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Uh Oh. I’m in Trouble Now.

Obama 2012 Chief Operating Officier Ann Marie Habershaw just sent me this. Apparently, the Obama campaign has figured out that after all these emails they’ve sent me, I’m nothing but a first class slacker.

Take a look:

Listen up?

You can tell they’re getting testy. The emails aren’t so nice anymore. Earlier today I got an email from the campaign telling me it was “time to step up.” After the election, I’ll get a message titled, “Thanks for nothing, dirtbag.”

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  1. Drones and surface-to-air missiles to follow.

    If that doesn’t work, someone named Nicky “no neck” that sounds like a cross between Peter Lorre and Edward G. Robinson will be making a personal appearance at your front door.

  2. Since the national “conversation” (hate that) has regressed back to name calling and toys–this reminded me of a talking toy by nephew had when he was little–it would go, “Pick a number…” “PICK A NUMBER!” then “I said PICK A NUMBER!It was a terrible nag. You could be in the other room and you would run in and pick a darn number. Don’t let that happen with a donation.

  3. What’s delusional about that email is that the Obama campaign seems to believe that they’re actually running a legitmate presidential campaign that someone, who is obviously intelligent, would actually want to donate to. That’s pretty rich haha.

    God bless Mitt Romney: after his debate he’s turned politics for me from despair into an endless source of entertainment and amusement. This is great haha.

          1. I’m sorry to hear Lizzy.

            Obamacare was the worst thing that could have been imposed on the economy and the American people, but Obama and the democrats only cared about having universal health care on their historical resumes. It was never designed to help Americans but to further empower government. It’s tyrannical as well as a huge wet blanket on the economy, as you know.

          2. Yes, several people. They did a good analysis of it over at NoQuarter. The bill turns out to have $87 million in new taxes, or is it billion..never can remember. Obamacare is the biggest tax bill ever foisted on the American public. Guess it is billions…sigh.

      1. Fair enough, but I haven’t heard a good idea from these Keystone Kops since they assumed power. Unless Obama keeps his promise of making the oceans recede and having cranes dot the sky it looks like he’ll be riding a unicorn back to Chicago. Community organizer as Messiah lol, yeah right.

  4. I had to check my email after reading your posting … & sure enough … there it was …. I do like the idea of telling them I used my untraceable debit card …
    think after posting this I’ll go donate to Romney ….

  5. “if we’ve got this wrong, I apologize…” should be if we’ve gotten this wrong, I apologize…
    Proof that someone in this Administration/campaign/gang has the capacity to at least admit they could be wrong is actually refreshing.

  6. I got the same e-mail. Some woman I never heard of is telling ME to “listen up”?
    The only two people who had the right to tell me to “listen up” have passed from this earth and I truly resent this kind of tactic.

    The “apology” is presumptious and assumes that somehow I have been ajudged of doing something wrong and needed to be chastised.

  7. I just got your “Obamagram”, Keith, and didn’t read closely at first, thought it was actually coming from the Obama campaign and was about to tell you to piss off. Instead, I say keep up the good work.

  8. Just received a request for money from James Carville in the mail. Wrote on the donation form after checking box marked other: ROMNEY/RYAN 2012.
    Then sent it back in the postage-paid envelope.

  9. I sent in an index card with two pennies taped to it, included a note “in case you’re interested.” I haven’t heard anything back.

    In case you get that dirtbag email, we’ll flood your site with thank-yous!

  10. I got one too… I got one too. Well these hippy-crits are sooo smart they know I’ve not provided them one dime but they are too stupid to have noticed any of my replies or they would have taken me off the distribution long ago.

  11. wow. I can’t imagine that even an Obama supporter would be very happy to get this sort of email, especially with the financial contributions all totted up for you…feels a little creepy actually.

    1. ever since the lottery nonsense people have felt the creepy

      Cant wait till the debate tomorrow-I think a good Ryan performance will definitely help close the deal

      Substance over style is good. telling people we wont touch your wallet or lives?

    1. After receiving the same strong-arm demand for $$$, I quickly replied with photo copies of my contributions to the Romney campaign. Still waiting for a knock on the door from Eric Holder.

  12. listen up?


    please let class win over tacky-that is so embarrassing@

    between this and bigbird the obama campaign should be ashamed of themselves

    pa fricking thetic

  13. So how did you get on their mailing list to begin with? I somehow got on their calling list. They call me every day, and I keep giving them excuses why I cannot help right now, but tell them to call me back. I figure the more time they waste with me, the less time they have to corrupt some innocent soul.

  14. Yeah, I have those emails go to my spam folder now…sometimes I read them others times I just delete…depends on my mood.

    I’m also getting them from Michelle ick…

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