As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, October 5, 2012

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia
12:05 pm|| Departs Virginia
1:15 pm || Arrives Cleveland
2:30 pm || Delivers remarks at at campaign event; Cleveland State University
4:55 pm|| Departs Cleveland
6:20 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

23 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, October 5, 2012

  1. 9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing ~

    Good morning, Mr. President. I have great news for you today. You only have to listen to 107 more of these PDB’s until that rascal Romney becomes the new POTUS and you can go play golf every day of the year in sunny Hawaii!

  2. Once again, a waste of taxpayers dollars on travel. Flew back from Wisconsin on Thursday and arriving at the WH @ 8:00, only to leave Friday for Ohio (again), why aren’t the environmentalists and concerned citizens of our economy all over this?

  3. So, if I read this right, there is 50 minutes allotted for the PDB AND to travel to Fairfax, VA. Should we assume that the PDB is once again posted to his IPad do he can read it on the way to Fairfax? The next debate is about foreign affairs. That will be fun, even if it will be a town hall type.

  4. Looking around the country, checking out world news as it relates to the US, it seems painfully obvious that no one is running the store.
    An what’s the imminent donor scandal Drudge is hinting at?
    AND I will never tire of looking at the photo of the post-debate lost o’s.

  5. When the going gets tough, Obama ALWAYS adjusts his speaking schedule to include nothing but fawning high school and college audiences. No moderator, no opponent, no tough questions there…

  6. Keith, you need to change ‘Obama schedule’ to read “TOTUS schedule’.

    Obama’s dirty little secret was exposed at the Great Debate of 2012. He was caught red-handed with his teleprompter down. Hours later he gave himself a debate ‘do-over’ (sans Romney) in front of 30,000 kool-aid drinkers after frrenzied speechwriters spent the night loading up TOTUS for his delayed debate responses. He was back in business – guns blazing!

    Even Bill Maher said he couldn’t believe it – the guy really needs his telepropter. Scarborough is talking about it this a.m. ‘Couldn’t deliver a single line without his teleprompter. What is the depth of his understanding of the policies he’s debating?’ Scarborough mentioned that Hillary, Chris Dodd and Joe Biden out-debated Obama in every single debate in ’08. “They ran circles aroud him”.

    Romney needs to do some campaign ads mocking Obama and the TOTUS. It’s also the reason he won’t do pressers or take any questions from the press corpse. The guy is simply a FRAUD! Smoke him out!

    • Bingo, Girly! A split screen of Romney at a podium “debating” TOTUS with an empty chair next to it. Or, perhaps a rear shot of an actor that looks like Axelrod, frantically scrolling on his “iObama” app as Obama’s mouth moves.

      • Good ones, Rick! Love the empty chair/split screen. Little did we know what an impact that wonderful Clint Eastwood skit would have on this election. Talk about powerful….

  7. Whoa, Dana Milbank took him to the woodshed for living in his carefully controled media bubble:

    Makes sense to me that The Won will not be challenged ! Doubt if he’ll be any better in the next two debates since all he has to do is answer to Romney the next day armed with attacks loaded onto TOTUS.

    Can’t believe this race is so close.

    • This is Romney’s election to lose now but he needs to watch his step when it comes to attacking our fine-feathered friends. Firing Big Bird was not a good idea! Next thing you know, MO and BO are going to have every kid in the country marching in the streets with signs protesting. Look what they did with Seamus. It’s all they’ve got, but it has an effect.

    • I love that their excuse is not that he isn’t up to the task of defending his OWN policies, but that he’s merely out of practice.

      They should have done the debate on the golf course.

      But seriously, the idea that he’s merely out of practice is a complete WHITE WASH of the problem.

      The fawning media not only doesn’t challenge him, but gives him COVER.

      And it doesn’t surprise me that their strategy from here on out is to merely accuse Romney of lying. That’s all they have.