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Obama Campaign Sends “Urgent” Message for Funds

In a message that appears to reflect both the dwindling time before Election Day and the rising post-debate prospects of Gov. Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign Tuesday sent out an “urgent” appeal to supporters for funds.

The message, titled “Yes, this is Urgent” and sent by Obama 2012 National Finance Director Rufus Gifford, is of a distinctly different tone from previous fundraising emails that gently prod supporters to donate. The new message, which may have been sent to those who have not yet given, is both pleading and a little harsh, instructing, “It’s time for you to step up.”

Giffords injects a little fear into the minds of supporters by suggesting the prospect of a Romney presidency, and then he adds:

The bottom line is that we’re running out of time to get our organization where it needs to be for the final push — and make-or-break budget decisions are coming up at the end of this week. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment, that time is now.

After smacking the readers around a little, Giffords ends on a more conciliatory note, writing, “Thanks. You’re great.”

In a bit of a bait and switch, the email asks for five dollars, but a link included in the message takes the reader to a page where the minimum listed donation is $15, though there is a space to fill in any amount you want.

25 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Sends “Urgent” Message for Funds”

  1. Good Keith, they sound desperate. And they should be. The Romney Juggernaut is rolling.
    Today I read something sensational that illustrates how deeply Obamainfiltrated the media really is. The moderator in the upcoming VPdebate, ABC journalist Martha Raddatz, had Obama as a wedding guest, reports The Daily Caller. And her groom attended Harvard Law school with Obama and later on Obama handed him a head position in a federal commission. And this was intended to be secret ? Considering how distorted the media is, just imagine how many more “journalists” there are out there, bought and kept by this White House.

  2. With all due respect to the most distinguished publisher of this fine electronic purveyance of knowledge, the real screw up was not the bait and switch it was that it went out in English instead of the Mandarin that could have been read by the campaign’s most recent supporters.
    Just sayin……

  3. While both candidates e-mail requests for donations, the Obama campaign always seems to have a desperate urgency that the Romney requests don’t show.

    There are so many campaign ads on TV now I’m looking forward to hearing about the “new, improved Tide” commercial for a change.

      1. QA, did Clinton give them the emails of those Chinese generals that donated to his campaign? Did Gore provide the Buddhist monks phone numbers? I’m sure no stone is to be left unturned…….

  4. The Obama-thon continues like the “begging season” at PBS.

    Almost a billion dollars and it’s not enough! The DNC manages the campaign like they’ve (mis)managed the country.

  5. Do you like the latest metaphor about how far down the road we are and can’t turn back–who says we are turning back, we are just jumping into a better, more powerful car with a better map.

  6. Am I the only one to wonder how a guy named Rufus came to be a national finance director? These people seem to appear out of thin air. Are they even real people?

  7. Why not stop the charade and put ‘Mama needs a new pair of shoes’ or she’s
    exhausted from sacrificin and recycling her sleeveless armor and needs a spa break?:-)

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  9. Dear Mr president candidate,
    4 years ago I send you the same request,I did the same with the other presidents.
    When will your Land of freedom will frre Mr Leonard Peltier Ameican Native from the Lakota nation,2 times sentences to life for something is has not doneDome retired retired FBI agents of this period told he was innocent.
    Please do your best,he has a cancer,he is old now more than 30 years in jail for nothing..
    I wish you the best

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