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White House Press Pool Gets a Shock

A funny thing happened on the way from the debate . . .

Pool Report #11

Motorcade is rolling from the debate venue at 8.39 pm.

In an amusing moment, poolers were sitting in the Press One van outside the debate hall and the driver said “I think that Romney did real good.” There was a moment of baffled silence, before our steno , Bec, put two and two together and said “guys we are in the Romney van.” Blind panic then ensued as we piled out the van and sprinted towards the correct motorcade, which was parked right in front of Romney’s. Disaster was narrowly averted.

Stephen Collinson
AFP White House Correspondent,

So President Obama had such a bad night that even his press pool abandoned him.

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  1. Isn’t the reality such that Affirmative Action was exposed for its inherent flaw that it is? Here you have a President that has been spotted points before every contest in which he has competed throughout and at every stage of his entire life finally forced to compete without that built in advantage against another man who has engaged in competition and honestly and achieved great things on his own merit sometimes even at a politically correct disadvantage!

    Obama clearly proves that an Affirmative Action hireling will never be as capable and competent as someone who achieves the same level of achievement through meritorious conduct!

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