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Obama Was Guest at VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding

Wanted to make sure you were aware of this. It’s sitting at the top of the Drudge Report, so some of you may have seen it.

From The Daily Caller.

President Barack Obama was a guest at the 1991 wedding of ABC senior foreign correspondent and vice presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz, The Daily Caller has learned. Obama and groom Julius Genachowski, whom Obama would later tap to head the Federal Communications Commission, were Harvard Law School classmates at the time and members of the Harvard Law Review.

The mainstream media is rallying to Raddatz, one of its icons, noting that the wedding was 20 years ago, that Obama was a guest of the groom, and that Raddatz and Genachowski are divorced.

Well. Let’s imagine the moderator was a Fox News reporter who had hosted Mitt Romney as a guest at his weeding. UPROAR: Conservatives in Cahoots.

What’s more, Obama clearly remains in touch with Genachowski, and Genachowski and Raddatz probably have some type of relationship because they had a son together.

Raddatz’s employer, ABC News is dismissing the controversy and allegedly pulled the dirtiest trick journalists can be on the receiving end of. According to The Daily Caller, ABC leaked a response to other outlets when contacted for comment by The Daily Caller, ensuring others beat the publication to its own scoop.

22 Responses to Obama Was Guest at VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding

  1. Another example of how the MSM is in cahoots and in the tank for obama. Free speech is real jeporady and another data point on why we should get rid of this administration as soon as possible.

  2. Oh–it’s all about this now, I guess. Didn’t Gwen Ifill write a book about how great Obama is–and she still moderated something. What does being divorced have to do with it? Did the divorce give them amnesia? They would love this guy anyway…most of the press does.

  3. It would be refreshing if just once a republican would get a fair shot from the manistream media in interviews, debates or coverage. Lets see, Martha worked for NPR and she will be interviewing someone who has promised to cut NPR’s budget mmmmm

  4. I’m not worried. MsRaddatz is going to be walking on the edge of a sword in her role as moderator. The audience/voters will be watching her as closely as they will the candidates and she better come across as non-partisan or MrObama will be the one who will be hurt.

    The topics covered in this debate will have been approved by both candidates so we can assume that questions about tax returns and college transcripts won’t be on the agenda.

    • . . .”we can assume that questions about tax returns and college transcripts won’t be on the agenda.”

      Too bad, wish they could address Joe’s plagiarist past!

  5. The word “INCESTUOUS” immediately comes to mind for the far-left-wing-LSM and far-left-wing-politicians. Thank G-d for the internet and, specifically conservative news and blogs, or we’d have no idea how disgustingly lowlife filthy the left really is.

    • Guys, At the end of the day we are all Americans (or even humans, for that matter). Let’s bring civility back to Washington and maybe even start socializing with each other. It’s not that bad an idea, seriously. You can differ from somebody’s politics but don’t get furious if they socialize.

  6. I’m actually more ticked off at the GOP for agreeing to these moderators. . .are we to believe that they didn’t know about this BHO/Raddatz/Genachowski connection BEFORE they agreed to the terms of the debates–what a bunch of lame brains.

    Also, we saw that for the next presidential debate, the town hall format/audience is being set up by Gallup. . .how non-partisan is that going to be in light of the fact that Gallup is being sued by the DOJ?

  7. It would be appropriate for her to acknowledge, like those people on the financial channels do when discussing stocks they own, by using the term ‘full disclosure” when she’s introduced.

  8. The ex-husband was an Obama bundler, worked for the Obama transition team and was appointed by Obama to head the FCC.

    Yeah, they vaguely knew each other years ago. And Bill Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood.

  9. Seriously, have you ever dealt with two divorcees? For all we know Martha may have a chip on her shoulder about Obama being a friend of her ex.

    Guys.. take a break and stop picking on straws.

  10. Do the Republicans have ANY say in the matter of moderator?
    Why are republicans allowing the rabid media to moderate these debates?
    How about Hannity, Linbaugh, or Glenn Beck as moderators?
    Now THAT would be something to watch!
    If Raddatz had even a shred of principle or decency, she should have recused herself. Her performance as moderator was as painful to watch as buffoon Biden’s.
    This debate was a farce.