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Obama Schedule || Monday, October 8, 2012

President Obama today will travel to Keene, California where he will tour and announce the establishment of the César E. Chávez National Monument.

Obama will then depart for San Francisco for a busy day of fundraising and campaigning. After a fundraising event at the InterContinental San Francisco, Obama will deliver remarks at two campaign events at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

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  1. when we see all the blank hours in bo’s schedule, is that when he’s
    meeting with the muslim brotherhood? why isn’t that included for
    the public to see? good to know how bo is keeping busy these days.

    • It’s not just cities. My state of WV is another example of decades of Democrat rule, resulting in: The very least participation in the labor force of all states, 50th in economic confidence, 49th in income – both per capita and household, next-to-last in providing a business-friendly environment. Oh, and we are No. 3 on a list of the nation’s Judicial Hellholes. There have been more deaths than births here… every year… for over a decade. So it’s not surprising that on average, two people leave the state… every hour of every day.

      Wish us luck on Nov. 6th.

  2. MrChavez was a brave man who took on the agriculture community to gain better working conditions for migrants. He won some wars but lost the battle when a illegal aliens flooded our economy offering to work for less money and no benefits or job security.

    Whether or not he deserves a National monument is debatable. There are others who soldiered on for the betterment of one group or another such as Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedman who changed our perceptions of working women, or even some of the better known men such as Jimmy Hoffa or John L. Lewis who fought for a special group of workers rights

    • Ironically, Chavez’s famed slogan was, “Sí, se puede”. Sound familiar? It has been chanted at many of the Obama stops in the Latino community.

      IF Obama truly cared for Latinos in America, he would work to bring about true immigration reform, one that would bring them out from under the slave labor that many unscrupulous employer engage in. The best way to protect the illegal worker from being abused is to protect the border. Build the fence, and then establish immigration centers along the border like they had at Ellis Island. Have people come through legally, get SS cards and ID, and truly be helped.

      This “Dream Act” is nothing more than a pander for votes, and many of the Latinos that I know, and it is quite a few – both legal and illegal – want the protection of legal immigration, but the process is so overwhelming, and cumbersome that it is easier to slip in and hide in the shadows for a life time, rather than wait a life to be allowed in.

  3. Translation for the Obamabots lurking:
    Fear not oh faithful ones, that “civic auditorium” is not named for one “Billy Graham”, a humble and God fearing man with ethics and morals. It is instead named after a rock n roll promoter so there’s absolutely no worries that Obama might be mixing government and religion by utilizing the auditorium for yet another cash haul for socialism.

    • Had to laugh when reading about his grifting at The InterContinental. Reminds me of the empty chair’s repeated claim that President Lincoln built the “intercontinental railroad”…

        • On my calendar it says Discoverers Day–is this new? No mail today? Hey–this was good–I had a letter kicked back to me the other day because–they had a label for this–“two stamps were touching.” New one on me.

          • Star – thanks for pointing out your calendar’s new holiday. I’d be curious to know who/what did the printing. Found this online a few minutes ago.

            This holiday is controversial because the European settlement in the Americas led to the demise of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples.


      • I’m a Navy wife of 20 years. I don’t recall any active duty Navy member on operational duty getting the day off b/c it’s a holiday. Ask our troops who are defending our freedoms selflessly right now in Afghanistan if they get the day off. I have no sympathy for bho….he is waste of space, resources, energy, and time, and is disgraceful to our military / foreign service.

        • So true, Noma. We can never forget about the brave men and women protecting our freedom and liberty in that desert hellhole with no support or consideration from their commander in chief. Please pass my thanks to your husband for his service to America. The least we at home can do for them is to toss this worthless empty chair out of office on election day.

  4. Jenna Lee just had a face-off between an Obama supporter and a Romney supporter.
    The Obama person talked over and drowned out the other man the entire time.
    Do you believe this? He said that back in the summer when Romney “had to rest” Obama was working nineteen hours a day. I do not believe that at all.

    • Fund raising is hard work, Anne……Oh wait, did you mean “work” as in duties of the President? Meeting with your Jobs Council, ordering security for at risk embassies, stuff like that?

    • Obama has been in office for almost four years. In that time, he has yet to work an 8 hour day or a 40 hour week. He has spent most of his time flying around on AF-1 giving speeches and doing fundraisers. Work is not something Obama is intimately familiar with.

    • KmB – Thanks for the link. Lara Logan pairs well with all the other intel about Libya to our own “spooks” screaming bloody murder.

    • Scary stuff indeed, KmB. Of course, the networks are all carrying Logan’s dire warnings. If anyone knows the true story of the ME, it’s Lara Logan – a vicim of radical Islamic violence herself. Obama is whistling past the graveyard on his whirlwind campaign tour – praying that he can make it through another 29 days before another Benghazi-style attack occurs on his watch. He killed OBL – what more could we ask for? Hail to the Chief!

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