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Romney: Here’s my Foreign Policy. Like It

Gov. Mitt Romney today cut through some of the haziness that had enveloped his foreign policy plans, touting his ACTUAL SPECIFIC PLANS to replace the emptiness of earlier, gauzy platitudes.

It’s the latest example of a new Romney strategy that has given a sense of direction to his campaign and probably helped bump up his poll numbers. On domestic policy too, particularly in last Wednesday’s debate, Romney has also more clearly spotlighted the steps he would take as president.

Yes, it’s all truly groundbreaking. The Romney campaign has decided to respect voters enough to actually give them a choice, and not just smack President Obama around.

Romney is finally succeeding in setting himself apart from Obama and giving voters a sense of something to look forward to with a Romney presidency.

Romney, who spoke at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, ranged across of host of issues and had a Romney Plan for most of them. Here’s a sample:

Iran: Tighten sanctions, perhaps institute some new ones, and show we mean business on the military option by reviving the clarity of our commitment to Israel and returning aircraft carrier task forces to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf.

Syria: Increase the flow of arms to the rebels.

Afghanistan: Here, Romney’s words have to be read very carefully. It appears he would junk Obama’s policy of a definitive exit of American troops by the end of 2014. Instead, he would “pursue” a “transition” of the job to Afghan forces by the end of 2014, not ruling out the maintenance of an American presence. And instead of a nonnegotiable exit, Romney would “evaluate conditions on the ground and weigh the best advice of our military commanders.”

Defense: Reverse cuts made by Obama and rebuild the Navy.

Egypt: Put clear conditions on aid rather than allowing an open-ended commitment.

Middle East Peace: Revive negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Moreover, Romney would unabashedly move to restore U.S. international leadership, saying our allies crave it and the world needs it. He sent a very clear signal that though unilateralism of George W. Bush might not be revived, the days of deference to international organizations and the ideologies and goals of others would be over.

The battle lines are clear. And the foreign policy debate Romney and Obama will stage Oct. 16 in Hempstead, New York will be FUN, not a blather of generalities.

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  1. I enjoyed watching and listening to a “real” Presidential speech. Whereas all Obama’s been doing is attacking Romney and saying goobledegook like ” I need four more years to clean up Bush’s mess”…. that I made worse.

  2. Even as a semi old lady,I crave a parent to be in charge.I am finally feeling that from Romney. After almost 4 years of having a manchild in office,its refreshing to have someone in charge!
    Thank you for emphasizing that Romney was specific. What is Obama’s foreign policy anyway? This puts him on the defensive to spell it out in the debate. You can only go so far on the “I killed Bin Laden” track.

    • I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, I killed Bin Laden, ………………….

      See, it’s easy. He’ll keep doing as long as noone rips the words off the teleprompter!!

  3. Did Romney dare say anything about Communist China…? (re: US-China economic issues, PLA build-up, China-Japan tensions & China’s territorial disputes in SE Asia?)

  4. Solid, well delivered. Romney has a plan – a detailed plan.

    Obama has three talking points: “I said I would end the war in Iraq and I did.” I promised to bring the troops home from Afghanistan, and I am.” “OBL is dead; and Al Qaeda is on the run”.

    The only problem with this is that he is wrong on all 3 counts. George Bush negotiated the Iraq troop withdrawal, not Obama. Obama managed to screw it up by not leaving residual forces. Afghanistan is a mess – worse since Obama took charge and waved the white flag 3 years ago. OBL is dead but Al Qaeda is alive and well…and making a comeback.

    Obama might about resigning before the debate next week.

  5. Proposed Romney Cabinet:

    SoS: Condi Rice
    SecDef: Allen West
    D/CIA: Petraeus
    Treasury: Herman Cain
    DOJ: Pawlenty
    Interior: Palin – just to piss off the libs
    DHS: Rick Perry
    Commerce: Gary Johnson
    DOEnergy – GONE – merged with Interior
    DOT – GONE Merged with Commerce
    DOLabor – GONE Merged with Commerce
    DOA – GONE Merged with Interior
    HHS: Bill Frist
    Housing and Urban Devel.: Larry the Cable Guy, he can’t do any worse than what we’ve had

    Romney needs to draw a red line for Iran that is not just sanctions, but, and I hate to say it, drawn in blood. Back the opposition to the current Iranian government, and use back channel sources to supply them with the arms and whatever to topple the regime.

    As to Egypt, Libya, and all the other Middle East Muslim countries, it’s real simple, you sponsor or have “Death to America” marches, as they used to say on Seinfeld, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

    The Palestinians can either accept Israel’s right to exist, and they live in harmony with Israel, or we, the US, will help Israel in blockading anything coming in.

    China – knock off the BS or face trade sanctions that will drive the cost of your goods through the roof. This would force American companies that relocated to China to find other locations, or give them incentives to move back.

    Russia – You got your own problems with radical Islamist, how about we work together to stop the BS, and you stay out of Eastern Europe and its policies and treaties.

    The EU – The marriage didn’t work, it’s time for a divorce. Go back to what was, but with trade agreements that work for everyone.

    Military – rebuild the gutting that has been done, and supply our troops with the best equipment, and all of it that they need. Change the ROE so that our guys can shoot first and ask questions later. And no kow-towing to some other government and hanging our guys out to dry if there are mistakes made. That shit happens! If we didn’t have to be there to help you get you country together and under control, you wouldn’t have to worry if our guys made a mistake. Oh, and BTW, there is no such thing as a “Peace Dividend.”

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

    • Put Judd Gregg at SOT. That will pi$$ of the Dems since he turned down Obama but he sailed through the vent process (how the liberals particularly in media going to shoot down a guy that Obama wanted as SOT), but understands how important is to protect our dollar.

      As for Romney’s speech, it was very solid IMO but he needs to keep beating on two points:

      1. Libya. He gave Obama a month to get us some answers and a course of action (I actually would told Romney to hold off on his attack line until now and not given a response speech on Sept 12) but all we gotten is lies, deception, blame of others and more questions. Hammer away at Libya to you go blue in the face arguing not only was a massive drop of the ball in national security by the Obama administration but it also is the ultimate example of how Obama’s foreign policy has not worked to go along with the administration of “Hope, change and transpiracy” is caught in a web of lies and stalling that is so awful, even the New York Times is running articles about how bad it is.
      2. Foreign aid: Keep pressuring Obama on why countries like Egypt and especially Pakistan, get our precious dollars with absolutely zero strings attached no matter what. Make the argument that our generiousity with these nations is a 2-way street and under Obama, these countries have abused our generiousity to the point they are now spitting in our face.

      And if I were advising Mitt, I implore him to make the deficit and the US dollar an argument about national security. A country must protect itself not only military but economically as well. The quack from Texas (Ross Perot) was so right. We are totally vulnerable to a economic takeover it’s frightening. Explain in the last 2 debates and on the trail that fixing the deficit and protecting the US dollar has to be part of our national security plan, it’s that vital. Ditto for energy policy. It’s not an economic thesis like Obama makes it out to seem, it’s just as important as protecting ourselves from attacks from terrorists.

      Mitt needs to hammer those 3 points home IMO. If does that, he will keep the MO on his side and have a good shot come November.

    • Good list Shofar, I trust Romney to pick competent people and NOT YES MEN :)

      Also, DHS needs to go and return FEMA to a cabinet position that reports directly to the President. We have so many redundant Departments with too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

      Don’t get me started on the Obama Czars ….. ;)

      Trouble is, too many government employees will vote for Obama if they think they’ll lose their jobs. Can’t make this all known til after election day !

    • Good list shofar. But why combining and not more cutting? DoEd is an easy one yet it still lives on. If I recall Reagan ran on getting rid of the DoEd and couldn’t do it. Not meaning to be disagreeable but the only way to starve the beast is to kill the food supply or dramatic changes to the tax code.

    • i think that if obama does as bad next week in the town hall debate as he did in last weeks debate, he’ll cancel the final (foriegn policy) debate. he’ll come up with some totally off the wall excuse because he will know he’s toast!!

  6. “And the foreign policy debate Romney and Obama will stage Oct. 16 in Hempstead, New York will be FUN, not a blather of generalities.”

    I wouldn’t say that. I think Obama will still offer nothing but generalities. Perhaps the debate will only be half full of generalities.

  7. Romney is smart. Early on people were pressing him to get specific, to “get down in the weeds” in the latest buzz talk. But he has a good sense of timing: he knew that if he got too specific too early, the Democrats would try to pick him apart, fairly or unfairly. Now is the time for him “to get down in the weeds” with larger audiences, and he is doing just that.

  8. Go Romney/Ryan. I believe he has dangled specifics all along – you had to liste instead of getting yourself tied into knots. He obviously knows more than all the pundits. Everyone was in a dither because they wanted him to be firmer, more aggressive. I still say the high road wins. The man has gotten his groove – I always believed in him but for the naysayers who just couldn’t be patient – he’s the adult in the room. I’ve been waiting for an adult – I hope and yes pray that the electorate is there too!

  9. As a Canadian, I don’t have a vote. But as someone who cares very much about the USA and the state of our world, I would surely vote for Mr. Romney if I could.

    • Come on down, get together with a Democrat voter registration group and VIOLA, your one of us!!! Don’t worry, our Attorney General says its OK!!

  10. What un ilaterlism of George Bush? The times he went to the UN and NATO before taking any military action? The times he got dozens of nations to participate in military strikes?

    Maybe you’re thinking of the way Obama simply sent our troops to attack Libya without even bothering to talk to the UN or congress.

    I swear to God I’m tired of otherwise intelligent people just aping the leftist party line.

  11. Romney’s foreign policy compared to BHO’s internal foreign policy in a nutshell:

    In 2011, Mr. Roche obtained one of the most sought-after pieces of real estate in Washington, DC: a seat at the head table for President Obama’s State Dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao. How Roche—a man whose infomercial company hawks fitness equipment, cell phones, and breast enhancement products—landed a seat alongside Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Sen. John Kerry, former President Jimmy Carter, and Chinese President Hu Jintao remains unclear.
    Since 2009, White House Visitor Logs list the name Robert Roche at least 19 times, despite the fact Mr. Roche’s primary residence is in China.
    Mr. Roche, who is originally from Chicago, is a co-chair of the Technology Initiative for the Obama campaign.

    • Mr. Roche sounds like a ‘made man’ to me. He sells breast enhancement products made in China and he’s sitting next to Hillary? That is hilarious! Wonder if he tried to hawk some of his products to her…

  12. After reading and watching the quagmire that is slowly enveloping Syria and the ever increasing number of factions against Assad, if I were advising Romney I would not give arms to these people. I’m in full support with Romney having America take a leading role but Syria is not one place to start that policy.

    If you thought the blow back in Libya was bad Syria will be ten times as worse. The Turks know this as Assad is just edging Erdogan to attack hoping the rebels see that as an a front to their homeland and join the regime to repeal the invaders. However Turkey still has a matter with the Kurds. There are no happy endings here just a significant amount of bloodshed.

  13. OT. Mark Levin just played this video and it brought tears to my eyes. These children and their future are why we must get everyone we know to get out and vote to preserve our constitution. It is our duty and responsibility to leave them the same free and prosperous nation we have enjoyed in our lifetimes. This video should be made into an ad…

  14. Listened to this on the way home tonight. Good speech content and with good tone and tenor. I’m starting to wonder if the Romney strategy might have been to keep their powder dry. This speech so soon after the debate is keeping team Obama off balance. And if he can continue to provide major policy releases not only will it keep Obama on defense but also it doesn’t give them time to respond with anything substantial. Today’s speech was a “double” and all team Obama could muster was another tired comparison to Bush.

    • You’re right about the timing and that Romney seems to have a plan to keep team O off balance. I heard on Fox today that Romney plans on giving a speech economic issues next week.

      Last week at the debate everyone got to see Romney looking and sounding presidential, while Obummer was the unprepared, rambling, lost loser without his trusty teleprompter. With today’s speech, a speech next week, and the two upcoming debates, Romney will be out there looking presidential to all while Obummer is delivering his nasty, snarky lines someone wrote and loaded into his prompter. The contrast couldn’t be more obvious.