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Clinton: Your Support “Won’t Amount to a Hill of Beans”

Bill Clinton today informed those who have not contributed to President Obama’s campaign that if they don’t pony up some cash, their support “won’t amount to a hill of beans.”

It appears the email was sent exclusively to those who have failed so far to donate.

Here’s the email:

Keith —

No matter how much you support President Obama, no matter how much you support the smart policies he’s proposing, keep this in mind:

It won’t amount to a hill of beans unless you dig deep and help him win this close race.

Chip in $5 or more right now, before the last and most important FEC fundraising deadline of this campaign:

Thanks for stepping up,

Bill Clinton

The missive is the latest of an increasingly testy set of emails that appear to be getting sent to those who are on the Obama campaign email list but have not contributed.

A recent email from the campaign pleading for money was titled “Listen up” and noted that the contributor hadn’t yet given a dime. Another ordered, “It’s time for you to step up.”

27 thoughts on “Clinton: Your Support “Won’t Amount to a Hill of Beans””

    1. Thank you folks for passing on the e-mails since I don’t get them (on purpose as I have a delicate tummy). It’s good to know the Obama campaign is really sweating bullets.

  1. Yo, Bro –

    NO MORE free concerts!
    NO MORE free weed!
    NO MORE $10 per hr to “rally”!


    Can’t you see I’m CRATERIN’?
    This Chickens-Comin-Home-To-Roost thing is killin me!

    We know ya email. GPS. Think bout it.

    Donate NOW!

    – Preezy

    (This sniveling email has been sent to you in my best “panderin Afro-American-When-Needed Accent” – but I’m not responsible for this mssg. Just so ya know.)

    1. good catch–I didn’t notice that!

      I was hung up on the Casablanca overtones (Rick to Ilsa: “It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed-up world” or words to that effect). maybe Clinton was watching the movie WHILE he was hungry!

  2. So Slick Willy doesn’t care that the Prez just threw his wife under the bus .. oh, gosh I guess Hillary threw herself under there for him. Her thanks for the Prez paying off her campaign bills. Big you scratch mine … I’ll scratch yours. More BS out of Washington ….. I would have been ashamed. NO shame there.

  3. I’ll have to check, but I think that “hill of beans” has replaced the colonoscopy in my new Obamacare policy.

    Man, my keyboard is exploding with all the gas and fart jokes possible…..

  4. I guess it’s just forgive and forget with Obama throwing mama to the wolves. Man, liberals have got no morals. Just gimmie the cash bros.

  5. They are starting to sound like loan sharks collecting their debt. Nothing good will come from treating your constituents like deadbeats.

  6. Isn’t voting (which is free) considering helping a candidate win? Looks like they don’t care about winning as much as sucking whatever $$ and perks they can from the situation. This lame duck session will be something to see. What will they take? Who will they pardon? Who will they screw over? (besides the american people – that’s a given).

    1. You might vote for somebody you don’t like very much, but if you give them money then you are expressing your adoration Obie wants your vote but he NEEDS your adoration!!!

  7. Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort
    Henderson, Nevada

    Kingsmill Resort
    Williamsburg, Virginia

    Debate “prep” debt racking up a bit?

    Freedom isn’t free, and neither are these luxury resorts!

    Listen up and step up the volume… a special Spinal Tap dedication going out to the Obama for America campaign from all those who won’t be amounting to a hill of beans this election.

    Spinal Tap – Gimme Some Money

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