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Obama Campaigning Exclusively at Universities

President Obama has begun campaigning exclusively at universities, basking in the warmth of rapturous receptions from impressionable young things while targeting a key voting bloc that backs him fervently but often fails to make it to the polls.

Including today’s scheduled appearance at the University of Miami, each of Obama’s last five campaign rallies has been staged before students, bringing him to the campuses of Ohio State University, Cleveland State University, George Mason University, and the University of Wisconsin.

Only one campaign rally by the president in October was held off-campus, an appearance at Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver Oct. 4. Otherwise, all of Obama’s traditional campaigning has been at schools.

The president has made other campaign-related appearances this month, but all have involved preaching the the choir at fundraisers at off-campus locations, since students have votes but no money.

The president in this crucial month hasn’t made in-person voting appeals to most of the constituencies he claims to view as so important: no appearances in an inner city or a Hispanic community, none before seniors or union members, and just one rally in a middle class suburb, Sloan’s Lake.

A sampling from a couple of press pool reports makes clear why Obama thinks the Kids are Alright.

After his Oct. 5 appearance at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, the pooler noted:

After a rousing event at George Mason, the motorcade is rolling . . .

Following his Oct. 4 speech before 30,000 students at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the pooler wrote:

As POTUS’ motorcade sped through campus on the way out, thousands of people lined the streets cheering and waving.

But a pool report earlier in the day at the Sloan’s Park rally suggested the problems that can pop up when Obama is exposed to adults who are out of school and contending with the current job market:

There were a couple of protesters in the crowd. One man held up a grocery bag with “Trade Vote 4 Work” scrawled on it. Another held up a sign that said, “Last job in the USA? No exp needed! Just votes.”

In 2008, 66 percent of those under 30 voted for Obama. With Obamamania at a far lower boil than four years ago, the president will need to do everything he can to get his young admirers to turn out.

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  1. I suspect part of the reason for this strategy is Obama’s need to be surrounded by adulation. Most of these kids have little clue about the real world and neither does he.

    1. Absolutely true, RickW. I spoke with a conservative student at the college yesterday. He told me that out of 40 students who had gathered to watch the debate last week, he was the only one who was rooting for Romney.

      1. I’m a House Mother at the largest state university. I live with 91 women, and an additional 150 live out of the house. In addition there are houseboys who come in to do odd jobs. I spend all my time with college students, and I tell you this to offer comfort. The majority of these students will vote Romney. We’re a redder than red state – not a blue county in ’08.
        I won’t lie though. I hear tales of profs who are all too willing to opine on politics – all to the left. A young man was just telling me his Journalism prof (surprised?) was telling the class Romney was running on the angry white man/anglo last name platform. My young friend called him on it. The prof was shocked and changed the subject.

  2. Great expose´, Keith, very revealing. He likes adoration, doesn´t he ? He probably needs adoration. I believe he is insecure deep inside.

    1. Deeply insecure? That is not the problem, it is his narcissistic personality, a deep psychological problem that when not recognized and dealt with leads to people like Obama.

      I found this test on line –, and wonder where Obama would score. It measures the tendency towards a narcissistic personality. I took it, but I’m not going to say where I scored, to low to be a President though.

      1. Dunning-Kruger effect.

        [F]or a given skill, incompetent people will:
        1.tend to overestimate their own level of skill; to recognize genuine skill in others; to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy;
        4.recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill, if they are exposed to training for that skill

      2. Oh, I just mean that a person with genuine selfconfidence does not need all that adulation.
        And I remembered the picture of that little guy in an oversized jacket in the corner of the Situation Room.

        1. I’ve often thought about that photo, SwedishLady. He certainly doesn’t appear to be the one in charge. Your description is so accurate – ‘… little guy in an oversized jacket…’.

          1. One of the biggest operations in the administration’s history is taking place and the guy has to worry about how he looks like in a photo?!!
            Any time you look at him, the prez is the very definition of cool. You might dislike him but he sure does epitomize class and style in the way he carries himself. Don’t let your biases get in the way of your judgement!

  3. He focuses on college kids because they suffer from SFB, and haven’t the maturity to know the difference between the BS mantra that the left has been dishing out for years on campuses, and the hard truths about life.

    Someone once told me that if you are young and are not liberal you have no heart, if you are older and not conservative you have no brain. When I was in college I was a rabid lefty, thinking that the world owed me a living and a good life. It was when I got into the field and started to actually meet people that lived their lives on the government’s dole that I started to become conservative.

    I realized that government largess took away the individual’s desire to stand on their own two feet and accomplish something for themselves. College students, generally, are more interested in beer pong and hooking up than they are in looking towards the future. When you are in the 18-22 crowd you think you are Superman and invincible, and will live forever. It takes getting knocked down and dragged through the crap that is life that makes your eyes open.

    Unfortunately, too many professors on campuses today go from being high school students to having a BA then a masters and then the PhD, only to go right back to the college campus to “teach” the next group of young minds about the world. How can you teach about something you have never truly experienced because you have been cloistered your entire life?

    1. “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

      Attributed to Winston Churchill

  4. He loves the college campus for another reason; they’re already there in huge numbers with nothing much else to do but go listen to the POTUS.

    MrRomney’s supporters must rearrange their schedules of work/family, drive to the location, and walk a good distance to get the the venue to hear their candidate.

  5. Universities guarantee him a large turnout for the “historic” factor to see a real live President in person. I’d say most of them turn out because of the party/social atmosphere and better than sitting in a boring lecture class.

    In the meantime, Romney-Ryan fill cornfields in small towns :D

    I remember a few years ago I was in NYC when I noticed a main cross street in midtown was closed down with NYPD barriers. When I found out it was for a visit by President and Mrs. Clinton, I waited 2 hours to see their motorcade pass by… 2 seconds. Still a thrill ;)

  6. True, but I do not think that all of these “young things” are still so impressed. He can probably fill an auditorium with cherry picked students.

  7. The crowds mean nothing. Like someone else said,its a social thing and they get to skip class. And whether you agree with him or not who wouldn’t want to say they saw a President. Something to tell the grandkids. Air Force One flew over my house as it was landing and of course I ran out to see it.
    Getting college kids to a rally and getting them to a voting booth are 2 different things.

  8. He has been doing that for forever also at high schools and middle colleges his wife has been doing the elementary school circuit. Don’t you recall one of them said you had to grab people while they were young? Am paraphrasing here.
    Part of that reasoning is sound, most young people do not look farther down the road than maybe six months max. Most have been indoctrinated in the school system to adapt and conform, not to be individuals anymore. Anyone who dares is often ostracized and becomes the recipient of bullies and jokes.
    30 and under are still under the influence of the “arrogance of youth” — full of vim and vigor and righteousness and in this country not subject to much fear of early death. With Obamacare they can continue to play the child by remaining on their parents insurance until 25 while demanding respect as an adult. Most are not even aware that there will be NO jobs for them under this president on whom they bestow such admiration and devotion. They are simply too young and raw. it is not a denigration — we Americans coddle our children. We want their lives better than ours and often shelter them from harsh realities.
    9/11 was traumatic and the coverage of it by the media was even more so. Ten years later and the impact is not as deep for those who were children. Replaying that day and the following days through the reactions and voices of the media would teach them what older ones know.
    Bottom line, the O’s were mostly sheltered through their lives. More and more the truth of it is being revealed.Neither one lived in the projects or wore second hand clothes. Neither worked on a farm or factory or fast food place or ranch or any job requiring physical menial labor. Both spent what careers they had talking. It is what they do — talk.

  9. It’s not just that colleges are the only places where Obummer can draw large adoring crowds. On Tuesday evening, after O had been at Ohio state Univeristy, I posted this comment:

    By the way, we all know that BHO is nothing but a shameless predator the way he is constantly on college campuses. I recently read a transcript of Moochelle’s remarks from when she was at a college and she not only directed the kids to register and vote early, she helpfully pointed out the BHO campaign people walking around with clipboards. She told the students to find one of them and they’ll register them to vote.

    Well, today BHO carried it much further while at Ohio State University. Here are some of Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    “Hello Buckeyes,” shouts Pres Obama as he begins campaign rally at Ohio State Univ. Leads O-H-I-O chant.

    Pres Obama reminds supporters they only have til 9pm tonight to register to vote. ““No extensions, no excuses,” he says.

    Pres Obama tells Ohio rally his campaign has buses waiting to take supporters to register to vote. And they can vote early at the same time.

    Pres Obama tells supporters at OSU rally: “Do not delay. Go vote today.”

    Also, I read that today (Tuesday) was the last day to register not just in OH, but also in PA, MI, FL, CO, and NM.

    1. And then there’s the “Souls to Polls” campaign, aligned with Eric Holder coordinating with thousands of black churches to get all those True Believers to the polls to vote for their lord and savior.

  10. Both of the Obamas’ have been political child predators since the first week they highjacked the WH. It has been their primary campaign strategy – the wife covers grades K through 12; Obama covers the colleges and universities. Sometimes they appear together. I remember being flabbergasted when, on their third day in the WH, they ‘escaped’ to a nearby minority 4th grade classroom and regaled the little kiddies with tales about how great the WH French fries are. Didn’t they have more important things to tend to, i.e. the mess Bush left for them?

    Michelle Obama has spent the last 4 years traveling the country, indeed, the world – hugging little kids. I double dare anyone to come up with a photo of her in her previous life as the wife of a state senator – traveling to inner-city schools, advocating healthy meals, or hugging every kid within her grasp. She was too busy shuttling the poor kids from the U. of C. Medical center into the county hospitals.

    srdem65 has a good point. There are huge crowds on school campuses with nothing else to do but listen. Great for photo ops. Obama is not stupid in that regard.

    It has since been discovered that OFA is registering students on school campuses – even providing buses to chauffeur them to the voting booth – a criminal offense. Unfortunately, we do not have a Justice Dept. to investigate him. I can see Venezuela from my window!

  11. Was it Churchill who said: “If you’re under 30 and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart; if you’re over 40 and not conservative, you don’t have a brain.”?

    Obama’s prized position is in front of adoring crowds, including Nickolodeon, Facebook, and with “Pimp with a Limp”. Meanwhile, Michelle and Joan (Biden) are getting free air time daily with their “public service” ads. The Obama camp has gotten billions in free media promotion, including ongoing mentions written into television scripts (Mad Men, Harry’s Law, among others).

    A REAL “fairness doctrine” would be fascinating in America.

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  13. The layabout and his America-hating wife are child abusers of the worst sort. They prey on the innocence of young children who have, for the most part, been shielded from the effects of his onerous regulations and flagrant abuse of our Constitution.

    Meanwhile, not one single headliner from Obama’s propaganda arm about the Benghazi hearings yesterday. The testimony was riveting, but because a conservative or Republican wasn’t responsible for leaving the Benghazi embassy defenseless, the presstitutes aren’t interested. In other news, another American embassy worker was assassinated on his way to work in Yemen. As that news hits the wire, Obama’s media yawns and returns to beating Romney over the head with Big Bird…

  14. I want him to keep going to colleges for 2 reasons.
    1. By continuing to do these puff jobs his debate skill continues to suffer and
    decline (if that is possible!)
    2. He is wasting his time because we already know he will not get the
    percentage or the numbers this year from the 18-21 crowd. They just don’t
    love him as much anymore. Like a boy who has dated a girl long enough to
    see her w/o makeup on and how petulant she can be so he says, “I’m
    moving on!” As are we the USA. We are moving on!!

  15. Even the Obama campaign is admitting this election is too close for comfort and it will now come down to a ground game. Pretty sad for the “Hope & Change” candidate of 2008.

  16. Pretty sad that a bunch of kids with mush for brains can be molded to vote for someone who will affect their futures so drasticly. Desparation for Obama, but it could work.

  17. I had a great experience this morning! A good friend, liberal, wrote me an email saying she should have listened to me–Obama does not have enough experience. She apologized! How often does THAT happen? Usually I stay off politics with everyone I know personally…. When my letter to the ed was in the WSJ, ClearChannel called me and said they loved the letter and maybe I could some on sometime…Sure, send a limo!

  18. obama the incompetent keeps talking to the students rather than the already graduated and now ex-students that can’t find jobs in the obama’s economy.

  19. We figure that Obama goes to universities and high schools to make his interminable speeches because he will get cheers instead of jeers. The
    students are young enough so that Obama can pull the wool over their eyes.

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