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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 16, 2012

11:50 am || Departs Williamsburg, Virginia
12:55 pm || Arrives New York City
9:00  pm || Participates in the second presidential debate
11:05 pm || Departs New York City
12:15 am || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

12 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 16, 2012

  1. 12:16 am II Sobs into pillow – heard muttering to Michelle start packing the bags. Whippering continues, “I told them it was Hillary’s fault and they didn’t believe me”. The kept asking me crazy questions, like “what’s my plan for jobs” so I raised my clenched fist and said, “Power to the people” “Power to Hope and Change”. I even gave a “Forward” shout-out. I don’t understand it, even Biden said, I was a clean, articulate …..”.

    Hey, I can dream can’t I. ; )

        • I think the debate will center on what’s asked and how the question is answered. If Obama goes to default “millionaires and billionaires” crapola, it won’t go over well. Romney will have to specific as well. With two minute answers, I suspect we won’t hear a lot of details but more of a framework to get us from a to b. Obama will have to be careful with the Bain meme, too. I read today that POTUS is invested in Bain compnay. I think the name is Senestra (?) don’t hold me to the spelling.

  2. Keith: Google: Marc Thiessen: Why is Obama missing half his PDB’s. This Washington Post atrticle was writen 9/10/2012, one day before the Benghazi terrorist attack. It reveals Obama’s foreign policy failure and should be hammered in Romney’s debate tonight!

  3. Whats the deal with Sec.State Hilliary now “taking blame” for Benghazi…? (deflect/inoculate “Pres.” Obama)
    Why would she do that? What are the Clinton’s getting out of this deal?

    Questions still need to be asked about How/Why Obama acted so clueless & uninterested about a TERRORIST ATTACK ON A US CONSULATE and the MURDER OF A US AMBASSADOR… (why wasnt the NSC team meeting at the White House Sept 12? why didnt “Pres” Obama make a statement to the Nation about the attack?)