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Video || Biden’s Bad Case of Laugharrhea

Politico has already put together a video documenting Vice President Biden’s novel debate strategy: incessant merriment.

I think this was a bad tactic, or at least one poorly employed. It was so over the top that people are going to be discussing it at least as much as they talk about who won the debate.

It obscures any serious points Biden wanted to make – and Biden was quite lucid throughout the night. And it will be compared to Vice President Gore’s incongruous sighing during his debate with George W. Bush in 2000.

Perhaps a chuckle here and a chuckle there could have achieved the mission of making us think that Biden doesn’t respect Paul Ryan, but without making Biden himself seem like he’d had a big long bong hit in the green room.

And I think women in particular will be sympathetic toward Ryan. They’ve all had to deal with boorish men who don’t respect them. That’s how Biden came off.

46 thoughts on “Video || Biden’s Bad Case of Laugharrhea”

  1. I think putting Biden out as an over-bearing obnoxious, smiling loon was part of the plan. Obama was not engaged, demure and passive during the first debate with Romney. I believe this debate was a “test” to see how it plays via tweets/social media/ etc. so that Obama can measure his words during the next debate accordingly. AND yes, they are willing to throw Joe under the bus because VP debates have no bearing on the top of the ticket.

  2. Tonight’s Vice Presidential debate was quite interesting, though not surprising. Ryan was there the day before still preparing while Biden arrived just hours before. The impression I got was that Biden believed he already had the debate in his bag. Ryan was clearly the winner of this debate for multiple reasons. Unlike Biden who violated debate ethics, Ryan acted more like a Vice President should. Let me also mention that Biden misused the term bankrupt to mean total failure and loss. Romney and Ryan meant that GM should have been allowed to declare it so they could restructure and rebuild for success as they have done before. And, contrary to what Bideb believes, there are many people who are abusing the welfare to work program and other government assistance programs.

  3. Biden ran out of gas at the end. He seemed like a tired old man reading from his notes. At least that was the one part of the debate where I didn’t want to punch him.

    I liked Ryan but his his performance made me realize how good Romney is. We’re lucky he’s the candidate and we will win.

  4. Very good points by Mr. Koffler. also, what was clear to me is how divisiveness and discriminatory these people really have against people that do not agree with them. biden constant “you people” you people get out of the way, so we can accomplished this or that” stuff. there is no interest in by partisanship in the obama’s administration.

  5. The little I watched I was thinking of the “gravitas” Joe was to being to the ticket in 2008. He came across as the rude, unprofessional idiot that he is.

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  7. Joe looked like the Joker. On meth. And wagging that finger at Martha Raddick looked like Slick Willie telling us he did not have sex with that woman…..

  8. Most bizzare performance in a presidential/vice presidential debate ever. How can you laugh when your talking about issues of national security and economic stability? And he did it more then once. And that smile!?!??!? Comedy Central said it best. If he smiles anymore, he is going to sprain his jaw. I know the man a nervous tick when that is to laugh but come on.

  9. Plugs acted much like the petulant child shaking his head, laughing at the supposed ‘lies’,continually interrupting Ryan. Joe got a little pissy towards the end. Ryan held his own quite well, seldom interrupted Biden, kept his expression even – never emotional. He did a damn fine job and had his numbers down cold.

  10. This is the result of the media training that lib spokespeople get from Media Matters and other similar organizations who teach reporters how to answer questions, (or be interviewed by), the scary conservative media.

    1st: be incredulous that someone would ask you that in the first place, 2nd: raise your voice, 3rd: never stop talking, 4th: blame it on the other side, 5th: interrupt, 6th: change the subject, 7th: interrupt……… and oh yeah, never stop talking! Look at Debbie Wasserman…whatever….. and Stephanhie Cutter….. 2 good examples. They are so irritating but sure know how to eat up the air time they have been given.

  11. It doesn’t matter what the polls say on who won this debate because even the most radical Dem believes in fairness and the seriousness of this election. The issues discussed by the candidates were not amusing or funny to any American who cares about our future. Dem or Repub, unemployment hits us all, Medicare and the other entitlements aren’t partisan issues and our national security is foremost in everyone’s mind after the terrorist attacks.
    Loyal Dems might say out loud that MrBiden was the winner, that his arguments or points were the ones they agree with, but they will be cringing inside at the spectacle of their candidate impersonating the Joker and the smirking, grinning madness he exhibited on national TV.

    The story is and will be about MrBiden’s mental stability that was displayed tonight.

  12. I dont know what the view from The Beltway is, but out here in Oregon Biden came off as a sneering, disrespectful jackass. When he was smirking when Ryan was talking about the Libya disaster (and 4 dead Americans,) Biden’s facial expressions were such that I wanted to put my fist through the TV. And, as for his contention “We didn’t know” the Embassy had requested additional security – I have never observed a blad-face lie being said so casually in a Vice-Peridential debate.

  13. How many people picked up that tiny nugget of information Biden let slip? That the administration has been supplying the Syrian rebels with more than humanitarian aid? Joe got mad and it slipped out

    Quote ” Biden: Let me — you don’t go through the UN. We are in the process now and have been for months — in making sure that help, humanitarian aid, as well as other aid and training is getting to these forces that we believe, the Turks believe, the Saudis believe are the free forces inside of Syria. That is underway.” unquote

    Is Congress approving the expenditures for all this? More cats out the bag from Loose Lips himself.

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  15. I lost all respect for Biden last night. He acted like an obnoxious drunk. I believe he REALLY hurt the administration, especially among women. Imagine putting Biden last night split screen opposite Obama from last week. How could anyone possibly support this ticket?

    1. “how could anyone possibly support this ticket?” -the sixty four thousand dollar question. And I’ve been asking it for months. What happened in the first debate no one will admit: if you saw the man have his hat handed him, know the financial debacle we’re in, know the foreign ramifications of weakness and STILL support him, there can really be only one reason: race.

  16. I think the aggregate impression of the two debates thus far is not good for Dems. First you had a totally disconnected Obama. Then you had a mocking Biden, laughing at the most inappropriate moments. Opposite each were men who wanted to talk about the issues. Since voters want to hear about the issues and each side’s position on them, I don’t see how the behavior of Obama and Biden helps.

  17. You are sooooo correct about how women viewed the gaffer in chief…

    In group of undecided OH voters that Frank Luntz interviewed, post debated, many women were very turned off by his obnoxious behavior…

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  19. I think Joe, did a great job of making Paul Ryan look like a kid that doesn’t know what he is talking about. Paul Ryan’s puppy dog face didn’t save him from losing this debate. And I think he does better with his power point presentations, not live debates. After all he is a powerpoint guy.

  20. Biden — waving his hands, rolling his eyes, guffawing, snickering, interrupting and talking over Ryan (96 times!) and generally acting like a 7ty grader — is a mere heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. Imagine that!

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