two favorite comments from last night.
    I believe the 1st was someone on this forum,”Candy has more chins than a Chinese phonebook”
    Frank Luntz to woman in focus group,”I didn’t know we had Ruth Bater Ginsburg in the audience”. If you saw her you would know why he said that.

  7. Just to add to the festive evening Michelle was caught on camera applauding.
    That is against the rules for anyone on either side or in the audience to do so
    but as this was no more than an Obama fundraiser I guess she got confused.
    Bottom line rules don’t apply to the Obama’s on anything

    1. “rules dont apply to the Obama’s”…
      True, but I also think the Obama’s are rather class-less… (so many tacky, taste-less examples of their behavior out there…)

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