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Obama Raised $181 Million in September

A massive, nonstop fundraising campaign by President Obama paid dividends last month, as the president raised a stunning $181 million for his campaign and the Democratic Party.

Obama’s take in September leaves him close to $950 million, meaning his campaign may actually succeed at getting to the $1 billion fundraising mark it had hoped to reach at the outset of the campaign.

Obama has been fundraising constantly, emptying wallets across the nation as he strives desperately to keep pace with a grinding Romney fundraising machine and the hugely successful Republican Super Pacs. Still, the amount raised is shy of the $193 million Obama raised in September 2008 during the height of Obama Fever.

31 thoughts on “Obama Raised $181 Million in September”

  1. This means he can afford to repay the annual $450K salary that he has not earned due to four years of non-performance. In fact, he should pay taxes on the $950M – campaigning is his full time occupation.

  2. Since trust is off the table, any scheme is a potential fund raised for Obama. I wonder if a WIC card can be used to dontate? I wonder how many people receiving govt aid have donated to Obama? We know the unions launder money for the DNC. It might be time to start requiring tracking all donations not just amounts over $200. It may be free speech but it doesn’t have to be anonymous. How I vote is anonymous but if I voted is a matter of public record. Should be the same here.

  3. Fundraising and hair-raising. I had previously read that the Obama campaign in 2008 turned off the CCV – Is it still happening?

    “Today I went to the Obama donation site. Step 1 was how much I was donating. Step 2 asked for name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. Step 3 moves to the page shown below, with one step left – I didn’t go there. I have no way to know if AVS (Address Verification System (allows verifying that the billing address for the credit card is the same as entered on the donation form) is turned off, but the CCV, the three digit number on the back of the card (maybe 4 digit as well) is not asked for on Obama’s site. The CCV verifies that the number matches the card, with the assumption that if it does, the card holder has the card in his/her hand. Obama doesn’t have the CCV unless it is asked for in the last step, after giving the credit card number. Maybe it does, but usually the card number and the CCV are together.”

    1. This way (without the CCV being required), Mickey & Minnie, with their pals Cinderella, Snow White, the seven dwarfs, & every other cartoon character (and no, I was not going to add Joey B’s name to the list!) are able to participate in the election without having to go via the normal, legal paths.

        1. Good grief. Far if get. Oh my. Fat fingers. Short of making a donation I thought the fed elect committee didn’t require any tracking for under $200. I don’t know if the credit cards are geographically coded but did think eCommerce would track where the “order” originates from. In other word it could be anyone from anywhere but it could also be tracked. I don’t think Obama site does this. Perhaps one of the regulars can illuminate further?

          1. I’ve donated to Republican candidates by credit card many times and can tell you every single one of them required the CCV number. It is fraud protection. These crooks turned off the security so the fraud they are committing can’t be traced back to president Kardashian’s foreign donations. Remember he is a one world government kinda guy.

  4. This amount to pay for his reelection is beyond me. The man has been in campaign mode or taking some type of vacation since his election. If elected then he’ll be playing golf most of the time and part time at the White House.

    1. You guys don’t get it. The little clause in the campaign reform laws that says that Obama can keep the interest generated by his campaign fund is what he is interested in. He knows he isn’t going to win, but if you figure the interest on the campaign fund, you will find that he will retire a very rich man, all on his donors’ dimes. The more he raises, the more interest he can take home with him at the end of the day. So he is ratcheting up his retirement fund more than he is actually campaigning for office, or doing anything that might make people want to re-elect him. Remember, this is the laziest president in history. He has yet to work an 8 hour day or a 40 hr. week in this job. With the accumulated interest, and you know he has a sweetheart deal for a high interest account for his fund, he will be able to retire to his $35 million dollar house in Hawaii. It’s all about Obama, just like it’s always been.

    1. Can’t wait to see how this story breaks. Its kinda like the scandal of the week lately with this guy and his minions. If only the MSM would report it.

  5. As I posted once before, Obama or the DNC owes $15 million on the convention, probably to vendors who will never get their money back a la Hillary Clinton’s 2008 primary, and he is supposed to have borrowed heavily from the SEIU. I wonder if that is included in his take for September?

  6. Call me a cynic, but it’s my belief that the only reason the hot-shot campaigner is working so hard is to fund his own lifetime pension. Everything is about HIM – at all times. I suspect all of his relatives – MO, Granny, kids, half-sister, brother-in-law, MO’s relatives, Valerie Jarrett, etc. etc….are all on the payroll. We’ll never know the truth about the big pay-off to Obama & Co. – who’s going to blow the whistle? He’s going to leave us, the taxpayers, with a multi-billion $$$ tab after all is said and done. For this, he should be prosecuted!!!

    1. Nope, you are correct. Let me know if you ever hear the Big Zero mentions the term “morals”, okay. He has none so it will never be uttered from his forked tongue.

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