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Obama Enlists in Three-Day Debate Boot Camp

President Obama will leave the White House today to spend the next three days in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he will be hunkered down preparing for his debate Tuesday with Gov. Mitt Romney.

The White House has promised that Obama, who turned in a sluggish performance during his first debate with Romney Oct. 3, will be newly energized and ready to attack during the next go-round.

The choice of Williamsburg is also a strategic political decision that allows Obama to spend three days in a critically important swing state. What’s more, Williamsburg is right between two major TV markets – Richmond and the coastal cities of Norfolk and Newport News – areas in the southern part of the state where Obama hopes to steal votes from Romney.

The president is expected to dominate the northern part of Virginia, which includes the heavily Democratic suburbs of Washington.

Obama will remain in Williamsburg until Tuesday, when he travels to Hempstead, New York for the debate, which will be held at Hofstra University.

97 thoughts on “Obama Enlists in Three-Day Debate Boot Camp”

  1. Hey, not a problem to pay all this money for the 3 day stay near Williamsburg. Anything they are doing there could be done at Camp David, including a round of golf if he so desired. Nope, it’s the peoples money and he doesn’t care how he spends it, or how much! Is he going to be out campaigning during the 3 days? If not, just having his physical presence in the Commonwealth is not a big deal.

    1. I do not ‘undertand’ this Obama “debate prep”?
      Why does he have to fly off to some ‘non-Government location’ to do “debate prep”?
      Has ANYONE (LOL) in the so-called “WH Press Corps” ever “asked” why Obama goes off to these locations for “debate prep”??? (re: some luxury resort, etc.)
      …Last time I checked, Camp David was a good place to ‘prep-think’…

      1. Maybe he hates Camp David (he rarely goes there) because Bush41 & 43 liked it so much. Being out in the mountains doesn’t have quite the dash of NYC or Chicago, but it is certainly a wonderful place to go spend some quiet time, studying the Constitution and seeing how one could lift up the country in a time of need, rather than continuing down the path of destruction.

        1. Obama doesnt like Camp David because he is a ‘racist’… (up on a mountain, out in the woods, living in a cabin = way too “white”) -LOL

        1. There are a couple very nice golf courses within a short ride of Camp David that other presidents have used. I don’t think the community organizer likes the country life of rural Pennsylvania/Maryland.

  2. Any competent employee who is called to the main office to explain their work product should only need a few hours to bone up on the details or specs to give a satisfactory presentation.

    After four years on the job where every word, every gesture, every move he makes is scrutinized, debated, and interpreted, just how much practice does the President need to appear before a controlled question and answer session? If he had been doing the job he wanted oh, so badly, the facts and figures of the issues before us would be tatooed on his brain, and he would be confident in every public appearance without an intense cramming session or acting lessons.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! And most other presidents get forced debate practice when they hold real press conferences with the press asking real questions.

    2. Agree! Kind of like Paul Ryan knows the budget inside and out without notes?
      You hit the nail one the head with “any competent employee” since he is incompetent.
      Hope all is well with Val running the country…………

    1. Why should he? He already knows everything he WANTS to know about the Constitution ~ that is, he knows what he wants to pick and choose from the document, as long as it is in line with his world view.
      Also, learning something about the Constitution might require a bit of effort on his part, and we all know how lazy he is ~ he’s told us that!

  3. I just don’t get why Obama has to go somewhere to prep for the debate. He’s got plenty of room at the WH, unless MO is holding potato sack races again. Yeah, I get that he thinks just being in VA helps him politically, but it won’t matter how much help it gives him if he bombs in the debate again. I’m tired of him spending money we don’t have.

    A bit o/t is an interesting report at WND that says Panetta signed the execute order to kill Bin Laden. Obama was kept out of the loop because of ValJar.

    1. Granny, that’s interesting. I’ve not heard that before. It makes sense. Barack wouldn’t want to taint his lily white hands (!) with bin-Laden’s blood. But he should know that he and Hillary share the blood that was spent on our ambassador and his security detail of 3. How either of them can sleep is beyond me.

    2. He was out on the golf course when this was going down. Look at the pictures. They threw a suit jacket over his golf shirt. Empty golf shirt just like his empty chair.

  4. Right, they were setting up cover in case of failure. This whole administration stinks, big time. After he loses the election and the Republicans take control of the Senate; the prosecutions will begin.

  5. Why Williamsburg??? Here’s the answer in Keith’s own words:

    The original 3 day family outing to Williamsburg was cancelled at the last minute due to to a stalemate over the Budget, It is not known whether or not the MOOCH took the kids shopping without Dad back in August, 2011, but I will bet the farm they will all be shopping til they drop this week-end.

    All the debate prep in the world won’t help to put Humpty Dumpty together again. He’s toast!

    1. Thanks for that reminder, Girly1! Michelle is going to get all the free vacations she can before they have to leave the WH for good. I’m sure that’s why the last prep was in Las Vegas, to give them a free anniversary trip.

    2. Girly, I live in Wmbg. There’s no word of “family” accompanying him. People who live in Kingsmill are up in arms about having to wait to clear security to get back into the neighborhood THEY live in.

      A total waste of US dollars. He could have stayed at the WH or gone to Camp David. I’m sure he just wants more press from VA.

      1. Just because there’s no word doesn’t mean they won’t slip in somehow, perhaps at the last min just before The One flies out — that way the Moocher can be with the Princesses Obama without having to have “HIM” around.

  6. Squatting in Williamsburg isn’t going to endear him to anybody who has already decided to vote for Romney. He’s going to Williamsburg over Camp David because he’s a narcissistic sociopath who requires constant admiration and adulation.

    Something he did to Sean Smith’s mom on the day her son arrived home in a casket from Libya was very telling. She told the story of crying on his shoulder and he looked off into the distance. That’s a characteristic of the narcissist to view fellow human beings as tools or means to an end. Sean Smith’s mom confronted Obama. She told him he screwed up and didn’t do a good job protecting her son. She didn’t pay the narcissist the proper deference he believes he’s entitled to, so she was seen as no value to him or his agenda.

    1. Kingsmill Country Club for the 1%. It used to be on the PGA tour, now the lady golfers use it on their tours (LPGA).

      Our local news should be carrying their every movement, I can’t wait to see how much time he spends “studying” :D

      1. Diane, yes, the lure of the course on The James will be too much for him. In fact, tomorrow’s forecast is near 80. He won’t be able to stand looking out and those greens and not hitting a few balls.

  7. Hey folks, least he won’t have to contend with the dramatic altitude change that inhibited his performance in the last debate according to Al Gore.
    If he doesn’t do well in this one, maybe Kerry should be replaced by Moochelle.

    1. Expressing one’s point of view is not “attacking” or “hysterical cackling”, in my opinion. There is no excuse for sitting on the fence any longer. Both sides have made their vision and plans for America very clear to anyone who is paying the slightest bit of attention to what they are saying.

      If Obama is reelected, America has chosen tyranny and we will continue down the path of total government control of every aspect of our lives. If Romney/Ryan are elected, America has chosen the path to liberty and we will start the long, hard road back to our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit (not promise) of happiness.

      1. Yes, Susan, we get that–or people who follow this do–probably 30% of the electorate–I mean that this side should quit training to attack and certainly should quit with the loony-tunes behavior on stage…If you say what you mean, Dems, then say the country is pretty much finished, should just keep borrowing and giving money to people until you leave office, at which pt someone can “inherit” your mess. The problem is this is hitting the fan before 2016. The sequestration “can kicking” deal, etc. So how to you people propose to handle this, to govern, to do your job?

        1. I think a lot more than 30% of America gets it. A record 1/3rd of America was tuned in for first presidential debate in Colorado. How many of those TV sets, computer displays, or bar room big screens do you think had more than one person sitting in front of them? Romney mopped the floor with Obama, but he really hit it out of the park in when the candidates were asked about the role of government.

          Obama went first and he basically said the mission of the federal government is to keep people safe, give government more control of private industry, and hire more teachers.

          Romney looked behind him to the words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and said “The role of government is to promote and protect the principles of those documents.”

          That was all it took for millions of Americans to see the distinct difference between the two candidates, and what they have to offer the American people.

        1. I don’t think this has been pounded in enough–we differ. Aw–Obama CARES about us, the other guy doesn’t. It’s the opposite, but it needs more emphasis.

    2. A. Romney has laid out a plan but the LSM doesn’t cover it, and
      B. Obama’s only plan is tax the rich, hire 100,000 teachers and hire more government workers.

      There’s the plans Star. Go to their websites and READ their plans. Do your OWN homework. It is all there. Obama wants “Julia” as our future and Romney want jobs as our future. That is it in a nutshell.

  8. He spent 4 days at a 5 star resort in Las Vegas for the first debate. Now 3 in Williamsburg for this next debate. Where is the article detailing how much money this cost the taxpayers? Why didnt he go to Camp David? Why didnt he go to a military base? Or just stay at the White House and walk across the street to Blair House for the practice? The man is addicted to the perks of the office!!

    When he was in Vegas he didnt practice. He visited his campaign call office. He had a rally. He made little stops. And he acted like Joe next door when he ate. He even went to the Hoover Dam and played tourist. This resulted in tons of road closures; police overtime; rescue workers assigned to wait in areas; helicopters buzzing around; and the stretching of local resources for his “practice session”.

    How much did he cost the local taxpayers in the “battleground” state?

    1. The story of how Obama ended up at Hoover Dam is more astounding than the fact that he ditched his debate prep to do it. According to reports, he was visiting one of his campaign offices and mentioned to one of the volunteers that debate prep was ‘a drag’ – they’re making me do my homework’. The volunteer then jokingly suggested that he could skip his prep and go visit Hoover Dam. Reportedly Obama said “that’s a great idea – I’ve never been there before’! And off he went.

      It reminds me of the time he took his huge entourage to Europe for the ceremony at Normandy during his first trimester in office. President Sarkozy invited him and the MOOCH to a private dinner at the Palace. Obama refused – stating that he and MOOCH had a ‘date night’ for a romantic dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

      Hope someone writes an official biography: “Meet the Grifters”

  9. BTW? where the H#ll has the Michelle Obama been flying away to on OUR, TAX-PAYER $$$…???

    (I understand NO ONE in the “media” is allowed to ask about/question Michelle Obama…)

    1. Are you serious, Langley? Queenie has spent billions of our taxpayer $$$ and the media is not allowed to inquire about her whereabouts? One thing for sure, we know that she is ALWAYS up to no good regardless of what she is doing. The tell-all books are being written as we speak.

      1. Those kids are almost forgotten. I would think one of them would make an attempt to be there more often she’s been on the road as much as he is and it’s sad the girls take a backseat to their parents self absorbed

  10. spend more money spend more money spend more money… he has a big house we pay for and camp david, but no not good enough. what an ass.

  11. Camp David is out because it is too remote plus the nearest fast food outlet is a Chick-fil-A.. They are a no-no. He needs pizza. After 2 days of debate prep he will declare it a drag, go get some pizza and visit his troops at a nearby campaign office.

  12. I just had a premonition about the debate after listening to Obama talk to a local Miami DJ where he was smoother and more jocular than usual.

    The operative word will be smooth. He will be smooth with flashes of humor. It will be all scripted but it will work. Obama will be declared the comeback kid and the winner.

    Romney, if he is prepared for this Obama can rattle him a little by puncturing the balloon but if Romney worries too much about being Mr. Nice Guy he loses. Very tricky.

      1. The so-called undecided voter who will be asking the questions is a sham. if they really were undecided, and that is doubtful, then they are morons.

        I alternate between thinking it will be Romney in a landslide one day and the opposite the next. So I don’t and you shouldn’t pay much attention to my ups and downs. I’m politically bipolar. It’s just nerves.

    1. Granny Jan, do you mean the interview with Michael Yo were the President of the United States ( !!!) called in to offer his views on the American Idol judge feud ? Well, he chooses unbelievable forums and issues but of course, it all ended with a little Obama speech and an explanation on why he was a ” little bit too polite” during the debate but if “you read the transcripts you can see that Romney just told lies while I was telling the truth and please vote, pronto “, well, something like that. I too, like Langley Spook, worry about the town hall debate style. Does it mean that Obama can talk without being called in question ? And are people allowed to cheer and appalud ? It may be advantage Obama. I too guess that Obama will put on a folksy style with many happy grins. If he remembers his scripts and isn´t too longwinding he may have an OK night. But still, even if he is better than last time ( he can´t possible be worse ) he is up against the fearsome Romney and I believe that Romney scares him. I hope Romney unsettles him again and is able to bring his own message out in his effective style.

  13. By staying away from government/military installations, it’s probably a lot easier for Obama to get “fish and poi” delivery for his debate “prep.”

  14. Part of the reason The Comrade did such a piss poor job in the first debate was because he has a lazy mind, a careless and arrogant attitude, and a studied indifference to the real importance of being the leader of the free world.
    Barack Obama is a dilettante who enjoys all the trappings of POTUS, but doesn’t give a rat’s butt about “the hard stuff” of the office.
    He can study until the cows come home, he can be berated and hounded by his handlers to man-up. But given the chance, he will cut class and sneak off to smoke a joint (literally or metaphorically) out behind the gymnasium.
    This is why he will, once again, give a piss poor performance in the next debate.

    1. Love it. Didn’t know this cartoon is where Joe Doakes got his moniker. This should be shown to every student who attends one of Dr. Utopia’s campaign events. It will give them a taste of what’s in store for them if they drink his kool-aid and sign away their freedom.

    2. That was GREAT! Remember when they used to play these in the movie theaters before the headliner? That is when the county was PROUD to be an American! It is so sad what we have become today. Sigh…

  15. They’re just trying to determine the optimum amount of meds – choom, coke or otherwise – which will allow Barry to sail through the debate, full of BS as usual..

  16. Listening to the debate between one of my incumbent Democrat senators and her Republican challenger revealed exactly the choices we have this election.

    She said the Tea Party’s values are not the values of the people in my state. She meant the values of the people who elected her are not Tea Party values which are honesty, hard work, individual responsibility, limited government, and protection of our Constitutional rights.

    She clearly revealed why support of a Democrat is support of the destruction of our republic.

  17. I really want to know who asked Susan Rice to go on 5 network programs to talk about the Libya incident? It was HRC’s duty to do so. Someone needs to leak that information to the press. Most likely it was the “Obama’s Chicago Mob” who made that decision since he isn’t capable of doing much himself without what his teleprompter tells him to do. Come on, press….get that information circulating. We want to know.

      1. If MrsClinton knew the truth about the terrorist attack, she is just as guilty as MrObama in lying to the American public by claiming it was a response to a film clip published in America.
        She didn’t have to stand next to MrO in the RoseGarden, she didn’t have to stand behind him at the memorial for those who were killed, but she did. She not only stood there, she repeated the lie.

        If her only defense is that she didn’t “know” about the problems leading up to the attack, that she wasn’t informed about the true facts, then she should resign her position. She’s either incompetent, a fool, or a political hack who would put the future of MrO ahead of American interest.

        1. Agree!!! They ALL covered it up! Heads should roll. Hubby Bill has hired a lawyer to counter any charges against wifey. BTW, has anyone seen Bubba in the last few days?

          1. Girly1, the last thing I read about Bubba was that he has an Obama gig booked for Thursday. Just can’t remember where/details.

            The entire administration should be booked, charged and sent to Gitmo w/o a hearing or trial.

      2. Girly, yes I know about the cabinet level position, but it just doesn’t make sense to have Rice do their dirty work. I guess she was their sacrificial offering. Why not someone from HRC’s staff instead of Rice? Perhaps, and of course we’ll never know, she was just being a good doo-bee for her bud, Barack.

        It sure wouldn’t surprise me if they are all losing sleep trying to figure out how to re-spin this over and over again until Nov. 6. I’m going to that link you just posted. Thanks!

    1. I’m really surprised he flew in there when Langley AFB is not that much farther away, and would certainly provide cheaper security for AF1 than having it sit at the Newport News airport. He certainly didn’t have much of an adoring crowd to greet him there….surely the word could have been put out to college students from Hampton & Newport News and they could have swelled the ranks to make it look like someone wanted to get a high-five from the POtuS.

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  19. He can cram and study all he wants but it still won’t change his failed domestic and foreign policies. The only thing that will help him are the public “plants” the Chicago team will put in the audience to ask the soft questions for Obama and attack questions for Romney. You just watch. I can guarantee this is what will happen. Our only hope of showing Romney was in that first debate. The LSM moderaters will be just like the one they had for the VP debate. The last debate will be the MOST slanted by far.

  20. It’s about time Obama studied up on USA event and problems, world events, and the description of his duties and responsibilites. I just wish he had undertaken this task 3.5 years ago!

  21. Here is what I don’t understand, why does the President need to “cram” for the debate? Shouldn’t he KNOW what is going on with both foreign and domestic issues/policies? Doesn’t he KNOW what he wants to do in the next four years? Can’t he DEFEND his “wonderful” policies that have “helped” the country so much in these past four years. What does THIS tell you about our empty char/suit/headed President? I KNOW what it tells me. HE is NOT running this country! HE doesn’t want the JOB, just the perks. Is he cramming on keeping who he needs to blame for each failure? You think he would have this down pat since that is all he has done for the past four years!

    1. Yes, he should, but because he hasn’t taken any tough questioning since he landed in the Oval Office, I is too lazy to be able to debate well.

      Besides, Gov. Romney is demonstratively smarter than Obama.

    1. Axeldouche couldn’t answer whether Dr. Utopia met with his intelligence team before he flew off to Vegas. That is because the fraud didn’t meet with them, and no amount of spin from his propaganda chief is going to change that…

    2. They should be grilling Obama, not Axelrod! Who the hell is actually running the country? This makes me so mad. Maybe we should just put Axelrod on the ticket instead of Obama?

  22. Where’s Michelle? You never see her anymore, it’s strange especially now. Does she ever travel with him? It really looks like she doesn’t

  23. That won’t help him, his record stinks.

    He’ll try to lie his way through the whole thing.
    I hope MItt will hammer him hard on his lying about Bengazi, he should be
    impeached and hung for treason for that!

  24. In my opinion any person who votes again for Obama has a mental disorder, Obama has been a massive failure as President, and he has no record of success to run on. Biden is a disgrace, and just proved to the world why we need term limits in Washington DC. on all the career political hacks.

    1. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people with “mental disorders”, most of them colleagues and students. It is very disheartening to see their unquestioning loyalty to the dims and the WH.

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