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Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes

Obviously bitter about President Obama’s losing performance in Wednesday night’s debate, senior White House political adviser David Plouffe today repeatedly called Gov. Mitt Romney a liar.

I’ve never heard so much whining and or seen such unprofessional bad form from a top presidential campaign official. And the bar for that sort of stuff is pretty low.

There must be some real nervousness in the Obama camp, because they’re now simply flinging epithets. It’s thoroughly undignified, though not terribly surprising coming out of this White House .

Plouffe spoke to reporters today aboard Air Force One. From the pool report:

“The remarkable thing was that the centerpiece of his campaign, and of his economic strategy, he tried to pretend didn’t exist last night.”

Plouffe said that was evidence of Romney’s “dishonesty.”

“One of things we’re going to have to adjust to is that dishonesty,” he said.

“It’s hard to remember a time in American politics where you had someone who’s a major nominee for the presidency, being that fundamentally dishonest toward parts of his campaign platform.”

Plouffe repeated his sense of amazement that Romney said he didn’t have $5 trillion tax cut . . .

“Romney’s performance was one that’s probably unprecedented in its dishonesty,” he said . . .

“We are obviously going  to have to adjust for the fact of Mitt Romney’s dishonesty.”

Plouffe called Romney’s performance “theatrically aggressive” but then contradicted himself, saying, “We expected an aggressive Mitt Romney. That’s who he is.”

Awww, Mitt is one of those aggressive types, is he? Not what you want in a president, I guess.

“He performed better than people expected,” said Plouffe, “because recent history would suggest he might start off by insulting half the country.”

Snippy. Apparently the captain of Air Obama isn’t used to a little flight turbulence.

Plouffe, just prepare your guy better next time and stop insulting yourself by calling the GOP presidential nominee a liar.

 The Romney campaign should be encouraged that the Obama people seem so rattled. They may start to make mistakes.

37 Responses to Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes

  1. The many minions of the Obama camp have been calling his opponents (the people of the USA) vile, insulting names for four years. Why would MrRomney be immune from these kinds of attacks.

    Of course, anyone connected with MrObama calling someone a liar is just a projection of how he’s lied to the American people over and over. Lie; what really happened in Libya. Lie; how Obamacare will affect each of us. Lie; who was responsible for Fast & Furious. Lies; his personal background, his post-racial attitudes, his socialist leanings, who he sees in the WhiteHouse, etc.

  2. In autistic children, repetitive behavior, including repeating the same questions or phrases over and over, is common and is called ‘stimming’. It’s unfortunately the same inward behavior as spinning plates or other autistic oddities.

    Unless you have not been diagnosed with autism, then we call it – “plouffing”.

  3. Am wathcing CB evening news. CBS must be TERRIFIED that Romney may win. CBS actually admitted Obama lost the debate. CBS showed the results of their uncommitted voters group showing Romney did well and changed minds. CBS played most of Romeny’s best lines, including those accusing Obama of lying. And most astonishingly, CBS criticized Obama. I think I may have drrifted into a parallel universe. Don’t beam me back, Scotty.

  4. A sad commentary on the state of American presidential politics, at least within the confines of the socialist democrat party, lefty media and Obama’s campaign management. No dignity, no grace, no class. Blame someone else for Obama’s performance, blame the Denver altitude, blame Bush, blame Lehrer, blame the clock, blame the pizza guy, blame, blame, blame. I am sick to death of hearing this bullshit rhetoric from these over-indulged, petulant children. Take some responsibility for once in your miserable lives.

  5. Am waiting to see if the moment ever comes for David Plouffe, Stephanie Cutter, Jay Can’t Talk that they realize they’ve been fooled on a national scale by the man they represent. This will never happen to ValJar, of course. There is a slim chance that the MSM are beginning the slow process of realizing, “By jingoes, the Emporer is stark naked!”

    • They haven’t been fooled. Keeping Obama in office protects their power and position as well so they’ve sold their souls to the devil to do so. Heck of a price to pay.

  6. I heard the best comment from a caller on the Howie Carr show today.

    His wife was watching the debate and yelled to him, “Honey come here. The man who called himself eye candy is melting before our eyes.”

  7. Have to admit, it’s entertaining to watch Plouffe, Axelrod and Cutter having their public psychotic meltdowns! Can hardly wait for all the ‘tell-all’ books to
    start coming out with all the gory details.

    It’s also surreal to see Obama back out on the campaign trail only hours after the most humiliating debate performance in modern history. He has no shame. But he does have his TOTUS back. Only a coward would have the audacity to turn around and slime his opponent after 75% of the debate viewers clearly chose Romney over Obama. I’m convinced he has severe mental problems. We know he’s a pathological liar…but what else lies under that thin skin? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if, on Inauguration Day 2013, Obama is going to be somewhere on the campaign trail at the very moment Mitt Romney is being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America! He is insane!

    • Well, he’ll have to face the truth eventually. Once Romney is sworn in, we’ll be repossessing all his toys, including AF1 and our White House. Unfortunately, I believe they will loot the place worse than the Clintons did on eviction day.

      • Why would he want joint custody of the goodies? He’ll be playing golf and have his own bb court at that 35,000,000 dollar estate the billionaire thinks he needs to sustain his over-the-top lifestyle in Hawaii. Isn’t it amazing how liberals can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous without any concern for the middle class and poor and feel no guilt, and when it comes to those constituencies, they tax them to death.
        I frankly think the reason he performed so badly during the debate was because he decided there was no reason to do well when he could dump the whole job, have an unending income and play golf and bb to his heart’s content for the rest of his life in Hawaii.

    • Catching some clips of MrO speaking today. He’s ridiculing MrRomney’s performance from last night, making jokes about the sincerety of his agenda and calling him a liar. He said MrRomney wants to cut taxes “5 Trillion dollars”; a figure that is impossible to obtain unless no one pays any taxes for the next ten years or more.

      He resembled a schoolyard bully who got bested and hopes no one remembers as he spouts false bravado claims.

  8. One of the point people came away from from the debate was that Obama is not very smart. Krauthammer said this on Fox tonight as well as in his WaPo column tomorrow.

    If I came to this conclusion a long time ago it’s partly because of Jack Cashill’s work on who wrote Dreams and partly based on my own discoveries. Jack’s first expose came out in Oct 2008 and was a big eye opener for me. Everything he’s written since then has confirmed his initial theory: Bill Ayers mostly ghosted Dreams.

    Sadly, Jack’s been ignored by all the conservative msm for reasons that have to do with political correctness. He’s owed an apology and another look although I know that will never happen while Obama is still in office.

    Michael Walsh in the NRO Corner today said a phrase I’ve been saying for years now. Obama can’t think on his feet. When you watch him as much as I do you figure it out. I feel a little bit of vindication because I’ve often gone out on a limb in my videos, although full vindication will take years.

  9. Nothing they do from now on will surprise me. They are scurrying like rats. Watch for just brutal politics and a whole new Obama in the next round. Its a townhall format. I want to know how someone gets invited and who decides how to take questions. Will they have plants in the audience? One thing you can be sure of,Obama will be staring down Romney. There will be no looking away. Maybe he should carry a laser pointer and point it at him when he’s speaking!!

  10. If Plouffe continues to “w(h)ine I am going to start bottling and selling it as an off-shoot of a cheap reisling and call it: Quisling Chateau de Doofus.

  11. Makes you wonder if Obama will have to come out overly aggressive and attacking next time.

    That’s got some real risks, as Romney can prepare for that, plus it may make Obama look nasty and hurt his hallowed “likability”.

    Plus one of the remaining debates is on foreign policy, not exactly an area that Obama has done well in recently.

    The Dems have lots to think about. They hadn’t planned on this.

    • I heard a news clip this evening that speculated Obama “lost the debate” on purpose so he could come back really strong for the next two and overwhelm Romney. Nice try, Obama people!

    • You can bet there are going to be heads that roll. Beyond that, the Dems are going to be working 24/7 preparing their boy for the rest of the debates. They are going to do every criminal act they can think of before the election and make sure their criminal cadres are out everywhere on election day.

  12. It doesn’t matter if Romney wins all the debates. Obama and his criminal organization, Project Vote, supported by his criminal co-conspirator, Eric Holder, is going to steal the election through voter fraud. Read the book Judicial Watch just published. Find out what Judicial Watch has gone through since Obama’s election. No president in history has gotten away with the total disregard for our Constitution, the rule of law, and federal laws, and gotten away with such extensive criminal acts as Obama. And Obama has made certain he put into place the people that are just as corrupt and criminal as he is and just as passionate about destroying capitalism and liberty as he is.

  13. If Obama’s sycophants want to see a serial liar they need look no further than the Great Divider himself. Of course, they already know this but will say/do anything to protect their power and position.

    The ONLY thing I have found to be consistently true about Obama is that if he says one thing, the opposite is the truth. Once you learn that, it’s pretty easy to decode his messages.

  14. (Truth) Today Jokin’ Joe Biden said Obambi was planning to raise our taxes by $1 Trillion dollars, by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. (Lie) He said it would hit the rich the hardest but he ignores the middle class, like me, who are affected and such a $1K to $2.5K increase is a hardship.

    In 2007, Obambi said it was unwise to raise taxes in a financial crisis. He is unleashing his 18 Obamacare tax increases and sunsetting the Bush tax custs.

    Are we to assume this economy is the new normal for the Obama Administration? Is this the best they can do?

  15. Amazing – Mr. Axelrod describes the very behavior of the empty ottoman – and his very own employer – Mr. Obama. The Romney campaign should spoof the ad – inserting Mr. Obama’s name and image.