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Ann Romney to the Rescue

Some great reporting in Politico today by Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei showing how the Romney family – specifically Ann Romney and son Tagg Romney – have inserted themselves into the campaign to force its operatives to “let Mitt be Mitt.”

From the piece:

The family rebellion, long building despite Mitt Romney’s initial reluctance to change, reached a climax in September, amid mounting evidence that the status quo was doomed to failure. The course correction came after internal polls showed him losing nearly every swing state and a loud chorus of second-guessing among prominent conservatives.

At about the same time, top officials came to realize that they had become prisoners of the 24-hour news cycle, “preventing Mitt from painting a bigger picture of his presidency,” a Romney adviser said.

One result was Monday’s foreign policy speech at Virginia Military Institute. Aides are now considering following it up with a speech on jobs and the economy, and then one on debt and spending. Another one on energy has also been discussed. The economic speech is designed as a high-profile pushback to the Obama campaign’s attacks. One adviser, invoking the famous Bob Dole quote from 1988, said the gist will be: “Stop lying about my record.”

This explains what we’ve been seeing – a more confident, perspicacious, and compelling Romney, unafraid to give details about what he’s going to do as president.

It has interrupted the sorry strategy of focusing mainly on Obama’s failures. Sure, Romney needs to talk about this, but now he’s given voters a new home to come to as well.

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    • Yes, she is! And one formidable Lady. I would NEVER want her mad at me for besmirching her husband and family; Ann Romney knows how to defend herself and her family with grace and dignity. She is truly a LADY, which is something that can’t be said of Mooch-shell.

  1. Oh, I like that, Keith.
    Romney looks so victorious. It´s a pity that the wifes don´t have something similar to a debate. Just imagine, Michelle and Ann on the same stage…..

    • It’s not taking cues from Bob Dole. It’s just getting out in front of Obama’s last next great trick. From here on out, Obama is going to Chicago warfare politics, even more then he has been. He will try to make the case that Romney is a liar. You already seeing it. It’s the last weapon he really has. You need to not only be ready for it but you need to get out in front of it because we all know the majority of the press is still in Obama’s camp.

      Romney needs to cut Obama at the knees before he can make his case and then shove it back in his face that he is resorting to really personal attacks in order to save his presidency.

  2. He should give speeches like that every week from here until the election, one a week about the major issues of our times. Maybe even 2 as we get towards election day. Keep on the offensive and use yesterday’s templete as a model. Explain why Obama has failed in a polite but forceful manner (but don’t go on and on about it, everyone knows about Obama has been a disappointment – even some of his most steadfast supporters are privately admitting that they are in shock things are this bad 4 years after his election) and then give reasons why your going to be different and offer some (but not all) specifics that will help shape the narrative to why you should lead the nation instead of Barack.

    Another line I throw out on the campaign trail: Tell voters your willing to work with Democrats (like he did in Mass which he has not highlighted enough until the debate last week) without ANY pre-existing conditions. Obama came out after the DNC convention that be willing to work with Republicans, “as long as they are willing to raise taxes”. Shove that line right back in his face explaining that your willing to sit with Democrats with no sitting conditions like that. Unlike Obama, you are willing to work within our governing system and only see Democrats as your political adversaries who at the end of the day are your fellow countrymen. Finish with, “I will leave meeting with pre-existing conditions to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, not my fellow countrymen”. Shove another line down Obama’s throat.

  3. Whatever Ann and the boys are doing – it’s working. Romney is finally taking the offensive – no more Mr. Nice Guy on the battlefield. Why, he even rendered Mr. Obama speechless!

    The only suggestion I have for Mr.Romney is to be a little looser on the campaign trail. Don’t rush through the rope lines so fast – stop an extra few seconds when shaking hands and don’t look away toward the next person in the line until you say a few words to the person you are shaking hands with. Make each person feel like they are special. Take your time.

  4. Up until the very hour before the big debate, the narrative was that MrObama would win the election or that MrRomney was losing. No matter that the many polls showed the two candidates within a few points of each other or a virtual tie. If the Romney camp believed that their cause was lost, then they made the right choice to make changes to the thrust of the campaign. That’s what political strategy meetings are for; to indentify the problem and then fix it. MrR already had the anti-Obama vote, the pro-Republican vote and that brought him halfway to the goal. By changing the direction or showing his policial expertise in important fields, he had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Good for MrsRomney and the family for encouraging MrR to “be himself”.

    What is surprising is that the Obama campaign didn’t ajust their path when it seemed that no amount of negative ads or support from the MSM could move the polls to a decisive positive. Then came the debate and the assumption that MrO would “win” if only because his supporters said so. There was no indication that the audience for the debate would be any more than the convention’s numbers, if that, MrR’s stellar performance, MrO’s meltdown and 80 million viewers should have flipped the Obama campaign into a new direction, but it didn’t.