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Obama Aide Appears on Verge of Explosion

Stephanie Cutter, who normally does an excellent and remorseless job spinning for President Obama, seemed on the verge of a primal scream last night talking to CNN’s Jessica Yellin.

Cutter was unhappily stuck in the “spin room” post-debate with reporters, where her job was to pretend Obama did just great. Even Cutter, you’ll see, was having trouble making lemonade from the batch of lemons Obama had deposited on the podium.

Notice some of the cracks in the facade. She acknowledged that Romney was better prepared for the debate, and she committed her own gaffe when she attacked sweet old Jim Lehrer for failing to moderate the debate.

I guess she herself wasn’t prepared. Because the Obama people do really believe their man can do no wrong.

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    • I think she’s had too many attacks already hence her delusional comments and blithering to the point of being a bit nuts. She must have said Romney lied 16 times dear Stephanie thinks repeating it makes it

  1. Campaigning through filters? Guess the admin. can’t take any chances between today and the Ryan/Biden debate.

    Seems like the press are being kept far away from Joe Biden–and Iowans–at the vice president’s rally today. Jennifer Jacobs of the Des Moines Register reports on Twitter:

    JenniferJacobsDMReg@JenniferJJacobsReporters sectioned off in back corner at Biden venue; Obama aides refusing to allow them to speak to audience without escort from campaign

    4 Oct 12

    JenniferJacobsDMReg@JenniferJJacobsStill trying to figure out why press can’t even go to bathroom here at Biden event in IA without an Obama campaign volunteer as an escort.

    4 Oct 12

  2. Great job, Steffo.

    We didn’t need a moderator, we had Mitt Romney….heh, heh, heh.
    Sorry, but I missed the part about Romney getting testy, but you guys are all saying that.

    Of course, he wasn’t speaking to the pundits…he’s got them in his pocket already…except for those damn liars at Fox.

    Great job by the president.

  3. As an addendum to the old “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” cliche, I’ve heard it said, “if life doesn’t also give you sugar, your lemonade is going to suck.” And it’s pretty obvious that this performance didn’t provide much sugar to work with.

    Hi, again, everyone! I hope to be around more regularly now that my major life events are caught up.

  4. Cutter is a bitter shrew every day but last night, she wore the crown. She hated, truly hated, that the man the Democrats put on a pedestal stunk like a dead skunk.

  5. Cutter is delusional and delirious. I guess, she too, was just talking to the American people who haven’t bothered to grasp the facts. Good luck with that.

  6. It is just a matter of time that Cutter snaps live on TV. And when she explodes her vile angry leftist bile will fly. That will be a great thing to witness. Probably around 9 PM Nov 6th.

    • How can she be credible after she got busted lying about Joe Soptic, the man who they said Romney killed his wife. Was she actually just calling Romney a liar over and over and over? She sounded like she is on something. How can they air a proven nutcase liar!!?

  7. In my opinion, Romney gave more detail than Owebie about how he was going to control the deficit. The left keeps repeating about Romney’s lack of detail, but I think the onus is on Owe to give details, since his promise to cut it in half resulted in it doubling.

  8. Stephanie….this is what happens when you prop up an empty suit with nothing but a teleprompter and friendly audiences for nearly 4 years. did you think last night was going to be just another night on the Letterman show? The View? The chickens have come home to roost, Stephanie! The jig is up!

  9. I’m surprised that Obama and his cretins haven’t resorted yet to their standard explanation for Obama’s failures: It was George Bush’s fault!

  10. To me Stephanie didn’t look like she was ready to explode, she looked like someone struggling to keep from crying about Obama’s bad performance..

  11. Anyone catch Cutter on CNN tonight? Was off spot checking the LSM and found a new channel at the bottom of the dial. Anyway in a “random act of journalism” the anchor on CNN basically told Cutter thier claim about the 5 trillion dollar tax cut claim was untrue. I though Cutter was going to spontaneously combust all over the tv. Shickingly the anchor actually corrected Cutter a second and third time. CNN numbers must really be bad for the. To revert to straight up journalism.

    Maybe there is a link out there somewhere.

  12. How fun to watching Cutter’s face warp and morph as she tries to look upbeat before the reporter turns to her with the first question. I always enjoy looking at the person who is not the center of attention — such revealing things are shown on a face during down time.

    Answering questions, Cutter is so nervous that she’s like a waterbug skittering over a pond with a trout in pursuit. Jerky hands, jerky lips, and jerky words.

    This does explain why The One ignored Romney — his team thought he could hijack the debate and make it a “conversation” between The One and people at home with Romney standing to one side yelping for attention.

    Didn’t work out that way, did it, Cutter?