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Obama Campaign: Ryan’s a Liar Too!

The Obama campaign remains stuck on the low road and deep in the mud, supplementing its campaign to paint Gov. Mitt Romney as dishonest with the charge that his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), is a liar too.

Obama communications wizard Stephanie Cutter, the gal with the sharpest elbows in Chicago, took to her email account this afternoon to blast out a message charging that Ryan was just as much lying filth as Romney.

Wrote Stephanie:

Out on the campaign trail, Ryan has followed Mitt Romney’s lead — making a habit of misrepresenting or flat-out denying his unpopular, extreme positions, while distorting President Obama’s record. Both Romney and Ryan know that if they’re honest with the American people about their proposals and their records, it’ll hurt their chances to win the election.

Until he proves otherwise, we will continue to say that water is wet, the sky is blue, and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are willing to say anything — even if that means wildly distorting known facts — to win this election.

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are willing to say anything. Uhhhh boy.

The email also includes a video, “The 7 Habits of Highly Misleading People,” which, while a ranking little bit better on the cleverness scale, is itself highly misleading, focusing on things like Ryan’s misstatement about his marathon time.

At tonight’s debate, in fact, there will be only one proven liar on the stage. Gosh, maybe Stephanie and crew have forgotten this?

Actually, he was 76th in a class of 85, got one degree from college, and was unfortunately not “the outstanding student in the political science department.”

Biden has also been accused multiple times of plagiarism, admitting to having plagiarized an article in law school, though he said he didn’t understand the rules.

The rules are, write your own stuff. And don’t throw stones in glass houses.

22 thoughts on “Obama Campaign: Ryan’s a Liar Too!”

  1. I bet ole Joe brings up the so-called $5 trill tax increase…which even Steph admits might be 1 trill with changes in deductions–and the guy who brought it up in the first place says it will be zero with deductions. So who is the liar, hmmm, Stephanie. Same for the Libya “versions.” They knew it was not that video trailer which no one saw, said it was…so isn’t that kind of a LIE? You know–on our planet and all?

  2. The Sky is not always Blue, Ms. Cutter.
    You can continue to say it is Blue, but it’s simply not true.

    Which means that you don’t always tell the truth.

  3. These people are falling apart. I still find it very hard to believe that they have the support they do. The Big Bird saga appears to be falling flat so I guess they need to hype something else. If Gov Romney had “lied” so much during the debate, don’t you think the MSM would be all over it. I haven’t seen that – they are desperate because they have nothing to run on. The Middle East is falling apart; the economy is stagnant (I don’t care what their unemployment and first time unemployment statistics are). With luck and lots of fingers crossed and prayers this nightmare will soon be over.

  4. this from an administration that lies about the terrorist attack , which by the way is Romney/Ryan’s fault.

    Speaking of that,wonder why there wasn’t enough money for proper security? Could it be the crystal glasses Hillary ordered for all embassys?
    I’m sure the families of our slain Americans will be happy to know their loved ones had the finest stemware before they were murdered.

    1. Blondie, those families will really get a CHARGE (I’m sorry. I had to say that) out of the Chevy Volts purchased for the embassy in Vienna too……..

    2. Hillary probably had to order another truckload of “Dreams from My Father” to give out as Christmas gifts like she did last year… What did those insignificant people in Libya want her to do anyway? Give up her record-breaking worldwide tour so the department can afford security for a high risk embassy? As Eric Nordstrom testified yesterday, he requested increased security in Benghazi because of the escalating violence and was told “You’re asking for the sun, moon, and the stars”. Priorities…priorities…

  5. Joe Biden is a shameless liar. He told 14 WHOPPER LIES in the debate vs Palin on 08, & the media NEVER SAID A WORD or challenged his BullSh*t. Watch Paul Ryan demolish Pinocchio tonight, like Romney destroyed The Lyin’ King.

  6. From now on the ENTIRE Obama Admin should be known as “The Sister/Brotherhood of the Flaming pants”. Or maybe “The Sister/Brotherhood of the Unraveling pants”.

  7. Stephanie Cutter is the most despicable of the Obama re election campaign staff. Even Bob Beckel said that if he was running the campaign she would be gone (or words to that effect). You can see the absolute lack of integrity in every fiber of Ms. Cutter’s being.

  8. Once a bloviating sleazeball, always a bloviating sleazeball… He mentioned debating Gary Hart on that video. Wonder if Ol’ Joe had anything to do with exposing that cheesecake photo of some young thing sitting on Senator Hart’s lap? Wouldn’t doubt it…

  9. The Obama,Biden, Clinton, Cutter ilk along with the Occupy Crowd & “Nuns” on the Bus Bunch actually thrive in an environment in which the ‘end justifies the means’ wins. As a practicing, lifelong Catholic, I was staggered to hear Biden blatantly misrepresent the Obama administration’s war against religious freedom. Even the USCCB (American Bishops) have issued a statement saying that Biden statement about the Mandate is “not a fact”. I would have preferred that the USCCB had called Biden’s statement for what it was: A lie.

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