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Obama: Biden was “Terrific”

President Obama Thursday night praised Vice President Biden as having been “terrific” in his debate against Rep. Paul Ryan, saying his running mate had displayed “passion” – the very thing most observers thought was lacking from his own performance during last week’s encounter with Gov. Mitt Romney.

Obama spoke to reporters after getting off of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington, where he had just arrived from a campaign trip to Miami.

From the press pool report:

As the president descended the stairs of Air Force One, your poolers en masse hollered to him to give his assessment of Biden’s performance in the debate. The president came over to where your poolers were standing.

“I’m going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him. I thought he made a very strong case. I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through. So I’m very proud of him.”

Asked if he called him after the debate ended, Mr. Obama replied with a smile, “Yes, I just talked to him.”

Aboard the flight from Miami, a “senior administration official” suggested Obama would be much more aggressive in his second debate with Romney Tuesday night, challenging the Republican nominee in ways he didn’t during the first debate. From the pool report:

The one adjustment we’re going to have to make is, Gov. Romney’s trying to hide a variety of his positions and we’re going to make sure the American people understand what he would actually do if he’s president . . .

The president has consistently laid out a message and I think that steadiness is important. The key thing is that Romney is not changing his position; he’s trying to hide his position. He’s not being straight on a number of things. We’re going to hold him accountable.

With Democrats in need of a surge of adrenaline following Obama’s lackluster performance in his debate, Biden was almost comically aggressive in his matchup with Ryan, interrupting and laughing at his opponent.

While such behavior would probably harm Obama as seeming beneath the presidency, it’s clear Democrats are hoping he will enter the arena “fired up and ready to go,” in the words of his own campaign slogan.

36 Responses to Obama: Biden was “Terrific”

  1. Hollywood to “remake” the movie “the shining”……joe biden to play the lead part…

    His Vice President demeanor was similar to my dog taking his morning dump.

  2. OK, so now we know what Obama thinks makes a great debater – interruption, mockery, rudeness. Romney, please teach him a lesson again.

      • …it all goes back Biden’s ‘family car crash’.
        BUT, dont forget the 5 deferments he got from serving in Vietnam… (you know Biden is such a “tough guy” when it comes to war & foreign affairs -Biden being a so called expert…)

        • It goes back before the “crash” …he ranked near the bottom in law school, even with plagarizing his papers. Biden claimed “duh” – didn’t know you had to cite sources.

          You can understand why Obama chose him as his VP.

  3. Sorry but the Animal House style of debating does not impress me. Whats next, a joke about the death of the Ambassador “Hey he probably wanted out anyway so now he’s out! (yuck yuck) I got a million of these, Folks!”

    Now that Barack the Merciful is promising to pay attention to his debate, I hope Romney wipes the floor with him!

  4. There are many opinions on Biden’s performance, some actually intelligent. The one that no one will believe or care about (even Biden) is Obama’s. After all, he thought he won his debate!

  5. Joe Biden’s behavior was so bizarre it gave me nightmares last night. That mocking, chuckling motor mouth with the pearly whites was chasing me at every turn. Woke up in a sweat of panic when the teeth caught up with me, but thankfully it was just a nightmare. Then I turn on my computer, go to Drudge and see the motor mouth again. Don’t think I’ll ever be the same after that debate.

  6. Must have slipped old Joe one of those big blue pills. He was demented and
    maybe just little bit nuttier than a fruitcake. Did he get new teeth? Just too
    bizarre to think this man is a heartbeat from the Presidency v scary.

  7. I sure hope Romney has full grasp of every detail of the Benghazi disaster. Despite the TH format, he should be able show in detail the genesis of what happened and the president’s failure and administration coverup and *lies* directly to the American people.

  8. There were a lot of people who also thought that MrBiden’s performance last night was “terrific”. The rest of us were reminded that the Obama/Biden team have no respect or consideration for those who disagree with their agenda.
    MrObama has stood at the Presidential podium and derided, insulted and cracked rude jokes at those who are the loyal opposition and his supporters approved of this tactic. While he demands and expects respect from all of America for his position and the office, he gives none in return.

    MrBiden’s portrayal of a demented, rude, and immature old man was disgraceful and belittled the high office he was elected to by the voters.

    • Great post srdem65. My thoughts during the debate and since is that this is Sal Alinsky tactics front and center. These progressives have bought into the idea that they can be rude and disrespectful all they want because they think they are superior to other thought and idea’s. Toss in Chicago style politics and, whamo, this is what we get and have been watching the last 4 years. I know of several people that were, and I repeat were either strongly in the dem column or undecided and last night they decided enough for them. I think that Biden has caused more damage then most think.

    • Very well said!

      When you have people within the party brushing off things like the Black Panthers intimidating voters, calling Americans who disagree with your position “traitors”, and going after those who caught Acorn red-handed; I guess this “terrific” is normal to them. For us, not so much.

      I had a hard time determining where the lies ended and the truth began. In fact, not sure there was a whole lot of truth in anything Biden said last night.

      After that display, my 87 year-old die-hard father-in-law finally said he has had enough. “This isn’t my Democrat party anymore.” I couldn’t be more happy.

  9. Interesting that after 4 years Obama actually responded to questions from the Press pool. Is this a first, Keith? After the events of the past month (Benghazi, the debate, the fake unemployment numbers, etc) does anyone give a rat’s rear end about Obama’s opinion….about anything?

    We stopped watching the Bite-Me freak show after 5 minutes when it was obvious he had just spent the week at a Saul Alinsky boot camp. This stuff belongs on the school yard – not among civilized adults.

  10. As my wife watched Biden she kept getting more and more pissed off. “That’s who we have in office? No wonder we are still so screwed up!”

    Everyone at some time has been on the receiving end of being interrupted and dismissed when trying to make a point. Once or twice in a discussion might be effective but Biden was way over the top and in the long run will show did the DNC no good.

  11. Obama and Biden remind me of the Bevis and Butthead characters. That stupid laugh and the stupid expressions. The day of reckoning can’t come soon enough.

  12. Let’s turn up the heat on Obama/Biden – sign up at the OUST OBAMA COALITION and help remove these guys from office. With only a few weeks left to get involved, the OOC is a great way to lend a hand. Please help us oust Obama!

  13. Imagine how a young voter might perceive an older man mocking and sneering at a younger man. Not only the young, but anyone can relate having been in that position at some point in their lives. Joe Biden is a bully and a fraud, and he’s as fake as the hair on his head.

  14. Biden came off as an an arrogant, bitter and angry old man which is true to his nature. And his “gaffes” showed……However, the “mainstream media” will always praise him through the lips of the real fool….Obama

  15. “I’m going to make a special point of saying that I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him. I thought he made a very strong case. I really think that his passion for making sure that the economy grows for the middle class came through. So I’m very proud of him.”
    Asked if he called him after the debate ended, Mr. Obama replied with a smile, “Yes, I just talked to him.”

    Seven “I”s in 6 sentences.

  16. Our very own bi polar debate duo — Obama the depressive and Biden the manic. No disrepect to those actually suffering from this or other disorders.

    • Grace, that’s a perfect description. Tonight I went back to listen to the closing statements of both men. I was so disturbed by Joe’s actions, I didn’t fully grasp the stupid, self-serving comments he made. And when Ryan made a thoughtful, concise and meaningful close, it was like I had been listening to two men debating 3000 miles apart. Biden’s close was so empty. Ryan’s was filled with hope.

  17. For all of you who know St. Elizabeth’s in Washington, I’m sure there is a comfortable bed for Joe come January. He is going to need some help before heading back to Delaware on that last train ride.