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Obama Gets No Help From Unemployment Drop

A report one week ago showing that unemployment had dipped from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent seems to be providing no help to President Obama, as polls show Gov. Mitt Romney hanging on to the bounce he got from his performance in the October 3 debate.

Three national polls taken after the unemployment report was released last Friday – by Rasmussen, Fox News, and Monmouth/Survey USA – each show a one-point Romney lead over Obama.

An earlier Gallup poll performed in the days just after the debate, which included surveying done both before and after the jobs data were released, had put the race at a tie.

The unemployment report, released just about 36 hours after Romney dominated Obama in their Oct. 3 debate, gave a lift to Democrats despondent over Obama’s performance. Some believed it could reverse Romney’s inevitable post-debate bounce in the polls.

But that does not appear to be the case. The RealClearPolitics average of national polls the day of the debate had Obama ahead by three points. Today, Romney is ahead in the average by one point, suggesting a four-point bounce stemming from his debate performance.

The unemployment report was controversial, with some conservatives charging the numbers had been cooked to help Obama. Though only 114,000 jobs were created in September – not enough to keep up with population growth – the unemployment rate declined. This could be because the unemployment rate is calculated from a separate survey from the jobs report – one that is smaller, less reliable, and more volatile.

17 thoughts on “Obama Gets No Help From Unemployment Drop”

  1. Wasn’t California late turning in their numbers to the feds and therefore not counted? Anyway past practice has been that a week or so after release the stats are adjusted, almost always upward, to little fanfare. I believe these numbers, like anything else coming out of the USG or the administration, are not to be trusted.

    1. Amen Cooper ! given the track track record of this extremely corrupt,
      profane and dishonest WH its very hard to fathom that these numbers could be anything than being “cooked up” for re-election purposes only.

      I still believe what Palin said; “obama’s goose is cooked” !

  2. Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The unemployment rate had it’s biggest drop in 29 years. Then new jobless claims fell to a 4 year low. then today we learn that Consumer Sentiment has “unexpectedly” risen to a 5 year high. Call me a cynic if you will, but SOMEBODY’S FULL OF BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And the mainstream media does not questsion any of this. If, in the past, the press had any positive effect on our country (which I am not convinced has been the case in recent years), that has ended.

  3. The walls of Jericho are tumbling down. We all predicted that unemployment would magically drop just before the election. Why should there be a bounce for the Liar-in-Chief? If the economy is so rosy, why did Bernanke decided to print another round of stimulus just before the election?
    Oh, and why are employers suddenly reducing the hours for full-time employees – to part-timers in anticipation of Obamacare? The Day of Reckoning is 25 days away! Got popcorn?

  4. Everyone’s skeptical of any numbers coming from the Obama administration. I don’t even trust the Romney’s ahead polls for fear it’s manipulation to fire up the Dem base.

    I do think Ryan won last night’s debate simply for not acting like a jerk :)

      1. Ryan put a little steel in it when he finally said…we would be better served if we talked one at a time…or whatever his exact words were…I saw some determination there…Maybe it was too late after Mr Laughing Gas had romped all over the proceedings. The whole thing was disturbing. Why is everyone so afraid to say the guy was acting nuts? He was!

  5. Around the web it is being said that California was the state that failed to completely report their unemployment figures. A state with a large population, run by Democrats – go figger…

  6. Obama is nothing but an “enabler” just like a wife who buys alcohol for her drunken husband…But he “enables” in the worst way by keeping people on the “tit”….we need a creator….someone who will create the economy forward and create “Organic Growth” from within…..Obama is nothing but a little Socialist who is trying to lead our great country into ruin for his Muslim supporters….Let’s stop the “bleeding” right now!!

  7. Obama Gets No Help From Unemployment Drop. No duh, only an ignorant troll believes unemployment dropped that low…the numbers do NOT add up, it’s that simple.

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