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Ryan Irked by Questions During Michigan Interview

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan was a little peeved by questions from a local Michigan TV reporter, whom he said was trying to “stuff words” in his mouth. The session had just been ended by Ryan aide Michael Steel.

Have a look:

According to Politico, the Ryan camp is saying it didn’t cut off a hostile line of questioning, claiming that the interview was terminated because it had gone over time.

Uhh, well, maybe.

20 Responses to Ryan Irked by Questions During Michigan Interview

  1. It was supposed to be an “interview”. The reporter turned it into an anti-Rommey rant. Ryan was well-advised to end it. He had nothing to gain by allowing her to continue to hammer him.

  2. See: previous post (Romney down by only three in Michigan) for explaination. The local (Flint) ABC reporter wasn’t asking questions but was interogatng Ryan. I’ll go out on a limb here and say the reporter is an Obama voter.

    • Ya think? I love the way Ryan is handling these libertard wolves in journalist clothing. He’s not taking any crap off them. And the same for Romney where possible. I wonder if Biden is taking Imodium these days.

    • Agree. It wasn’t Ryan. When I first read about this yesterday, I thought it was Ryan. Actually seeing the video allowed, me to see how it really occurred. Thank goodness his aide stopped it. The reporter was just warming up.

      • Let’s remember. Paul Ryan is not used to these kind of interviews. On the other hand, when Joe Biden doesn’t like an interview he calls the interviewer a dipwad or something to that effect.

  3. Ironic that a Detroit news outlet would try and make something out of gun control, a fav of the left, while Detroit’s own police department is handing out flyers telling people to enter Detroit at their own risk (

    Banning guns to stop violence is about as sensible as banning cars to stop drunk driving. Heinlein was right in his book “Beyond this Horizon,” when he wrote, “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

    Locally we have had three incidents were armed robbers have gone into local stores (one being a gun shop) and attempted to hold up the businesses. In all three cases the perpetrator was shot dead. This will either give would be robbers a moment to pause, or come out shooting first. Either way, a criminal is going to get a gun no matter what. I prefer having the opportunity to legally defend myself, rather than waiting for the police.

    • Agree.
      Like they say… “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”.

      I prefer the shotgun for home protection. The sound of the gun being racheted is a warning and a shotgun forgives those who don’t have their glasses on. I’ll hit something no matter what.

  4. The prissy, petulant presstitutes aren’t used to Republicans who stand their ground. These so-called journalists fawn at the feet of their anointed one asking him such poignant questions like ‘What’s you favorite pepper – red or green?’. Yet the Politicos are aghast when Paul Ryan voices dissatisfaction with some leftist gun control freak masquerading as a reporter who tries to put words in his mouth. Tell it like it is Paul Ryan.

  5. Another example of the MSM and Politico trying to make news out of the perceptions and opinions of the interviewer.
    MrRyan is responding to a question about crime and enforcing existing laws, and the interviewer asks about gun control.
    MrRyan responds to making inner cities a good place to live and the interviewer asks about tax cuts.
    MrRyan had every right to be “peeved”.

  6. The reporter wasn’t listening at all — he was having a conversation with himself, and didn’t merit Ryan’s attention. Ryan explicitly talked about the strength of civil society, and the reporter shot back a dumb statement about “tax cuts.”

    Civil society: still not a government agency.

  7. This was such a ridiculous hatchet-job in the works I bet even the mainstream media is ticked at thi! dimwit “”reporter””. What a dickweed.