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Quote of the Day || October 16, 2012

“Actually, at this point, I’ve decided to participate in the debate as a third candidate.”

– CNN Correspondent Candy Crowley, who is moderating Tuesday night’s debate.

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

13 Responses to Quote of the Day || October 16, 2012

    • Perfect question, Girly1. You know gang, we all need to get ready for the tingle that will re-appear up Chris Matthews’ leg tonight because anything that Obama does in the debate has got to be better than his last lack of participation. Let’s hope that Mitt can hold his own and that will be a win for him. But just wait for the spin…it’s coming and has already started.

  1. Here’s something for everyone to ponder. . .Hillary took the heat so that BHO can, between tomorrow’s debate and next week’s debate, send in the drones to make it look like retaliation for the 4 deaths; hoping that folks will forget about the coverup and make him look presidential (going after the bad guys that killed our citizens). They’ll use drones (so the anti-boots on the ground folks don’t get riled up). He gets the glory (and possible re-election).

    What I can’t figure out though is what’s in this for Hillary (short or long term); why would she “sacrifice” herself?

    And, does anyone think there will be calls for her to resign (which I think she should)?

    Just thinkin out loud!

    • Oops, sorry, maybe Candidate Crowley can ask BHO if that’s what he’s planning and will Hillary resign? Of course, that would mean she’d have to stop being a candidate and start being a journalist–chances of that, slim to none!!!

    • I wonder if Hilliary is trying to look Presidential — then when she runs again for the nomination in 2016 she can point out that she took the heat in this situation — she was the one who stepped forward and owned what she had done, etc.

      • I wonder how upset Bill was that Hillary took the heat for BO? It’s probably tearing him up inside to have his wife lie down for someone he called a fairy tale 4 years ago. There’s still more to Libya and if BO sends the drones to attack, but any intelligent person will know that it’s because of November 6th.

  2. I tune in to her CNN show on Sunday every week. There’s something appealing and so refreshing about a woman of a ‘certain age’ who forgoes the botox and the skinny-minnie look. She even allows them to video her from the side; not very flattering when every other woman on TV strives to be a stand-in for OliveOyl.

    Oh, she’s biased for sure, but she doesn’t let it dominate her interviews. She seems to allow conservatives make their point, then comes back with a pointed question. That’s fair, but only if she would do the same to the liberals. How she plans to handle this debate will depend on whether she’s ready to retire or wants to continue with her on-air career.
    Millions of viewers will be taking note of how she handles herself, but her greatest critics will be her peer group in the media.

    • Interesting perspective. . .they will critique each other but not report on the the truth/actual facts unless they benefit BHO. . .wonder if any other professions can get away with that (not doing their jobs)?

  3. The Fix: Free Candy Crowley!

    “… it shouldn’t be surprising that the legal teams for President Obama and Mitt Romney — in a rare moment of bipartisanship — have complained to the Commission on Presidential Debates regarding moderator Candy Crowley’s assertions that she plans to follow up on questions asked by the townhall audience.”

    Can we vote for Candy?

  4. I don’t see the Clintons doing anything to help BHO out. They want him to lose. Just think, with his approval so low for an incumbent President, what it would be like four years from now. The voters would be thoroughly tired of the Democrats by then. She thinks she’s making herself look presidential now by saying that the buck stops with her because, as we all know, Obama never utters that phrase.