As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 4, 2012

10:05 am MT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Sloan’s Lake Park, Denver, Colorado
11:35 am MT || Departs Denver
2:35 pm CT || Arrives Madison, Wisconsin
3:40 pm CT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; University of Wisconsin-Madison
5:05 pm CT || Departs Madison, Wisconsin
8:05 pm ET || Arrives White House

26 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 4, 2012

  1. Better add more debate prep to that schedule. Something tells me that Moochelle will be waiting for you upon your arrival @ the wh tonight for an old fashion ass whipping! Has anybody seen John Kerry lately??

    I will forever have fond memories of the Obozo’s 20th wedding anniversary!

  2. “campaign events” = time for Obama to start the PROPAGANDA about how he ‘won’ the debate! Or maybe Obama will say he let Romney ‘win’ that debate last night to be magnanimous to Romney…

    • That sourpuss Psakis is already out there grumbling about “theatrical performance” and “magic calculator.” Not surprising. Hannity, in his unique way, said it was a beatdown. Works for me.

  3. I can see he is busy working hard for the people, in which he was hired, creating jobs and helping the middle class. Oh wait, that is only if you re-elect him. What a loser.

  4. Madison, WI? Really?? At least Romney had the cajones to visit the NAACP, and is not afraid to appear before those who disagree with his views.
    That fragile ego of Obaby can only handle adoring crowds of indoctrinated students and crazy libs like those in Madison.

    • Mike, give him a break. Yesterday was probably mighty hard for him. He’s used to being cheered and adulated when he spews that crap .

      Henninger in the WSJ:

      Barack Obama showed the dangers and risks of presidential incumbency. For all the powers of the office, the U.S. presidency inevitably causes the person holding it to place outsized belief and faith in the correctness of his own policies and ideas. In a word, hubris. It has happened before.

      • Not only how great the policies are, but that no one can effectively argue against them–the press doesn’t. Well, someone did–and Obama looked sullen and smirky.

  5. Obozo may be going to WI to campaign, but I hear he’s taking the second tier plane, ’cause Mooch has commandeered AF1 to head to Hawaii to start measuring the windows at the new estate for drapes.

  6. Funny, it doesn’t mention the visit with his therapist to help soothe his beaten up narcissist ego due to the slapping around it got last night.

  7. Obama is back in his comfort zone – mushy-brained teeny boppers.

    Students at the U. of WI are required to submit their phone # and email address to the Obama campaign and click “I’m In” in order to receive free tickets to the rally. Ann Althouse and two other law Professors have sent letters of complaints to University administrators.

    This is probably SOP for every school campus he stalks. My guess is the ‘child predator’ plans on rounding them all up on election day for a ‘ride’ to the polls. He’s up to no good!

  8. The weather in Denver these past two days in a perfect metaphor for OFA, Yesterday 10/3, 80 degrees the bluest of blue Colorado skys, today 10/4, post debate a fall chill in the air 36 degrees and a pall gray sky.

  9. From Andrew Malcolm’s article about the debate last night…”Gov. Romney handed the ex-state senator his lunch — and it wasn’t one of Michelle’s nutritious school meals either.”

  10. Another campaign day…Romney showed America that none has governed in the White House for four years.

    Golf, Vacations, Parties and Teleprompters and pure campaigning for the last two years.

  11. One of the things that –amazingly– amazes me is that in face of schedules like this, she still claims in recent interveiws that even the campaign does not prevent the president from geeting home for dinner at 6:30 with his children. I know I should not expect the truth from her, but these lies are just stupid.