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Obama Given Edge Over Romney in Post-Debate Polls

Both the CBS and CNN post-debate snap polls gave President Obama an edge over Gov. Mitt Romney, though Obama’s victory was so narrow it’s not clear whether it will help him make up the drop in the polls that occurred after his disastrous performance in the first debate two weeks ago.

CBS found that 37 percent believe Obama won the debate compared to 30 percent who thought Romney did, while 33 percent called it a tie. The poll had a margin of error of four points. According to the CNN survey, 46 percent said Obama won and 39 percent said Romney came out on top, though the seven point spread was within the poll’s margin of error.

While Obama clearly needed to have a good night to stop the hemorrhaging, it’s less clear that what is basically a tie will help him come back. Romney proved to many during the first debate that he can stand on equal footing with the president and has a strong command of the issues, and his performance Tuesday night did nothing to diminish newly positive perceptions of him that he earned in the first debate.

12 thoughts on “Obama Given Edge Over Romney in Post-Debate Polls”

  1. In that same CBS poll, the undecided voters think Romney would do better handling the economy than would Obumer by a margin of 65 to 34%:

    As for who would do a better job of handling the economy, the president made some headway on closing that gap. Before the debate, 71 percent said they believed Romney would, while only 27 percent said they thought Obama would; after the debate, 34 percent said the president would better handle the economy, with 65 percent saying Romney would.

    In other words, Barry is toast.

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  3. Given an edge? spin spin spin

    the only edge in the debate was Romney edging obama out the door.

    This is one election where substance will win over style, a good orthodontist and tooth whitening treatments can only get you so far

  4. Obama and his surrogates mislead America about the Benghazi terrorist attack for 14 days including his remarks to the UN on 9/26/2012. Obviously, his remark on 9/12/2012, in the Rose Garden, classifying the attack as an act of terror was taken out of context. His prior sentence refered to offending Muslims with the video. How will he spin this obvious falsehood before the next debate on Foreign Affairs?

  5. I watch TV from the computer. I tried C Span and it would not open so I switched and watched from FOX. In the post debate they had a segment with pollster Frank Luntz with a group of undecided votes from Las Vegas. They thought Romney won. Obama came across as an empty suit. One lady was impressed with Romney’s plan to do away with capital gains taxes. I think the polls are for Obama and the real world is for Romney.

    Obama can not stand in the light of day when the shield the press had put up to protect him is removed. He has had a free ride these 4 years. He can not handle tough questions because he has no record to stands on. The public can see he is an empty suit. Candy Crowley did her best to keep up the shield for him..

  6. Not being able to defend his record and blurting out “that’s not true” to every factual statement Romney made (even with an assist by Crowley), I don’t see a victory “edge” for Obama.

    Obama needed a slam dunk and he didn’t get that because there was nothing presidential about him last night.

  7. Romney is great with facts. It’s easy to mix up things Obama says because it’s usually so muddled. During the 2008 campaign it became standard to use WORM (What Obama Really Meant) following any speech or debate because his minions were always left to explain. I can’t wait to see them leaving the White House for good.

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