As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Presidential Debate – Denver, Colorado

I will live stream the debate right here starting at 9:00 pm ET.

You’ll be able, of course, to comment in real time. Looking forward to seeing your reactions and your play-by-play analysis!

The debate has concluded. Here’s the videotape:

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182 Responses to Live Stream || Presidential Debate – Denver, Colorado

  1. So many people to whom I’ve spoken are too afraid to watch. Stomachs are in a knot. Don’t like the format. Nervously pacing. Like watching the talent portion of Miss America, waiting for the baton to fall. I saw a great tweet this afternoon to George Stephanoplous asking him what time tonight he was going to air his pre-taped announcement that Obama won the debate. It would be funny if it weren’t scarily true. Call me when it’s all over.

    • Rush had some sage advice today – don’t pay any attention to the polls or the talking heads after the debate. I plan to follow his advice. We’re watching the debate on C-Span, thus avoiding the temptation to toss something through the TV when some teleprompter reading airhead praises the little demagogue for his wondrous oratory skills.

      • C-span here too.

        I always keep Cheetos handy for TV bashing, they only leave an orange mark on the screen. One could lick it off, if desired.

        • srdem….I’ll never be able to pick up a Cheeto again without thinking of your hilarious comment. As soon as it’s tea-trolley time, I’m going to practice tossing Cheetos at the tv screen….

        • Great idea, srdem. Sure would avoid any further damage to the TV. Although, I think several trips to the tea-trolly would be a prerequisite for licking the Cheetos residue off the TV screen…

        • Cheetos! Cheeeee tos! cheeat oh? Cheat oh…. El Cheat O! Yeah…now i’m thinkin.

          On a more seriious note.. .Thank you SdDem65. Best advice is to dust the tv screen before the liquor induced licking starts. Oh… and someone told me about that not that i woul know from personal expereince.

      • Watching C-Span tonight and the stock market in the morning. and in between will try to catch whatever EU cable networks overnight. DW, France 24, BBC . I know how I/we perceive Obama, but I am just as curious to see how the newspapers beyond our borders cover the debate/s.

    • I wasn’t going to watch but expectations are so low for Romney that he’s going to do great compared to that. Everyone will be surprised. He’ll show a toughness that he hasn’t shown lately and that we know he has. We also know how smart he is.

      Mitt, you’re our only hope. Please, God, let him shine.

  2. I have to share this. Here is the comment from someone on the on the Washington Examaner’s blog replying to my criticism of Obama’s fake accent and my response to him. It’s comedy gold:

    Comment from Whoareya:
    Haven’t you ever done karaoke in a black accent? Same thing. These audiences are used to being pandered to. I work with black people and I put on a black accent all day. I do the same thing when I play basketball. black people like it when I do that, they call me, “Bill Clinton.” The funniest thing to me is Randy Newman’s song that criticizes white people which he sings in that ridiculous fake black accent. almost all rock stars sing in fake black accents like Bruce Springsteen, Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger. Nothing to see here, accent wise. makes us sound as ridiculous as liberals, figures since this video came from that elitist Tucker Carlson. liberals are the always “offended” crowd, not conservatives. nobody will care about this video, it’critique of Obama is too nuanced for prim time.

    in reply to GrannyJanJihadKitty

    Reply from GrannyJanJihadKitty:

    Haven’t you ever done karaoke in a black accent?


    Same thing. These audiences are used to being pandered to.


    I work with black people and I put on a black accent all day

    .Sure you do

    I do the same thing when I play basketball. black people like it


    in reply to Whoareya

  3. i agree-don’t have a good feeling about this at all :(

    afraid romney will choose being looked at as a nice guy rather than a leader because is scared if he gets slightly harsh with obama he will probably be called a racist

    the undertone of the whole issue is race-it is so sad this is happening in this day and age

  4. I’m always bothered by Romney’s stiff posture. It almost looks like he’s had a spinal fusion and/or serious back problems. When he turns to look at his opponent, he turns his entire body. It seems so unnatural. I wish someone would shed some light on the situation.

    • I heard he’s very likable in private. The stiffness probably comes from over-exercising. He’s a fanatic and has a no body fat???

      Another words, I don’t know. His voice used to grate on me but that’s improved.

      You have good reason to worry but this just proves what I wrote earlier: Romney will far exceed your expectations.

    • My Dad ( God rest his soul ) was military and his posture was perfect. He wanted mine to be too….and I have tried all my life to live up to that standard. At 58 I still try. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with standin’ up straight.

    • At first I really couldn’t get behind Mitt. Now I am more and more confident that he can do the tough job ahead of him. His stiffness, unlikeability, etc???? Here’s my take, such as it is.

      I use to work for a very large telecommunications company with a very bright and successful (go figure) CEO. This man was incredibly smart, ivy-league schooled, and had an eye for detail that would blow your mind. However, he was still and appeared aloof and uncaring. I watched this man lead our company for many years with a leadership and sense of focus and direction I have not seen since. He really cared about the success of the company and the employees. He was laser focused on complex issues and made the right, and sometimes hard decisions. People didn’t think he could connect with those under him. I thought so too, until I was priviledged enough to work alongside him for a short time.

      After my stint with this man, I had a level of respect for him that very few receive. Much like the respect many people who came out in support of Mitt Romney after specific instances of compassion and leadership on his part. He is an incredibly intelligent man. I daresay, he’s more of an introvert than an extrovert and that doesn’t bode well in this reality tv, popularity contest mentality we live with today. But…..he is a leader. He is compassionate. He is intelligent enough to surround himself with individuals who can help him and this country succeed. If that means he looks a little stiff in the process, I’ll take it.

  5. CNN just reported that Romney will ‘not go for a knock-out punch’. Well, that frees up about 90 minutes from tonight’s tv viewing! Good time to catch up on cleaning out closets!

    • It’s ok to vent but you should watch because you’ll never get the chance to see it without being tainted by other’s opinions..

      Obama will do ok but Romney just by holding his own will win but they’ll call it a tie.

      Some of the spin you’re hearing is manipulation on their part. They WANT to discourage you. Don’t let them do it.

      • I’ll be okay after an apple martini, GJ….It’s still early here on the Left Coast. We have friends coming over for moral support – everyone is excited. Lowered expectations are a good thing….I hope.

  6. Call me paranoid…I keep wondering if the debate will be cancelled because of the developing Turkey/Syria situation. Perfect “reason” to cancel everything.

  7. Two of the biggest travesties in the last 17 years?
    O.J.’s acquittal and the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the President of these used to be United States of America.

    • Good point, NN. Today is the anniversary of that travesty of justice.

      It’s also the the wedding anniversary of the two frauds. In fact, Mooch is gonna make him write “Love you, honey” on his hand to prove his love. Blech…more juvenile than presidential behavior, in my opinion.

      • It was a sad day in American History when a segment of the population actually cheered when an obviously guilty man was found not guilty of the cold blooded murders of two people.

    • Oh good grief, my eye sight is going.

      Two of the biggest transvestites is what I thought I read and I am thinking to myself, RuPaul and the O Jays.Well..I knew my guess was half right until I read further and realized it was RuPaul and BHO. ; )

      • I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio this morning and he said that there was a rumor going around that Obama was gay. Really. Glenn said he wasn’t interested in that kind of thing.

        I checked online and couldn’t find any new rumors but I was really surprised that Glenn would say it out loud.

        • GJ, whether he is or isn’t really doesn’t matter to me. The fact that he’s a dangerous schmuck does.Glenn was right to dismiss the guessing game and to stay focused on the facts, which in anoher time/world would have had him impeached already.

        • Go to WorldNetDaily and read the article printed yesterday headlined “Trinity Church Reveals an Obama Shocker” It is amazing and pretty graphic on the subject of his homosexuality. They even have a name for the clubs that he hung out in Illinois.

          • really? I don’ think homosexualtiy matters much anymore. I keep ending up at this is a free country and you can do what ever you want…just don’t make me pay for it. BTW, that also doens’t mean you can demand to be part of my peer group. If my church or (boy scout troup) doesn’t want homosexualtiy then good. Neither is depriving anyone of their ability to earn a living. Discrimination is bad… demanding to be part of a “peer” group is no better.

  8. What you wanna bet the Stammerer in Cheif mumbles er. um. ah, at least 100 time tonight? Oh wait, cancel that, I have no money. Spent it on food , groceries and gas. Nothing left. Never mind.

    • I thought the might kiss…. Good think i have this on streaming. My wife won’t stop shouting at the tv and we have 85 minutes to go.

  9. I like the tone so far. Romney needs to stay on message and ignore whatever Obama says. Trickle down gvmt doesn’t work… great line.

    • Love it. Great start, Mitt. He opened by trying to connect with the viewers, using real life examples of people he’s meeting on the campaign trail who have dealt with devastating job losses in the Obummer economic.

      After the opening comments, Lehrer asked Obummer a question about the “trickle down government” comment, and he isn’t answerng it, as usual.

      Good, now Mitt’s talking about the crushing “economy tax”. Middle income families who have lost $4,000 in income, paying higher gas prices, food, etc.

      Mitt looks natural and relaxed, in command of what he;s talking about, BHO looks stiff and rehearsed. Lovely, BHO’s now smirking as Mitt’s talking.

      Yippee, Mitt mentioned BHOs war on coal. He’s also refuting and debunking all BHO’s lies about his tax plan.

  10. It looks like Oboma is already off his game. Romney has the facts…Obama is on script… now he’s panicing. The glower is telling. nice count on permits and licenses. looking now to see if Obama scritps out a response or if the para legal tries to read the script.

  11. So far, Mitt is on point. He’s articulating his plans very well. +Mitt so far…..I like the personal stories to make his point. Go Mitt

  12. Looks like the President only had talking points – not a plan. I think Gov. Romney has come out strong.

    How can Obama keep repeating 5 trillion when Romney says that # is not part of his agenda?

    Romney seems to be more prepared with facts.

    He just said 5 trillion again… he has no other script… I do hope Romney can get under his skin.

      • Really important here that romney is winning the first 30 minutes. Liked the exchange there on the tax cuts versus taxing people more. Obama has just lost control of the narrative. Excellent work Romney +1
        So far… R+3 Obama 0 (but Obama has not hurt himself either nor has he made any points and exxon mobile isn’t the way to get a point. Asking rhetorical questions isn’t going to cut… uh oh… he jujst lost a point on the worn out text books diatribe to no where….)

        Update R+3 O-1

        • wow i think we almost saw a Rick Perry moment from obama on the education, medicare,

          Romeny +1… i’ve been in business for 25 years and i don’t know what you are tallking about BAzinga!

  13. I can’t stand obama’s voice so I mute him and read the text onscreen. Useful in terms of body language. Romney is animated and passionate. Obama is dull, nerdy and passionless — not to mention out of his league on eocnomics. Also without the sound you can see Obama get irritated. When he is losing the point he becomes more animated — but out of exasperation and irritation. Is it me or does Obama go on and on and over time?

    • Yes, he goes on and on and on and on…. he says it’s instructive. Again, I don’t think he has facts, a plan, a vision… he has talking points. And he keeps trying to tell sob stories…

    • end of round 2 i have R+4 and O-1 which is really odd. Romney didn’t score well in any of the primary debates.Not a looser but not a point leader either. Evasion… blathering… staying on message is a no count. Screw up is -1… landing a point is a point… Listening to obama talk about insurance i might need to change the scoring…. becuase his blathering is SOOOO painful.

  14. Ouch! I have a friend who says you don’t pick winners and losers — you pick losers! I’ve been in business 25 years and I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  15. OMG!!!!! Romney is hitting it out of the park!!! My phone keeps ringing – everyone is ectastic! Our friends who came over for moral support are poppiing champagne corks! Gotta go….

  16. jim l is carrying water for obama. I just saw a comment on another live feed Jim L — no, no, you’re hurting my boyfriend. Too funny.

  17. Didn’t some of the money for green jobs go to a Scandinavian country? Kind of dangerous to keep talking about tax cuts for jobs going overseas.

    • Channel 2 says Obama wins because Obama challenged Romney to provide details and he did not. But add the Obama campaign has not tweeted that Obama won. Makes clear the MSM has not received its marching orders and does not know what to do without them.

    • Have had the suspision that if Romeny didn’t commit a DEFCON 5 level gaffe, he would be declared the winner by the LSM. No matter, Obama WILL win the last debate accourding to the LSM and will then deserve the right to be reelected.

  18. I have Ronnney +4 and Obama -1. Obama didn’t really land any punches and tripped himself up. Romeny stumbled on regulation but recoved nicely later.The first 30 minutes was the tale of the tape.

    Obama was clearly off his game and never got into a comfort zone…smirks… uncomfortable. Not once did he say “I”. If he were landing any punches, he would have drifted into Obama land and we would have heard a “wellllll I yaaaa” but what we got was a lot of “uhhhh”. Not a good night for Team Obama.

  19. From Salena Zito’s Twitter:

    SalenaZito ‏@SalenaZitoTrib
    My personal ‘focus group” of swing Dem voters from battleground states gave debate overwhelmingly to Romney a striking unanimous landslide

    She covers swing voters, Dems for the Trib. She’s on John Batchelor’s radio show right now (WABC).

    • Two more tweets from Salena Zito:

      SalenaZito ‏@SalenaZitoTrib
      Romney never performed better and Obama never performed worse, the end.

      And just like that my email box is flooded with Democrat voters who have just ‘tuned in’ to the election and “like” Mitt Romney. boom, boom.

      • I see your two tweets and raise you two
        My only hope is that the debate is so boring people won’t see how bad obama is doing

        Good Lord I need a joint oh my god I want to go down the path to an answer!!

  20. CBS has a nitwit on who says that lowering tax rates does not produce jobs. As support for this, she notes that jobs did not increase when Bush lowered taxes in 2000. Gee,guess the September 11 attacks had not effect on the economy.

  21. Oh boy, can’t wait for the VP debate.
    MrRomney was brilliant, a real pro at the debate.
    MrObama wasn’t prepared for this level of debate. Every time MrRomney agreed with him, MrO was tongue-tied.

    Clever, distinct, good points. MrR wins this one.

  22. CBS is reporting that uncommitted people who watched the debate at their request responded as follows. 46% said Romney won, 22% said Obama won and 32% called it a tie. There was a substantial jump in the number of poeple who think Romney cares about them. 66% said Romney did. 69% said Obama did.

    Excellent news.

    • They’re talking about that CBS poll on the John Batchelor show right now (WABC). Scroll up a few posts to see my comments with some of Saleno Zito’s tweets. She’s on Batchelor’s show now too and her email box is full of email from a group of 200 swing state dems that she questions regularly. She said that they all gave the debate to Romney and LIKED what they heard.