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Obama’s Hubris Cost Him the Debate

The cause of President Obama’s stunning loss in Wednesday night’s debate can be distilled to a single factor: The man thinks too much of himself and his “accomplishments,” and his advisers feel the same way.

The president who showed up Wednesday night really believes his own PR. He didn’t think there was anything to debate. He actually is under the impression he’s done a great job, and that Americans will just passively concur with his observations and conclusions.

Obama - East Room
L'etat, c'est moi. Photo by Keith Koffler

Because he is Obama, he believes, they will accept that “trying” to fix things is enough. They’ll live with eight percent unemployment, one percent economic growth, trillion dollar deficits, a healthcare law they don’t like, and a vanishing ability of the United States to affect world events.

Obama is not bullshitting you when he says everything is George W. Bush’s fault. He really believes it, and thinks you will too.

And he thinks that, because he is Obama, people won’t take a serious look at an acceptable alternative. But they will. And last night, finally, that’s what they got.

Across the stage from a president who could be barely be bothered with the whole thing stood the Eager Beaver.

Mitt Romney was far better prepared than the president, armed with a deep understanding of the issues and an ability to rattle off statistics and ideas with an earnestness and lucidity that put the slumbering president to shame.

Romney did the most awful thing a challenger can do to a president: He implanted in the nation’s psyche the notion that he can do the job too, and maybe better. All across American last night, voters thought to themselves, This guy can handle the presidency. He seems to know what he’s talking about.

I thought the most devastating quip in the debate was this from Romney:

You said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.

This line, which I’m sure was prepared in advance, said many things to viewers.

It conveyed a sense of competence and experience Obama cannot match. It announced the the country that a serious man was contending for the presidency.

Obama teleprompter
Missing in Action

And, with Obama failing to even respond, it reminded them that they had elected a person of no significant accomplishment and no serious experience who may be out of his depth on the economy compared to Romney.

Obama, who was barely present onstage last night, was the same president who has been failing to show up for years.

He’s the man who can’t be bothered to tackle entitlement reform, to keep his promises on immigration, to negotiate a Middle East peace deal, to remind Americans that we are at war, to meet regularly with members of Congress, to meet with any world leaders at the UN last week, and to put away his golf clubs.

Last night, he couldn’t be bothered to debate. And today, the Obama campaign is feeling very bothered indeed.

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  1. Keith,
    Whats the talk amoung the press pool? Are they in shock,or knew this was coming? I’d love to know the inside scoop and not just what they spin for their various news agencies.

  2. “Obama is not bullshitting you when he says everything is George W. Bush’s fault.”
    Really, Keith! Here in Texas among polite society, we would tend to use the phrase: “He’s not cow patty-ing you.” And should Obama, by accident, be re-elected, then he will really have inherited a genuine mess…his.

  3. Someone needs to teach Obama not to look like deer caught in the headlights! The man looked as though he might bolt from the stage at any moment. Still the amateur!

    1. It’s not at all surprising, Joe. Last night was the first time in his entire political career that Obama has had to go head-to-head with a skilled debater and actually defend a record. He didn’t have an adoring audience at his feet cooing over his every word, nor did he have his usual allies in the media to cover for him.

      He was all alone, mano a mano, and we all saw what happened.

      1. I loved the part where the light bulb blew out and the won looked over his shoulder to see if someone was trying to take out the Manchurian candidate. I don’t think Romney even blinked.

  4. I am not surprised by Romney’s performance at all. I always felt that what we witnessed last night was always there, that people were buying into what the RINO’s and dnc talk about what they were to think about Romney. Now what are they saying? Romney is a strong leader, very knowledgeable and organized. We tend to see his humbleness as a weakness and a turnoff. Just wait until the next debate between these two. Yes, Obama will try to put up a fight, but do you think this is all that there is to Romeny? He too will step up and give it right back to Barry. The next topic is foreign affairs. Just let that sink in for a few seconds.

  5. Woke up today feeling like the tide had shifted and that Obama finally had his comeuppance. WOO-HOO!!! Romney got enough hits on Obama and sent him into the ropes. Round one to Romney but I don’t doubt that Obama will stagger back in at some point. Can’t wait to see Ryan take on Joey “Chains” O’Biden, Ryan will take him apart.

  6. After today, no one on the right should celebrate Romney’s debate performance because Obama will be better prepared next time. And Romney needs to keep up the prep work for the next two! It just worries me for us to put too much hope into one debate. So for today only, I am celebrating!!

    1. Very True.
      Obama will come-up with some type of “debate prep”…
      AND (this is scarry) the sycophant “main-stream media” will be out for blood with Romney. The MSM will find anything they can to use against/embarass Romney now that Romney has smacked down their liberal demi-god Obama.

    2. The man cannot talk with out a teleprompter. No amount of prep is going to make this change. His race baiting comes natural he can talk that line, but presidential… nope, he just isn’t up to it without someone telling him what to say. Can’t do that at a debate.

      1. I also think it won’t help, but for a different reason: Obama’s like a student who’s goofed off all term, and then crams the night before the exam. He can reel off a few superficial “facts”, but there’s no depth of understanding. I was incredulous when I heard him claim he needed a few days off to prepare for the debate — what better versing on the issues could there be than almost four years in office?

    3. I agree, I just hope that the Romney camp knows how to spin this:
      1. Prepare like hell for a much better-prepared Obama.
      2. Also, be prepared for an overly-aggressive Obama, ready to come out swinging and over-compensate (Romney should be ready with some rhetorical jiu-jitsu to make Obama look over-the-top)
      3. Shift the burden by talking up how much better-prepared Obama is sure to me, and how his debate performance the other night was an outlier. They want the expectation to be for Obama to do much better, not for Romney to clean his clock again.
      4. But CAMPAIGN based on the clock-cleaning (see Peggy Noonan’s article this morning).

  7. As bad as last night’s debate was for MrO, it will seem like a picnic compared to the drubbing he’ll take in the next debate; foreign affairs.
    MrRomney will torture him with the apology tour, giving our borrowed money to nations that aren’t our friends, the disaster in the MiddleEast, Israel, European ills, the Sudan and the lost war of Afganistan.
    And, of course, the great big elephant in the room..Fast & Furious.

    How could MrObama find any positive spin on any of these things?

    1. You are spot on, srdem. The “bumps in the road” comment; missing more than half of his security briefings and attending none the week before the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack; the revelation that Ambassador Stevens was stalked in Facebook postings and was in fear for his life; the multiple denials of extra security measures that led to the brutal deaths of four innocent men in Benghazi…it all leads up to a failed presidency. Last night Romney exposed his fiscal failures, and if he hits on all the issues you mentioned, he will win.

      1. Not to mention the report today that the Obama admin cut security in Benghazi over the past six months, the same time that Stevens felt threatened and requested even more security.

      2. And he absolutely HAS to bring up that if he had been President he most certainly would not have just gone off to bed as usual with the safety and whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens still unknown.

        Obama is truly unfit for the office.

      3. Susan, you are right on in your comments. It is inconcievable to me that his claims of taking out Osama bin Laden. Sure, he sent in the SEALs to do the job. And deserves the credit for telling them to GO. However, I believe that “accomplishment” gets erased when you lose a US Ambassador ON YOUR WATCH. Shameful ignorance by Barry.

  8. Obama seemed nervous right from the start. I’ve always said his calm, cool exterior was fake.

    Obama has lots of nervous tics that reveal to me there is a lot going on under the surface. He didn’t seem as arrogant as usual or even that petulant to me. He just looked like someone who knew he was getting whipped.

    Next time they’ll up his happy meds and he’ll be back on game.

    1. Yes he is a fake and he knows it. I believe that he just hoped to get through this purgatory but early on realized that he would not. He simply does not understand what he is talking about, doesn´t understand economics. He was incoherent many times. Makes me wonder about his academic records again. I don´t expect him to be “better” next time, he is what he is, nothing more. And with happy meds he may be even slower. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

  9. Great article, Keith. I slept well last night. For the first time in a long time I see a ray of sunlight in America’s future. The Chicago thug will probably slap down our enthusiasm with another executive order or two, but last night my prayers were answered. Romney was more presidential than the real one last night…

    1. I love it he was hoisted on his own petard and ego all self inflicted. But I
      wonder who he’s blaming today because nothing is ever his fault.

  10. Excellent piece of analytical journalism Mr. Koffler and not to forget that obama and those around him are corrupt to the point that they believe that they can buy obama’s re-election with cheap phones, food stamps and other similar immoral tactics e.g. buying Univision’s silence and have that Spanish tv station going after the Latino’s vote by appointing the wife of the owner of Univision, as U.S. representative to the United Nations.

  11. Was it only Monday that Pres. Obama described preparing for the debate was a “drag?” I’ll wager he feels as though he has been dragged over a gravel road for quite a distance today!

  12. He had a setback in Illinois politics once, but other than that, everything in his life has just been handed to him. Foot soldiers have been doing it for him. I sure would like to see his college records both for academic achievement and for the nationality status he claimed on his applications.

    As to whose fault it is, this might be a minority opinion, but it started under Clinton and Greenspan, not Bush, with the sub prime interest rates.

  13. Obama’s official biography should read: ‘Race/street hustler hits mega-million $$$ jackpot’. Obama’s only accomplishment prior to highjacking the presidency was a 5 year battle to remove asbestos ceilings from one of Valerie Jarrett’s slum properties in Chicago. He was, and still is, a person of no consequence – an empty suit.

    Last night’s debacle laid him bare – the emperor has no clothes. He has been fleecing America and the taxpayers all of this time….leading the life of the rich and famous on our dime. Without the TOTUS, he can’t string two sentences together. He governs by giveaway. He doesn’t know the truth from fiction. He hides out with Jarrett and Michelle because he doesn’t want anyone to discover that he is clueless. He is not the Messiah – he’s a con artist – the great pretender.

    Round Two will be on foreign policy. Obama might want to resign before facing the firing squad on his disastrous foreign policy. Everything from taking credit for the Bush Iraq troop withdrawal to the Afghanistan disaster to the Benghazi intel failure to the “I will have more flexibility after my re-election’ message to Putin.

    The jig is up, Barry!

  14. Keith,
    I thought your analysis was very good but am disappointed by use of expletive. Saying it to a group of friends is one thing…putting it in writing another.

  15. Great analysis Keith, absolutely spot on. I’m with Blondie on wondering what the whispering is in the press pool right about now.

    I do feel sorry though for the caddies and golf courses around D.C., business going to really slump next year.

    I’m taking liberty and adding in this little snippet from the closing of my own column this morning:
    When asked this morning on Fox News to explain the President’s performance the Senator said simply:
    “Four years inside the bubble with an adoring media”
    How ironic that the very media that has done so much to protect their chosen one all these years with one cushy couch interview and soft ball question after another, is the very reason that when faced with an adult opponent armed with facts and truth, the best Obama could do was look down and take notes.

    Thanks again for this blog, it really is a bright spot of analysis and reporting in an age of egos and sound bites.

  16. Keith, can you find out if “President” Romney has gotten the national security briefing that he was supposed to have gotten after the RNC convention? I heard about 2 weeks after the date he was eligible to receive the briefing that he had not received it. I think that briefing would be important to receive. I do know that the briefing is not required, but it is something that is normally provided to the opponent.

    It has concerned me since I haven’t heard anything about it since it was announced that he hadn’t received it.

  17. I for one did NOT sleep well last night. I was sure that overnight the pundits would “come to their senses” and “realize” what a clever strategy Obamazoid used in the debate. You know, making Romney look all knowledgeable and manly and, for want of a better word, Presidential!!! The fact that Barry is STILL the loser this morning makes the magnitude of Romney’s accomplishment even greater.

    And Keith, as far as using “bullshit” in polite society:
    a. It’s WAY past time to be polite in ANY discussion involving Obama.
    b. BHO has been bullshitting EVERYONE since he was an embryo so I believe that makes it acceptable to use the word whenever referring to the Poser-In-Chief.

    1. AJ

      I have to agree with you on Keith’s use of “bullshitting” when talking about Obama.

      One of the biggest mistakes the McCain campaign made in ’08 was not going on the offensive, and pushing Obama back over his own goal line. It is time that conservatives stop being nice, and playing by the rules the other team has tried to lay out. The game plan should be to hit hard, hit often, and hit repeatedly. When they expose a weakness, hit that weak spot. To hell with the PC bullshit, politics is a dirty game, was, is and always will be. And it is one of those games where running up the score is the best thing you can do.

  18. In a 2010 interview with Diana Sawyer, Obama said, “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” (

    Most of us on this site would agree that he has been at best a mediocre one-term president. Last night, to me, showed how unprepared for the job he was and is. His attempt to draw a parallel between himself and Lincoln was pathetic. His posture, demeanor, tone, lack of eye contact, etc., showed that the man is very much out of his depth when dealing with someone that is confident, and willing to go at him.

    Over the years I have dealt with thousands of people in various situations, and one of the things I have learned is that if a person is unwilling to make eye contact they are either ashamed of what they have done or going through, or they are feeling intimidated by the other person, or they are lying. I was told by one of my mentors to keep eye contact with the subject as much as possible. This gives you not only a clear view of any potential risks, but also can force a person to be more submissive. It is not unlike dealing with a strong willed dog. You get into a staring contest with the dog, and maintain eye contact until the dog turns away. This places you as the Alpha in the pack structure, and after repeated attempts by the dog to stare you down with the dog losing, you will have a lot less problems with the animal.

    Last night Romney stared down Obama, and set himself as the Alpha male. The subtleties of this is usually lost to most observers, but after watching the debates twice last night, that was what Romney was doing. He was setting himself up to be seem by the pack (ie the voters) as the Alpha male. Obama, by his failure to respond in kind, showed himself to be weak, and not the pack’s leader. For the 40 or 50 million that watched the debate last night, the subtle implications will be astounding. It will be something that will remain in their subconscious for the next two debates, and, unless Obama can look Romney square in the eye, it will be one of the major reasons the pendulum swings hard towards Romney.

    1. Interesting take on the ‘optics’ and I think you’re right. No doubt the Romney campaign gurus psyched out MrO and found the sweet spot that would hurt the most.

    2. Shofer, the only Alpha male in the mix is Michelle Obama. I’d hate to be in Barry’s dancing shoes when he arrives home to face the firing squad tonight!

  19. Best quote of the debate:

    Obama: Jim, I — you may want to move onto another topicWhen the going get’s tough, Obama asks someone else to change the topic. He was like a kid who signs up for a college course, and then proceeds to skip every class during the semester, only to show up at the final exam with the grandiose belief that he can ace it simply because he is smarter than everyone else, including the professor.

    1. “skipping class”, “smarter than the Prof.”…sounds like you got to see ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ “college records” -LOL

  20. What I think is lost on the media is that Romney was probably the same Romney that’s been speechifying all over the country. The MSM does not ever attempt to cover his speeches. Obama sounded last night like he sounds every day as he’s been campaigning, I believe this is the real Romney also. They are not studying their enemy and that was their downfall.

    Stephanie Cutter is trying to spin it that they weren’t trying to win, bless her heart.

        1. “Bless her heart” has another meaning in the South.

          Old lady-That little girl has a face only a mother could love. Bless her little heart.

          Southern woman-Your mother is a whore who sleeps around. Bless your heart.

    1. Cutter’s spin doesn’t make sense. Why would you go to a debate to lose? LOL Especially someone as competitive as Obama when playing basketball, etc.

    2. Robin, Romney’s 50 minute appearance on the Clinton Global Initiative’s Education Nation summit with Brian Williams last week was magnificent. He spoke non-stop, answered questions from the audience, and left Brian Williams gasping for air. No teleprompter – no notes. His delivery was flawless. He command of the subject matter was astounding. The only problem is that virtually no one watched it. MSNBC aired the entire event. He makes Obama look like a HS drop-out!

    1. I’m with you. I don’t think I’ve ever been interested in the VP debate as much as this one. The only thing Ryan has to be careful of,is beating up an old man. He maintained his cool at the AARP convention when he had a crowd of seniors booing at him and calling him a liar,so I have faith he will handle himself very well. And I predict Joe will blow the plugs out of his head!

      1. I’m stocking up on beer and popcorn and rolling a tape. I figure the VP debate will be the material for a lifetime of jokes and puns. Old Joe should be a hoot!

  21. If you haven’t had a chance, watch “The Hope and The Change.” It reveals clearly what we conservatives all knew in 2008: Obama was and is an empty suit. It’s truly nauseating to watch the adoring crowds drool all over this man in 2008. What was the attraction? Well, they weren’t cheering for his qualifications, because he didn’t have any. They cheered for a man who could read a prepared script in a dynamic fashion. They wanted to be “a part of history” by helping elect the first Black (or half-Black) president. Last night revealed to many of his formerly star-struck supporters that this man is a mile wide and an inch deep.

  22. You are spot on with your analysis, in my opinion. It simply doesn’t occur to them that all of America doesn’t lap up the bilge water this administration puts out by the hour. I live in the land of lefties and I can pretty much tell you the debate last night didn’t change any of their minds at all.

    On a side note, I really have to tell you I’m surprised that they still let you into the WH press room. Trust me, I’m glad you’re there but my guess is that you are one of the FEW people in that room that doesn’t just drink the kool-aid every day. Maybe I’m not giving your colleagues enough credit but I really don’t see them doing anything but determining if Romney’s last statement was a “lie” or just a “gaffe,” while treating every utterance by the Administration as words distilled from on High.

    1. The lefties aren’t the ones who matter. The ones who matter are the 5%-10% of undecided voters who aren’t that crazy about Obama but who aren’t sold on Romney yet either. Those are the voters who will decide the election, and those are the voters who will be most impacted by what happened last night. All of a sudden, Romney now looks like a very plausible alternative.

  23. when elected he had NO RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

    since then he’s proved he has NO RELEVANT SKILLS

    this debate confirms at least one reason he does NOT WANT HIS GRADES MADE PUBLIC

  24. Obama is totally lost without a TelePrompTer. He is not used to being questioned except maybe what flavor of ice cream he likes. He has been protected and coddled by the MSM, a great disservice to him. I don’t care how much practice he gets before debating. It’s the true O we saw last night.
    Maybe he should have called Valerie Jarrett to the rescue. He doesn’t know how to make a move without her…

    1. I thought the first lady’s demeanor before the debates looked very concerned. Did she know what was about to happen? She looked like she was about to be flipped. And afterwards as she came forward and was swamped by all those good looking “punishments” that Ann and Mitt had surrounding them, it was worth the waiting. She could hardly smile.

      1. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to keep repeating something that is not factual? At least be clever enough to come up with some new talking points.

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  26. Come on, man. He voted present.

    He thinks that’s his job. Vote present. Lead from behind. Bow and scrape.

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


  27. The title of this piece was, “Debate a Reminder of Obama’s Last Four Years.”

    Hell, even Jay Leno, an admitted Democrat, had a quip about things we’ve wasted time waiting for the other night and included: “Waiting for Obama to improve the economy.:

  28. I have no doubt that Mr. Obama will be better prepared in future debates.

    The problem will be that he still has 4 years of a record to defend. Mr. Romney, as a business manager and problem solver, will offer FAR better solutions than “it was like that when I got here” and “we need more time for the magic to work”

    Hard to come back from an observation like “you’re not picking winners and losers, just losers”

  29. We needed a bigger-than-life President – we got a Dope smoking, Coke snorting, Radical Left wing Chicago thug that has spend his life surrounded and tutored by American hater,s and Marxist!
    We needed a well-grounded stable President – we got a certifiable narcissist.
    We needed bold leadership – we got a teleprompter
    We needed a seasoned hand – we got a hand in in our pockets
    We needed a champion for American citizens… we got a champion for the invading horde of Illegal Aliens
    We needed a skilled bridge builder – we got a class-warfare specialist and inciter-in-chief.
    We needed practical, proven policies – we got socialist dogma and monumental waste
    We needed an inspirational visionary – we got an ideologically blinded, left learning-impaired radical
    We needed a Constitutional champion – we got a domestic enemy of the Constitution
    We needed a restrained, respected and intimidating warrior – we got groveling, bowing, Barney Fife
    We needed a patriot – we got G. D. America, G. D. America, G. D. America.
    We needed someone to unshackle our economy – we got someone who is a friend to our enemies and an enemy to our businesses
    We needed a president beyond color – we got a green president embracing every whim and myth ever spoken by the kook environmental fringe.

    We needed mature, principled leadership – we got a petulant, lying, whining, blaming, sulking, accursing, excusing, man-child.

    It is a national disgrace that someone this incompetent, racist, and a American hating Socialist could be elected to the office of the Presidency.

  30. I agree with almost all the comments below but none of it matters. Gallup’s daily tracking poll today shows Obama’s approval rating jumping from 50% to 54% overnight. As sad and unbelievable as it is, America has jumped the shark into a world where feeling sorry for charismatic incompetent Barry is more important than their future, their children’s future and their nations future. America has unbelievably crossed the Rubicon into perpetual decline. Ignorance has overwhelmed our culture. This is the mind numbing reality of America today. I fear for my kid’s future.

    1. Don’t believe the polls. Obama got his butt handed to him last night and no amount of massaging of the statistics is going to fix that…

  31. Now AARP is objecting to Obie (that just came to me. I like it!!!) invoking their name in last night’s debate. Could it be the rats are beginning to desert the ship??

  32. This is the same tired old, proverbial “stuff” that Republicans have been trying to sell ever since day one of campaigning for the Republican candidacy. Yeah, Bush was great. All the things he did were fine until Obama started doing the same. Obama should have been able to step into office while their “stuff” was just starting to really hit the fan and unemployment was just starting to really go up, incomes down, and houses…gone.

    Obama was supposed to somehow suddenly slam on the brakes and instantly, miraculously stop the results of all THEIR stuff. They complain about slow growth as if it were not a major victory that the withering economy finally stopped withering and started growing, even if not fast enough to make more obvious the strategic Republican lie. Clinton summarized the true Republican message very well: “We left him (Obama) a mess. He didn’t fix it fast enough, so fire him and put us back in.”

    Republicans refuse to admit that it took about half of Obama’s four years just to stop the economy from continuing to sink. They caused the worst financial calamity since the Great Depression and he was just supposed to fix it with a wave of the wand simply by virtue of having become president. All this was supposed to happen despite the Republican strategy set in a private Gingrich-led session on Obama’s inauguration day to oppose anything and everything Obama would try to accomplish. Even things Republicans had previously supported suddenly became wrong just because Obama was proposing them.

    Of course, the Republicans knew better than all this bovine fecal matter they were repeatedly spewing out on the public. The plan was to block everything and then blame Obama four years later for not getting anything done. Their whole game was and is to win at all costs, including your cost! They know you have a lousy grasp of history and facts of any kind. They know they can use your unconscious prejudices to make all their crap believable because they clearly understand that you already want to believe it all.

    Republicans are not interested in you or doing anything that will help you. They want to win so they can keep conning all the witless suckers out there out of house and home and raking it all into the pockets of the business interests that commission them for this very purpose. The only thing that trickles down is their stinking rhetoric and your losses to their bosses, the corporate rip-off artists who finance their campaigns. They don’t work for you or care a whit about you. They work for the people who have been increasing the financial gap between you and them for decades. They’re taking us in the direction of third world countries and sell you more deeply on your already existing mentality of “us and them” that I’ve watched operate in third world countries to their great harm again and again while a few at the top get filthy rich. (And here, “filthy” is definitely an appropriate term).

    They also use an updated version of the old red baiting, laced with not very cleverly disguised appeals to latent and often unconscious racism. Stanford did s study that tested for unconscious racial bias and then gave those who had it an identical health plan to the one they gave those who were not harboring unconscious prejudice. The ones who were prejudiced tended to reject the one they believed Obama had authored despite their being identical. Yeah, so the racist red baiting goes something like this: Obama is naturally going to take care of his own with a “socialist” agenda they say (without actually spelling it out in this way). And you get that totally and buy it lock, stock, and barrel.

    But the suckers are now a minority and they’re going to lose. If you don’t believe that, you will after election day!.

    1. “It took about half of Obama’s four years just to stop the economy from continuing to sink.”

      I hate to break it to you buddy, but the economy is still sinking. The “decline” in unemployment, pitiful as it is, is largely a function of people giving up hope and leaving the workforce.

      1. Well, for the next four years after November 6th you’re going to get a golden opportunity to find out just how profoundly you’ve been suckered. Obama’s going to win and things are going to get way better than you ever dreamed they could. A lot of things you don’t know anything about will come to light as well.

        The problem with you very talented fact contortionists is you’ll pretend you were on the smart side all along. You who speak of Obama’s hubris are projecting your own baseless arrogance on him. But your arrogance won’t allow you to eat humble pie when you’re proven not only wrong, but clueless suckers.

        You have no idea how the world works or who actually has been running this country and how they sucker you. So keep on voting for their proxies in government against your own interests and everyone else’s, rich or poor, and then pretend you were on the right side all along when their jig is up. We won’t care because you’re in the impotent minority now and that’s why you’re so desperately yelling bloody murder to get Obama out.

        As a white male, I belong to the only demographic population that has consistently and idiotically voted Republican for decades. If it weren’t for the informed minority of white males together with a majority of women, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and Native Americans, this country would be in much worse shape than it is because you suckers would have played into the hands of your manipulators much more successfully than you are doing right now.

        Most of you are bugged to death that white males don’t still run the show and that’s the real issue for you whether you admit it or not. “Take back America” is just a thinly disguised euphemism for what I just said and you really go for that kind of fecal verbosity. Meanwhile, it’s much harder for the rest of us to take America back to a functioning democracy that represents citizens and real people instead of corporate interests with no human faces or values because you’re scared so stuff-less of terrorists that you’re willing to give up your constitutional rights for a false sense of security.

        You want to believe everything is still like you THOUGHT it was when you were little..,you know, cheap gas, clean air and water, think you’re still eating food instead of artificial crap, chemicals, and digestible plastic that make you fat and sick. You think free markets automatically serve the public interests by creating appropriate incentives. Well, tell me which is more profitable:

        1. pouring research dollars into inexpensive, effective medicine that addresses root causes and actually makes you well


        2. pouring money into expensive drugs that make you more comfortable with a lifetime of illness and so maintain you as a permanent, high-paying customer?

        You can research that on your own, but I doubt you will bother or go to sources that don’t merely reinforce what you already want to believe. Our current medical establishment HATES anything cheap and effective. Cancer foundations, cancer research firms, the whole cancer industry is financially second only to the oil industry. For example, how disruptive do you think the discovery of a cheap, highly effective herbal/nutritional technology would be? How much financial incentive do you think there might be to suppress such a technology if it were discovered. If you really want the truth, do a little research on just that one subject to find out for yourself just how upside down free market incentives are in terms of serving public interests. Oh, but I forgot! You only listen to those who make you feel good, powerful, and oh so right by telling you what you already wanted to believe!

        History shows one thing really well, especially in the last couple of centuries. Things change and they change fast. Intelligent conservatism wants to adapt to inevitable change without throwing out the baby with the bath water. We want to conserve the collective wealth that is our natural environment. We want strong moral values that government doesn’t have to dictate with legislation. We DON’T want laws that make criminals so super-wealthy with black market profits that they can take down whole countries. We want fiscal responsibility and beneficial economic incentives instead of those currently upside down because of corrupting financial influences that don’t give a flying fig about anyone else’s well being but their own.

        The Faux Muse mentality wants to conserve a permanent and very unrealistic view of an unchanging reality…you know, global warming denial, no need for alternative energy, no clue about technology and how to use it to benefit our nation instead of turning it into a hellhole slowly enough that observation-challenged people don’t notice until it’s too late. This kind of conservatism is the popular kind. It doesn’t require any thought or intelligence; just an unwillingness to adapt to inevitable change in beneficial ways. You’re all just a bunch of clueless suckers for myopic, short-term profit seekers. (Nothing wrong with profits as long as the financial incentives line up with positive human values in the long view.)

  33. As a long-time unemployed American, I want and need a change. Although I voted for Obama, I can’t believe that he asking me to wait 4 more years to get a job! I don’t give a crap about a man marrying another man or Sandra Fluke getting free birth control, I just want a job.

    Somehow Obama has forgotten about people like me!

    1. You voted for him… and now you’re bitter?…

      Wow… next time, maybe you should pay attention and swallow the Mainstream Media’s wholesale nonsense…

      Anybody who was paying even the slightest attention would have known that Obama would be a disaster…

      Well… anyway… I hope you are able to find a job soon…

      And I hope you have learned the Elections really do have consequences…

      1. Oh, so you people are so intelligent that you know exactly what things WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE without the actions that were taken and are judging Obama on that basis? Just how smart do you really think that is? And how did you know up front that Obama would be the disaster you pretend he is? ‘Cause we’ve got an n-word president? Yeah, I bet that’s how you know. Just admit it and go join the damn Klan!

        You people twist the facts to your taste and wonder why the rest of us don’t swallow your version whole like you Limbaugh suckers do.

    2. Very intelligent Republican voters who are not politicians but are economists and who have a pretty darn good handle on what happened (in 2008! Remember?) have said that there is no president in history who could have done any better than Obama under the circumstances.

  34. So far, the excuses for Mr. Obama’s abysmal performance include: being too nice, a bad Lehrer, a bad Kerry, a mean Romney, racism, and — my favorite — altitude sickness. The real problem with the debate performance was just that: it was a debate. Unlike his speeches, which are written by someone else, read off a teleprompter, delivered to hand-picked audiences and reviewed by a sycophantic press, a debate requires the debater to perform on his own substantive merits. Mr. Obama has never demonstrated an ability to do so.

  35. Oh, but he’s somehow found time to attend over 100 politcal fund-raisers so that he can hob-nob with the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Madonna and rake in the cash.

    The guy is a total fraud and he’s clearly in way over his head.

    We didn’t elect a president in 2008, we elected a celebrity. I pray that we’ll prove to be smarter in 2012.

  36. Oh, but he’s somehow found time to attend well over 100 political fund-raisers so that he can hob-nob with the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Madonna while raking in boatloads of campaign cash.

    The guy is an abject fraud and he was exposed as a lightweight last night by someone of true substance.

    We didn’t elect a president in 2008, we elected a celebrity.

    For the sake of the country, I hope that we prove to be smarter in 2012.

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