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Obama Attempts to Undermine Biden

Just a day before Vice President Biden’s highly anticipated debate with GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, President Obama gave his running mate advice certain to result in disaster, counseling, “Joe just needs to be Joe.”

Yes, this happened. Here’s the proof. This is Obama on ABC last night:

Exactly what Obama is up to here is unclear. Here are some recent examples of Biden being Biden:


Biden advisers are incensed, accusing Obama of seeking to undermine Biden’s chances in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton.

“We’ve just spent the past two weeks training Biden not to be Biden,” exclaimed an exasperated aide to the vice president. “And here the president comes along trying to plant other ideas in Biden’s head. It’s just a stab in the back.”

H/T to Gateway Pundit.

20 Responses to Obama Attempts to Undermine Biden

  1. If he follows MrO’s advice tonight, then early Friday the O’s should start calling around for estimates on moving vans and making reservations for a Jan 20, 2013 move.

  2. So they admit they’ve been trying to brainwash the VPOTUS for two weeks. I don’t think Joe is “un-Bidenable” but its more than a bit scary that they needed to try.

  3. Taking advice from anyone in the Obama campaign or administration is a risky thing. Joe would be better served taking advice from the Romney campaign than his own hacks.

  4. I found the statement “seeking to undermine Biden’s chances in 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton” the funniest part of this story. Really? They are serious about putting him on the ticket? Now that right there is funny!

  5. Lucky me, I just got an email from”Stephanie” (whoever that is) informing me that Paul Ryan is going to lie like a dog tonight and that he’s always been a big fat lying rat-fink who “distorts” MrO’s record. She/he (don’t ask, don’t tell) also wants me to ‘twitter’ my support for the VP tonight.

    But..she/he didn’t ask for money.

  6. Ol’ Joe seems like such a benign, jovial guy…until he sticks the knife in and twists it around. Still remember good ol’ Joe’s performance as the leader of the kangaroo court that tried to destroy Justice Clarence Thomas. He is a low life, scumbag, cutthroat politico and he always has been…

  7. The one and only reason I would EVER hope for the health and safety of B. Hussein Obama is the knowledge that one of this planets truly stupid ( I mean TRULY, TOTALLY, almost PATHETICALLY STUPID ) people is only a heartbeat away from leading this nation. God help us……