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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10:45 am || Receives the President Daily Briefing
2:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton

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    • I think the State Department just threw the whole WhiteHouse administration under the bus this afternoon with their stunning admission that there was never a protest in Libya.

      One of the biggest losers here is Susan Rice who was either lied to by the WhiteHouse or was a willing participant in one of the biggest lies presented to the American public about our national security.
      MrObama and MrsClinton should hang their heads in shame for their remarks to the grieving families and the nation at the ceremony honoring those killed by the terrorist attack.
      They knew the truth within hours and did everything they could to hide what really happened for no other obvious reason than to keep the information from harming MrO’s re-election prospects.

  1. So, he’s back to the PDB again? I noticed after they were forced to put it on the schedule every day for a couple of weeks, that it had been ditched again lately in favor of traveling, campaigning, and sleeping in.

    By the way, we all know that BHO is nothing but a shameless predator the way he is constantly on college campuses. I recently read a transcript of Moochelle’s remarks from when she was at a college and she not only directed the kids to register and vote early, she helpfully pointed out the BHO campaign people walking around with clipboards. She told the students to find one of them and they’ll register them to vote.

    Well, today BHO carried it much further while at Ohio State University. Here are some of Mark Knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    “Hello Buckeyes,” shouts Pres Obama as he begins campaign rally at Ohio State Univ. Leads O-H-I-O chant.

    Pres Obama reminds supporters they only have til 9pm tonight to register to vote. ““No extensions, no excuses,” he says.

    Pres Obama tells Ohio rally his campaign has buses waiting to take supporters to register to vote. And they can vote early at the same time.

    Pres Obama tells supporters at OSU rally: “Do not delay. Go vote today.”

    Also, I read that today was the last day to register not just in OH, but also in PA, MI, FL, CO, and NM.

      • I am in NM and quite a buzz-kill for pollsters who ( consistantly I find ) seem to take for granted that I will say I am voting for the Bamster….NOT!! It actually shocks them speechless. Love it : )

        • I got a robo-call on my cell phone today (so much for the DO NOT CALL LIST) surveying for Obama. I hung up as soon as I heard Ob…. – I think they can take that as a firm NO.

        • Janna, a lot of Romney voters are saying that they’ve been lying to the pollsters and telling them they’re voting for Obummer. I kind of like how that messes them up. I would love noting more than for a big shocking landslide on November 6th.

          • I live in Virginia and have been getting bombarded with pollsters. I tell each and every one of them that I’m voting for O….I guess I’m in the margin of error! Looking forward to the Mitt landslide!!

      • Greta just did a story a few minutes ago about voter fraud in FLA. It seems that OFA volunteers are showing up in several HS cafeterias with their clipboards pretending that they are from the Election Board. They are registering HS seniors – a criminal offense. OFA responded by saying that it was only ONE volunteer and one school, and that person is no longer with OFA. Three people told similar stories.

        The two grifters have been preying on our kids on HS and College campuses for FOUR years! It is a criminal offense for a political candidate to hold registrations on school campuses – they must be prosecuted! This election is worse than Venezuela! Obama has amnetized over 2M illegals who will be voting. There are 18M young people who have reached voting age since the last election – Obama is registering as many as he can. Obama should be in handcuffs! We need to declare a national state of emergency.

        • I just saw it, Girly1. For years, I’ve been saying over and over again that they’ve been planning his e-election and committing fraud in preparation for it since January 2009.

          Please don’t even bring up Venezuela’s election. I was watching the updates at Drudge the other night and I saw how the exit polls looked like Chavez was losing. Then, it was declared that there were “lines” at polling places and they ordered some polls to stay open late. First, it was reported just an extra hour, then reports came in that it was unclear just how long they were extending voting. Yeah, maybe until they can get the result Chavez wants. There were reports and tweets, with photos, about tanks on the streets and also troops armed with AK47’s. Doing whatever it takes to “win”, I suppose.

  2. Unbelievable. Even Moochelle is getting in on the “don’t kill Big Bird” ridiculous bullcrap, (from Mark Knoller’s tweets):

    At campaign rally in Sterling, VA., First Lady Michelle Obama also targets Mitt Romney on budget cuts for PBS.

    “Cutting Sesame Street is no way to balance the budget,” says Mrs Obama, “shortchanging our kids is not how we tackle our deficit.”

    How insulting and offensive. With the state of this economy and the job situation, are these idiots really going to spend the next twenty-seven days scare mongering about Big Bird? They’re not dropping it, rather they’re doubling down and Obummer is just loving telling his scripted jokes about Big Bird, Elmo, even Oscar the Grouch at fundraisers and on the campaign trail. I saw a clip, and the doofus is even laughing at his own lame jokes. Yeah, keep yucking it up, moron.

    Jen Psaki, OBummer campaign traveling press secretary, says:

    “There’s been a strong grassroots outcry over the attacks on Big Bird. This is something that mothers across the country are alarmed about, and you know, we’re tapping into that,” Psaki told reporters aboard Air Force One on Wednesday…

    So, we’ve gone from the (phony) “war on women” to the (stupid and phony) “war on Sesame Street”? My gawd, November 6th, please get here already.

    • The minute Rommey uttered the words about PBS and Big Bird, it was inevitable that TOTUS was going to run with it. Same thing happened when he said he ‘likes to fire people”. It was so unnecessary. Why give Obama anything? I know it’s stupid, but so is half the country- the Obama supporters.

      • As obama said four years ago….if you haven’t got a record to run on make a big election about small things.. That’s all they’ve got.

    • During the first Bush (2) election – my husband was called for Jury duty in Detroit. As he was sitting, and waiting, he over-heard a group of women talking. Apparently, if Bush won he was going to take away the voting rights of black people.

      And, as a resident of Detroit, I was the recipient of one of those ACLU postcards with the images of hoses and dogs being used on peaceful black protesters – which was to be the fate of blacks under Bush.

      I thought we had saved it, but we misplaced it at some point.

  3. I just read an interesting article in American Spectator by Paul Kengor, “Old Smirkin´Joe”. Joe Biden showed his mean streak in a confirmation hearing were William Clark, a man with a good and honourable reputation, was so treated that he was made a laughing stock and lost the job. Biden set the traps in a very sly and deceitful manner. I presume that young Ryan is properly warned about this man and does not underestimate him. Biden sometimes looks and behaves like a fool but I don´t think that he is a fool, just extremely ruthless, without moral core. Obama looks and behaves like a fool and he is one as well, just extremely well protected.

    • I bet Ryan can handle him. Biden isn’t a fool, but he’s careless. He lets his mouth get ahead of him, and is used to the MSM and his handlers cleaning up his mess.

      Even the “oh, that Joe” attitude which is used by the media is an attempt to down-play what he says and does.

    • All Ryan has to do is to bait Biden ever so slightly, and Biden will not be able to contain himself. He will go into attack mode, and be shown to be the bitter clinger to power that he is.

      A number of years ago Biden attacked, verbally, a reporter asking him some question, Biden went off on how he, Biden, was one of the smartest men in the room, and had a higher IQ than the reporter. The man has a mean streak a mile long, and if Ryan can push his buttons, he will show Biden for the man he is. Petty, mean, and down right unable to be trusted. If Joe does pull one of his rants, all Ryan has to do is to smile and ask why Joe is getting so upset over a simple question or statement.

      I used to use that type of technique during “interviews” of subjects, and get them to go over the edge. It allows an opening to push for what is behind the facade, and get the truth. It is nearly 100 percent effective, and actually fun to do and watch. I actually got a guy so rattled during an “interview” that he literally crapped himself, maybe Ryan can do the same to Biden. Just depends. (Sorry for the pun)

  4. Just as Obama uses his phony smile to disarm folks (white folks)…..Biden uses his buffoonery to disguise his ruthless nature. Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he hired ‘Amtrak Joe’.