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Romney Campaign Creates “Honest Joe” T-Shirt

The Romney campaign has already come up with a T-shirt “saluting” Joe Biden for his comment Tuesday that the middle class has been “buried the last four years.”

The last four years, of course, happen to coincide with the Obama presidency. The shirt costs $30 and is available for sale on the Romney campaign website.

11 Responses to Romney Campaign Creates “Honest Joe” T-Shirt

  1. Love it! Would have gone with a different photo. A screen print of of him whispering sweet nothings into the biker chick’s ear would paint a more accurate picture of ol’ Honest Joe.

  2. I feel like there is an upcoming Gladiator game tonight. Dear Mitt, stay confident, stay calm, be a Maximus against that treacherous Commodus. Oh dear, I don´t want that ending of course but you know what I mean.
    The debate will be in the middle of the night, our time, so I won´t watch, but I wish you all here an entertaining evening and inspiring headlines tomorrow. Like “Obama started crying when he couldn´t remember the deficit” or ” The moderator had to stop Obamas incomprehensible tirades”.

      • ImNo – like the other Chicago politico, Jesse Jackson Jr. who had his meltdown at the Mayo, has yet to campaign for his seat and probably won’t and will more than probably be reelected, since Chicago has no demands or expectations of their reps.