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Live Stream || Presidential Debate – October 16, 2012

Looking forward to your comments as the debate progresses!

UPDATE: Here’s the videotape of the debate.

334 Responses to Live Stream || Presidential Debate – October 16, 2012

      • The debate menu is always popcorn or cheetos – I was thinking Alpha-bits cereal would be a nice change. I could just throw the “f” and “u” at the screen.

        I’ve got a plan for November 6th late at night or early on the 7th – flinging Cherrios off my balcony like confetti.

  1. Romney and Scott Brown got at least two votes from Amherst, MA as my husband and I voted today. It felt great but I was disappointed that Obama’s name was above Romney’s on the ballot. I hope that varies from state to state.

    The Scott Brown race should be the one to watch nationally. He is slightly ahead but the Warren campaign is taking money from foreign sources and has raised far more than he has. She’s getting a lot of union support but who knows who they really will vote for in the end. Except for the moonbats in Amherst and Cambridge she is not well-liked.

  2. Well, well. The Won can be on time when it’s important. Makes his tardiness to the press corpse (Keith excepted of course) even look more disrespectful.

  3. oh he’s speaking.. i’m already sick…waiting for the first dig at Romney….my dad used to tell me “I’m gonna” never did a darn thing. Obama’s update “I wanna…”

  4. If Romeny does not point out that GM did go bankrupt I may scream loud enough for them to hear me 60 miles away. Do you think Obama does not know GM went bankrupt?

  5. First answer goes to Romney. Obummer couldn’t even answer the college kid’s question! He slipped right into memorized talking points, discussing manufacturing jobs, and wind and solar energy? Whaaat? This kid graduates in a year and wants to know if he can get a job!

  6. Going to give Romney a point for clearing the air on the auto bankruptcy. Obama is rebut but butting. can Romney counter punch…will Candy let him counter?

  7. I wasn’t going to watch but this sucker just got real interesting. Romney has such a command for the facts – will the fact checkers bother to verify all of this?

  8. Obama oil policy: Use it or lose it dictate. who the hell is he to dictate policy on private land. ((((UGH))))) PRIMAL SCREAM coming to an ear near you.

  9. Why was gas $1.86 in 2008 while a barrel of oil was still $100? Because the answer is that Obama has devalued the dollar. So now the same gallon of gas cost $4 while a barrel of oil is still $100.

  10. Taxes…taxes…don’t go to wonky and get ready for more speech teachering from Obama… How many times do you think he will say wall street or “the Rich”

  11. Obama clearly came in with a strategy to claim over and over again that Romney is not telling the truth on any point. He is trying to act tough, but he seems angry and a bit snarky. I predict he will get worse as the night goes on. Obummer is the one who is full of crap and it’s obvious to everyone. He lives in a fantasy world where he thinks whatever he says is gospel truth and the “folks” will believe it. After four years, people have already seen that Obummer is all talk, no action. His policies have produced no results, except for making things worse.

  12. Obama on taxes and not having a detailed plan “I’m not going to tell you how to do it until after”…sounds like something pelosi said about obamacare.

  13. And here we go, a question from a college girl about women making less than men. Right on cue, Obummer goes into his single mom, his bank secretary grandma, blah, blah, blah. OMG. I cannot stand listening to him anymore. One more debate after this and I never have to torture myself again by listening or looking at his fugly mug.

      • Two reasons only – either the husband is unemployed, or there never was a husband, just a sperm donor because the mother can rely on the “government” (tax payers) to take care of her and her kids.

    • Oh my sweet Lord…contraception insurance coverage determines the success of women in the workplace?. My mother is turning over in her grave…as a woman who worked as a professional in the shoe manufacturing industry.

  14. I am a woman who worked for more than 40 years. I never knew that my ability to advance in my career (law) was dependent on who paid for my birth control. I really must go back and rethink my life.

  15. MOney out of that families pocket? What the hell does he think taxes, the costs of regulation, bad energy policy is doing? ID-10-T error on that one…

  16. Now Obama is implying that women are a special
    interest group . Seriously — we need more help then men to earn why out results are worth or we need someone else to pay for our health care?? No thanks. I just want to keep my money and hire people for my business and choose how to spend my own health care budget. I don’t count on the Dems to assume I am stupid.

  17. And now an “undecided voter” (translation: someone who voted for Obummer and isn’t so sure anymore because they know he sucks but they still can’t admit it) has a question for Romney about how he’s different from GWBush.

      • Exactly! They all are really. Anyone who is “undecided” at this point has to be someone who voted for O last time and is now reluctant to dump him. Seriously, is there anyone who didn’t vote for O last time and this time is undecided and thinking, “Gee, maybe I should vote for him this time since he’s doing such a great job”.

    • You’d have to be a freaking house plant to be an undecided voter. What a bunch of retards not to have figured out by now what Obama’s true agenda is for this country.

  18. Majority of you all have no clue what you are talking about! Romney is full of crap just like you all, this world is headed straight for disaster if he wins! Obama needs another 4 years to fix what Bush messed up. Seems as if most of you all lack an education!

      • I’m pretty sure you are the one needing help. Even if you were referring to the government kind, it would be impossible to recieve if Romney was president! Good thing my income is stable enough where I don’t need it or Romney would defenitely screw me!


      Go home Chassity. I want smaller government and don’t think people should get government favoratism for behaivioral choices. Meaning, there is not such things as Gay rights. Why should I have to pay for some one elses sexual recreation. Look, you and your ilk can do what ever you want, just don’t make me pay for it.

        • First you insult then imply we are uneducated. New Flash: Genghis Khan conquered 1/2 the known world and didn’t have a high school diploma. Let me spell this out for you: it doesn’t matter what school you went to but what you do with what you got. THAT is the American Dream. The ability to lift one self up on fruit of thier labor. I prefer to earn my morals not have the goverment give them to me or have someone like you inflict them on the children in the form of public education. GFY with a planned parenthood handout.

          • Oh seriously, she is not saying you don’t have a good education, she’s simply stating you are not very intelligent. I think based on your previous comment, she has a pretty good point.. Oh and romney just constantly states what Obama has done and how he himself would like to see it. NOT how he’ll actually realize those ideas. Stop seeing it as actual things he’d be able to do, these are just ideas of how the world should be according to Romney.

      • I agree, but I think the liberal weenies will be thrilled that O came in fighting, unlike last time. They’ll call it a comeback, but I highly doubt he sold one single undecided or independent voter tonight. He’s only offering the same old garbage that is keeping this economy stuck in neutral. Four more years of this?? Uh, no thanks.

  19. we have a record to look at … R +3.. Obama is flat lining. Obama is much better than the last one, but not scoring any points.

  20. wait.. did he just say if we had more illegal immigrants we’d have more business? So just get rid of the bad immigrants? Earlier my 13 year old pointed out… they are all criminals.