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Where Romney Was Misleading

The Obama campaign’s attack on Gov. Mitt Romney for being a liar actually misses the area where Romney was misleading.

The Obama campaign is charging, incorrectly, that Romney was lying during last week’s debate when he said his tax cut would not amount to $5 trillion. Actually, Romney aims to offset all of the cuts by eliminating many deductions. There’s no way the total tax cut will amount to anywhere near $5 trillion.

But Romney was deeply misleading about his health plan.

Romney strange face
Come on, I was at least 47 percent accurate.

In the debate, Romney claimed with a straight face that “preexisting conditions are covered under my plan.”

Well, not in the sense that anyone understands it. And Romney, who passed his own version of Obamacare in Massachusetts, knew exactly what he was doing by making this comment.

Romney’s plan only covers preexisting conditions for those who already have insurance but who are changing plans – for example if they get a new job. It doesn’t force insurers to cover those who are sick and who are newly signing up for insurance.

It can’t. Because then every rational person would wait to get sick before they got any kind of comprehensive, low deductible insurance plan. The only way to make insurers cover those with preexisting conditions is to force everyone to buy insurance, so they can make up the cost of caring for the previously uninsured who’ve got a bad disease.

Which gives you Obamacare.

Romney didn’t lie, but he shaded the truth and stretched the bounds of political BS. And it stinks.

10 thoughts on “Where Romney Was Misleading”

  1. oh well, I have read worst:
    – New York Times Managing Editor Dean Baquet said today he doesn’t see “anything significantly new” in yesterday’s congressional hearings on Libya, while both he and the paper’s Executive Editor Jill Abramson suggested the hearings were politicized and therefore not worthy of front-page coverage….

    – Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Thursday that the “entire reason” the terrorist attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans has “become the political topic it is” is because Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan talk about the attack….

  2. Insuring people already sick with a devastating illness is like asking a new car insurance company to cover the damage after you total a car. Why won’t you take me, so its preexisting, you’re a jerk for not covering my car!

  3. As it’s written and as we all understand it, Obamacare is a unmitigated disaster of unforseen and unanticipated consequences put together by a committee of special interests then passed into law by those who had no idea what was in it.
    Every special portion of Obamacare that has been in effect so far has been to sweeten the pot, so to speak, for the bitter brew about to be forced down our throats. The truth will be exposed in 2013 unless something happens that will put Obamacare out of existance.

    Pre-existing conditions cover just about everything that could go wrong with a human; when did your liver go bad? when did the first cancer cell appear?…there’s no answer for that. So, the politicians parse the terms, never saying with certainty what it really means.

    Are they lies? or just evasions. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. well said srdem65, and not to mention the more than 16,500 new irs agents to collect the obamacare’s tax and hired (IT) before de scotus rulling.

  4. OT: sorta debate related

    As VPBiden was walking across the tarmac to his ride, the gusty wind blew his suit coat close to his chest. IMO, he was either wearing a bullet-proof vest or a serious girdle, as the outline was clearly shown.
    OK, maybe a back brace?

    1. Probably why they are sitting at a table during the debate. Maybe he can’t stand for 90 minutes straight because of back pain. Then again, maybe he’s afraid of meeting the same fate as Fredo Corleone…

      1. Didn’t know they were sitting. Makes sense, I don’t know if I could stand for 90 minutes while someone was throwing truth bombs at me.

  5. Smells like roses campared to the liar-in-chief. I looked it up right after the debate and discovered what he was talking about. Made a hell of alot more sense than obamacare which is socialist insanity.

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