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Quote of the Day || October 4, 2012

“Excuse me, that man over there is contradicting me. Please tell him who I am.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

16 Responses to Quote of the Day || October 4, 2012

  1. Kudos. You have precisely captured MrO’s demeanor tonight.

    Someone (sorry, I read so many opinions that I don’t remember who or where) wrote that MrO “feeds” off of the audience’s reactions to his words and tonight he didn’t have that lift to help him. There might be some truth to that theory as he is used to friendly crowds where no one contradicts or questions anything he says.

  2. Even the morningradio over here is reporting on the event as a great Romney win.
    I feel elated this morning. Finally the world could see these two men together on equal terms. Finally Obama had to manage without Teleprompter, supportive media, selected audience. And finally people could estimate Romneys qualities without interfering negative journalism.
    The emperor was truly naked. And Mitt Romney truly shined.
    And Keith, that quote must be true. I am certain he really said that.

    • Ha what a great night ..confirmed by a few of my favorite commenters.
      Just the first words out of that mouth regarding HIM was all it took.

      • Let’s also give Jim Lehrer some kudos too. This was an excellent debate. Lehrer let them speak, let them discuss and clarify.
        I’m guessing that he decided to make the debate about each candidate voicing their differences and giving the voter/viewer a clear cut distinction of the two.

        Anyone who watched it saw a clear difference on every subject. And that should make it easier to anyone (undecided or on the fence) to pick their candidate.

        • That’s a good point, Scottso. Lehrers’s being criticized for being to passive. But he let them speak. Was there even a moderator at the Lincoln-Douglas debates? If so, I doubt he tried to limit statement to two minutes.

          • The purpose of these debates is to allow the participants to identify why they are the best (or why the other guy is ‘no good’).
            Lehrer did that.

            He didn’t worry about being in the 15 minute category because the conversation was interesting, illuminating and strong.

            The other thing Lehrer would say is, “So this is a clear difference on this?”

            What else do you want from a debate? rhetorically speaking.

  3. Well I bet this was a happy happy anniversary for the Obama’s. Can’t you just
    hear Michelle yelling at him later cause she’s not ready to give up all her free good times! We are happy today:-)

  4. One shining performance in a debate will not a President make, but Mitt finally showed what he’s made of and will no doubt surge in the polls. Even the CNN talking heads (except for Van Jones) had to admit Romney stood head and shoulders above Barry last night.

  5. Love the quote. My friend, who admits herself she doesn’t know the first thing about politics, said to me last night that if she would vote today, she would vote for Romney. There’s hope! She voted in 2008 for Obama (didn’t watch the debates last time – or anything else for that matter – but did her “patriotic duty” and voted just the same) She watched the debates this time around – more people are paying attention now.

  6. You left out the first few items on Obama’s Thursday schedule.

    07:00 am MT Receive verbal lashing from handlers.
    08:30 am MT Lick wounds from last night’s beatdown.

    • Looks like you need to lick your wounds. It’s hard to admit defeat when it hits you right on the head, isn’t it?
      Sorry, but your comment only shows your lack of intelligence, or a very committed Obama supporter. Doesn’t matter what he does, your that type of person that just can’t think for herself……..or if you are a “he”……….same thing.
      My apologies to your ignorance.