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Live Stream || Vice Presidential Debate

I will livestream the vice presidential debate in this space starting at 8:45 pm ET. Looking forward to seeing your comments as the debate progresses.

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  1. Right now Biden is getting ready on a meal of red bull and live goldfish, and he has the 2 contenders for idiot of the universe;Pelosi and Debbie W.Schultz on either side of him rubbing his shoulders and telling him how great he is repeatedly into his ears..
    You cant shine a turd by rubbing another turd on it..
    They are goin down… and hard

  2. I was so nervous last time I almost didn’t watch it. I’m much more relaxed about tonight.

    I’m starting to think about life after Obama. I have 1000s of pictures, soundbytes and videos to delete. I can’t wait. Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty will continue but I’m not sure in what capacity.

  3. When Paul Ryan walks on the debate stage, he will be pushing a wheelchair. As he passes Biden, he will say: “With my Medicare plan, this is what I will be pushing your broke butt in over the cliff tonight.”

  4. The Fraud-in-Chief will be on AF1, leaving Miami at 8:05 and arriving the WH at 10:30. I have to ask this silly question — because I haven’t flown in ~15 years, but will O be able to watch The Boob-iden on the boob tube?

  5. Biden refused to answer the very first question – was the attack on the consulate in Libya an intelligence failure? He made a quick statement about Ambassador Chris Stevens and then launched right into a list of criticisms of every foreign policy position of R&R. It was a canned, rehearsed laundry list.

    Then, as Ryan was giving his answer, Biden smirked, laughed, was almost chuckling out loud. such an a-hole. Then, he cut off Ryan so he could talk.

    Raddatz is trying to pin him down now on what they knew about the attack in Libya.

    • Paul is on point but Biden has clearly rehersed his talking points. It will be interesting to see if Joe has enough material to cover the whole night.

    • Talking about deadly serious issues – the attack in Libya, Iran, etc. – and this doofus Biden is LAUGHING his ass off. What a schmuck!

    • Their game plan is to make a joke about everything and now the Bite me Veep says he means what he says even if it stupid. Biden is an old man who needs to be sitting on the porch saying people need to slow down going by my mansion.

  6. Let me make sure I understand Biden. The sanctions on Iran are good becuase Russia and China agreed to them. Russia and China would not agree to what Cognress wanted, stronger sanctions. So we have the strongest sanctions necessary.

    I think he makes a case for the strongest possible in light of Russia and China. But that is not what we need.

  7. Honestly, i’m having a hard time tracking biden.. He is spinning a gold thread straw here. All these threats are not really threats…don’t worry be happy. OMG does he thing Iran is bluffing? Does he think the people dying in Syria are faking it?

  8. Can you get unemployment under 6%? Here goes Joe on the revisionist history. Sure we can… just change the numbers and count only 49 of the 57 states….problem solved. Looking for big things from Paul here.

  9. Martha Radwitch continues to allow Biden to interrupt and urges him on. Don’t be “too polite” Paul. Should have mentioned more about the apology tour starting in Cairo, et. al. GO PAUL GO!!!!!!!

  10. Now his line is “they (Republicans) need to “get out of the way”. It’s the Republicans’ fault the recession is so prolonged, and more jobs haven’t been created.

  11. I’d give $100 right now if Raddatz looked at Biden and said, “Vice President Biden, may I ask WHAT is it exactly that you find so funny this evening?”

  12. Ok.. 30 min + and neither one has socred a point. Biden is woriing the camera… Sorry but Biden +1. Might not be true, but is IS effective.

    • This is one of those debates that if you listen to, you think Laughing Joe is winning….if you’re watching, Paul is winning. Radish is losing control.

    • I think he was told to work on his expressions and interrupt at every possible opportunity. All he’s got is expressions. No real answers, just rhetoric, talking points and bs.

  13. Paul going wonky is not going to work. Martha is letting joe walk all over him. While Joe might be an arse, he is taking Paul off track and off topic.

    • Plus, he said he understand that Biden is under duress having to make up some last ground (from Obummer’s disastrous debate last week).

  14. Clearly, part of Biden’s six day debate camp prep involved him being instructed to look into the camera and talk directly to the “people”. I really, really want to turn my damn TV off. This is the very last time I am ever going to see or listen to this clown.

  15. I wonder if Joe is executing the strategy. Since Joe is a well known common-oddity…there is nothing to loose. I suspect the ancy, rude, interuptive behaivior is planned and executed flawlessly.

    • Biden does that ALL the time on the campaign trail. He throws crazy numbers out there. Accuracy is diffidently not a priority for him.

      Idiot just laughed out loud!

  16. Joe’s version of “let me translate” is the hypovehiculation of Paul. Point for Joe. Just the same, this is getting ugly.

    Biden +2 Ryan +1