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Can You Name a Romney Proposal?

Quick. Without checking the Internets. Name a Romney proposal. Just one. Be specific.

Were you able to do it?

Tell me what’s in the Romney tax plan. Don’t think, just tell me. Say it out loud to your computer. I’ll be listening.

Well, if you had a problem with the Romney tax plan, that may be because they’re still working on it. He wants to cut marginal rates and “pay for it” by ridding the tax code of certain deductions. Only, he hasn’t specified the deductions he’d remove. Because that might make some people who take them unhappy.

Oh golly. Isn't it great?

If you’re having trouble naming any of his proposals, it’s because Dr. Romney has been following the physicians’ creed: “First do no Harm.”

His tentative campaign lacks a banner – other than “Obama Sucks.” Because promoting an aggressive agenda with real proposals people can like or oppose might make someone forget that they’re supposed to be hating Obama. Standing for something might make them hate on Romney too.

Romney’s latest tactic is to try to seize the foreign policy issue from President Obama. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday noted that Romney doesn’t say how he’d do it better.

Carney is right. Romney, for example, criticizes Obama on Afghanistan. Romney has a point. But what is he going to do, reverse the policy and create another “surge?” Seems like it might be too late to start again. We’re at war, and I really have no idea how the Republican presidential candidate intends to wage it.

There was a sad phone call Monday in which Romney’s advisers pledged to reporters to stick with their losing strategy.

From Politico, which was on the call:

The aides say Romney will lean into a single theme: “We can’t afford another four years like the last four years . . .

“Our message is very clear, which is we cannot afford four more years like the last four years. And we need a real recovery,” Gillespie said. “Whether it’s health care, energy, taxes and spending or debt, the message is we cannot afford four more years like the last four years.”

The Obama campaign is right. Romney and his people are out of touch.

The United States is a forward looking nation. That’s what we’re all about – the future, not the past. Americans want something to look forward to, even if it’s tough medicine for a tough time.

Always appearing kind of oddly jolly, Romney is not the one to tell Americans that their entitlement benefits are going to have to be cut. And his lack of an ideology prevents him from enthusiastically promoting his ideas

As the kind of executive who likes to get smart people in a room and fix things, he fails to understand that Americans want their leaders to create things.

George W. Bush understood this in 2000, when he offered up his “Compassionate Conservatism” agenda. He had within it a very specific tax plan that everyone knew about and understood. His campaign explained exactly how it would affect Americans of different incomes. And after he was elected, he drove his tax cuts into law. They’re still with us today.

The Obama people understand this too. That’s why their slogan is “forward.” Obama also has no proposals for us. But at least he’s faking it.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t name Romney’s initiatives or explain his tax plan. I have trouble doing so, and I cover this campaign every day.

Romney must explain what he intends to do. If he doesn’t, he can outline for us how he intends to spend his retirement.

90 thoughts on “Can You Name a Romney Proposal?”

  1. Not really a fair piece Keith. Romney has lots of specifics on his web site and folks following closely know some of his proposals.

    Also, you failed to ask what Obama’s proposals are…

  2. You are 100000000% correct. Romney absolutely won’t win unless he shares some specifics. Why he hasn’t escapes me on every level.

    1. Hate to say, but Romney is “out of touch” with America (and alot of ideas in the ‘Republican Party’ or the ‘Conservative movement’…)

      At this rate I am “voting” for Romney because it is a “vote” against that G#d Damn ‘Neo-Socialist’ Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. I can! I can! And, so should you!

      Sorry – had too much coffee apparently…

      At a minimum, step one on being informed is knowing your candidates positions on important matters (or those matters you hold important). Step two, which maybe you struggle with, is KNOWING what the enemy / opposition has in play. Step three, “effectively” adjusting to reality.

      Lots of folks study winners. Fair enough. Study why folks “lose” and there is a wealth of information to be had. Unfortunately for many here, Romney’s campaign will make a great case study – as Keith is indirectly pointing out…

    2. …More wasted stimulus to his friends.
      …More attacks on the American energy source–coal.
      …More wishy-washy fingerpointing at terrorists
      …More tightening of American health options
      …Windmills for all
      …Free storm windows
      …Vicarious vacation stories
      …Name calling

  3. What about Obama’s specific proposals? Any interest in what he may have in store for us? I just know he’s putting off everything until after the election. If he should win reelection, there is an avalanche of onerous regulations, taxes, mass layoffs, despair, and destruction just waiting for the prince of darkness to unleash on America.

    As far as a campaign banner, our Romney/Ryan posters and bumper stickers are emblazoned with “Believe in America”. It is a lot more inviting than the Stalinesque nose in the air pose of a demagogue and the word “Forward”. Forward to what? The same failing economy and vacuum of leadership we’ve experienced for the past four years? No way, no how. I’ve about had it with the hand wringers and naysayers.

    1. Susan – You missed the point. As much as you want it to be, it is NOT about YOU. YOU know who your voting for (or against). What about the swing vote? Hmmmmm.

      And, going rogue here: And, that is pretty much is why Romney will not win. There are too many swing voters who just do not want to hang out, let alone be associated with, folks like you. Your hatred and venom turn people off, and even when they may agree on a point or have a leaning, the environment you create is so negative, even trolls like me try to help you get a grip…

        1. lol…. You make it too easy. Commie? Sorry to disappoint, but your assessment is not only inaccurate, but, um – just substantiates my point. Open your eyes if you want to make a positive difference.

          1. So you are the arbitrator of all things positive? Ha ha ha! Please do not respond to my posts any longer. You are wasting your time and mine as well.

          2. Star. Worse, I was educated in both Europe and the US. I have lived overseas for over 5 years, served my country, and actually created jobs and paid taxes… You can keep your standard for critical thinking Star and I’ll keep mine.

          3. R.T. Boogs, you hoot you. Susan, venom and hatred… wha…? I was educated here and abroad, am tri-ligual, and one of those nasty masses hating taxpaying job creators myself, as well a veteran. Does this make you…better? Apparantly it may make you puffy, probably simply irrelevant, with circular logic and a snide self importance when challanged. America will be wiping Obama off the bottom of her show in one month, as the excrement he actually is. Perhaps Ron Paul will be alve in 2016 – doubtful. Meantime, go bugger yourself.

          4. Thanks for sharing your observations Betty Ann. They speak volumes.

            Have a nice day and stay away from anything sharp – don’t want you to hurt yourself.

          5. Ok Susan. No, I hold no such position as arbitrator on all things positive. But, being open-minded and generally positive is a standard I try to maintain, though I occasionally fall short.

            I will try to honor your request Susan. Do understand, I am not trying to change your viewpoint on anything… I do intend to make a difference for a voter who is in the center and is working hard to develop or refine a worldview. My occasional contrasting posts are designed to elicit discourse and foster that entire process along. No more, no less.

            Thanks for sharing.

          6. Star – I was initially going to comment on your “bad vision”, since you love irony so… But, I’ll stay on task. To that end, you or I will never know who we “reach” on these boards or when or if we will make a positive difference. Certainly, your ongoing hatred for this current administration is largely shared by contributors, and why not.

            That said – at the end of the day, you’ll still be behaving like a deeply hurt soul – spewing hurt, pain, anger, disgust, and contempt for anyone or anything that does not align with your sense of reality. For your passion, I do indeed commend you. And Me? Why, I’ll be behaving “just like” the over-educated, clueless, one notch short of full-bred commie you want me to be. It is not who I am, not even close – but that does not really matter to you.

            Have a good night Star.

          1. I don’t do the commie deal, but you had a glint of self-examination there, I think. You don’t need to take someone’s supposed personal inventory to disagree with his or her position. Your amateur psychoanalyzing is kind of repetitive–yes, I am angry! I have paid a high price for others’ adulation of this childish and incompetent chief executive. And my bad vision comes from four failed eye surgeries leaving me without sight in one eye…no quotes needed.

          2. OK Star. Sorry if I offended. Your comment on Vision given the President’s Hopes and Dreams theme and your love of irony was just sitting there. I meant no offense on an ailment.

            Actually I am licensed to practice – so no surprise on my outlook with respect to the human condition…

            Glad we chatted. See ya around.

        1. @creeper – I may indeed be. If you have other descriptors for the undercurrent of Susan’s posts, feel free to share. I would add frustrated, concerned, and engaged too.

  4. All I need to know is that he has said that he will repeal and repace Obamacare and that he will open up our energy resources. That is all I need to know.

  5. Nailed it Keith.

    @ Melvin et al. Guys, you can say all you want that there is specificity in Romney’s campaign – all you need to do it drill down and read about it. OK, right you are. Let me get on that.

    The “problem” is that many, many, many voters want sound bites and a metaphorical nugget to latch on to – and they will ultimately pull the handle on the candidate with the “fix” – typically a quick fix. Want a recipe? Check out Reagan’s basic platform… Simple, understandable, and easy to relate to. The net result, “easy to regurgitate”…

    Perhaps best demonstrated by an old quote by Napoleon – “A leader is a dealer in hope.”. That simple, and that is what Keith is trying to point out. And, he did a great job outlining his case.

    1. The problem is that Obama’s fandom have ZERO idea of his plans and yet they are still voting for him. “Free phones” . . . “no car payments” . . . “no mortgage payments” . . .

      The electorate only hears and believes what they want to believe.

      I don’t know how many times I have heard him say that he will lead the drive to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something that is workable. I don’t know how many times I have heard him say that he will open up our energy fields . . .

      No one listens, do they? Obviously . . . if people don’t know what he is proposing.

      1. @Original – good point. And, therein lies the rub.

        Voters have a wide range opinion based upon their worldview. “Spanning” this divide is a complex and messy business. The Romney campaign owns 42-45% of voters. He needs another 10% or so. And, these 10% require a different approach. We may not like it, but there it is.

        Get it wrong, you are pandering. Get it right and you are The President.

  6. Some what O/T, but related via the concept of knowing one’s self and one’s enemies, I am reminded of Sun Tzu’s (孙子) writings. He wrote in the Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    Both the Romney and Obama camps THINK they know their “enemies” but in reality they know neither the enemy nor themselves. One tries to make this election about class envy/warfare, and the other, well truthfully I’m not sure. Ryan seems to be the only one that can articulate a plan.

    I read nearly anything I can get my hands (or computer) on. Sometimes it’s just to look at the pretty pictures, but mostly to find out not only what the Rushs, Hannitys, Becks, and Levins of the world are saying in the conservative front, but I read what the other side has to say. In Pravda today, they have an interesting story titled, “Unemployment Rules the World.” I cannot and will not vouch for the veracity of their stats, but they do paint a picture that is not pretty. ( One statement I found fascinating is so true of so many in America today, “As for young Europeans out of work, it should be noted that many of them, and this is true not only of migrant families, sometimes do not intend to find work. At times they take very long to look for work because they believe that jobs with low wages are below their dignity. Many young people also do not want to open their business, preferring to live on welfare.” The growing welfare state has taken over and is destroying the Old World, so why in heavens name would we want to bring the same thinking to the New World?

    Know your enemy and know yourself to be victorious. Romney needs to look deep inside and express himself as he knows him to be. If he loses the election because he stands and speaks his beliefs, then so be it. But he cannot be driven by polls or the desire to please.

    For those so inclined, here is the original Russia version –

    I would stick to the English site, my Russian is minimal at best, and it takes too long to try and translate into coherent English, plus the keyboarding is a pain. удача!

    1. The truth is, few of us are voting for Romney.
      We are voting for us, ourselves.
      We are voting against Obama.

      I will say, Keith, the Obama people may be saying “we must look forward”, what they are really saying is… “Don’t look behind. That’s negative and besides, It’s all Bush’s fault. By the way, don’t look at the present either. sometime in the future we will all be sitting underneath a waterfall drinking margaritas.

  7. Unfortunately, Obama has a record to run on and I don’t like it. More of the same for 4 more years? I don’t think so. I’ll take a chance on the other guy with a history of accomplishments and business successes in his private and public life, and who cherishes his faith, family and country.

    And I like Ann much better :D

  8. As I said in another post, it doesn’t seem as though the Republican Party Machine wants their boy to win.

    Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why Romney’s campaign has been so weak? Not only has he had more ammunition to use against a failed president and his anti-America policies than in any election in decades, but can’t even articulate to voters what his plans really are.

    America is no longer America. At least it isn’t close to the one our founders envisioned. Better start stocking up supplies necessary for a limited survival if you haven’t already.

  9. Another why doesn’t Romney just quit piece–from you, Keith? He has been plenty specific on his site–“reporters” would climb all over him if he wonked out and droned on all these specifics. I am getting disgusted with these snipes from all sides on Romney–and the stupid trashtalking about who is what kind of debater is a close second. I think by not being Obama and keeping our enemies guessing and by using a a CEO’s tried and tested technique of good advisers and decision-making he will be a gigantic improvement!

  10. Very easy – on day one he will approve the Keystone Pipeline and reject Obamacare. Mr. Romney is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Should he be vile – should he be warm – blah blah blah. I’m tired of seeing our President on every flipping feel good show – I turn the channel as soon as an ad comes on for any candidate. I don’t think I’m alone in this. I simply want someone who will put their ego aside and start working with Congress to start solving these problems. There is so much that needs to be done and no matter what we need a problem solver – we may not know how it plays out, but at least I am confident he will try – that’s in his gut because of his past business experience. Maybe it’s better if we have someone who isn’t so hung up on ideology that he can veer away from the harder lines and approach problem solving as it should, getting people together to hash out options and then act on them. Perhaps this is all wishful thinking, but we simply can’t continue to incur debt like we are. My husband and I work every day to improve our financial situation – we make lots of choices to do so – what we ultimately decide may or may not have been our first goal and may not always get the results we want, but we look at options and make a final decision based on what is right for us. This country cannot continue down this path. If not now, my husband and I both said this morning – I don’t know if we can recover – the financial consequences are severe – not just nationally, but also in our state (California) and our surrounding communities.

    1. Same here in AZ–this is not some theoretical exercise–we are in trouble out here. do I think Obama gives a flip? No. Does Romney–I think he would look into it.

    2. Right, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Personally, I’m ok with him not being more specific. Reading some comments from other sites concerning his taxes almost made my head explode. I would have laughed if it hadn’t been so sad.

      When most people don’t even understand the basics of the Federal Income tax, I’m fairly certain they won’t understand more complex issues. I saw too many people comment about paying a higher tax rate than Romney. Some stated they only made $30k or so a year and paid 28% in taxes. Tax brackets and effective tax rates are completely different. So is how their income is taxed and how Romney’s income is taxed. But they ran with a soundbite and “yep, that’s right” on the bandwagon they went.

      I know enough about the specifics in his plans. I also know, and understand, you can’t lay out all the specifics because you have to work with people in order to get things done. There’s what he may want and what will actually happen after negotiating with others. He is a businessman, he knows concessions have to be made in the course of business. Don’t make promises about specifics now that you can’t live up to later. Bring people together that you trust and with open minds learn from each other. Then you can present a plan formulated by a collaboration of ideas, not just your own opinion.

  11. I hear the Progressive view of everything from a cousin, a life-long (age 78), flaming liberal.

    In her view, because she married an alcoholic bum and had two children with him, she was so traumatized by this experience she couldn’t ever work again. Thus, the government was responsible to support her and her children.

    After the children grew up, through years of eating herself into diabetes, no exercise and watching the daily soap operas as well as having to endure the indignities of Republicans, the government was responsible for paying her disability benefits.

    Medicaid, food stamps, and donations from Christian’s in her community aren’t enough.

    Those $1 co-pays for prescription drugs are outrageous!

    Taxpayer-subsidized telephone, electricity, and heating costs aren’t enough.

    Why, just getting out of her taxpayer-funded wheelchair to go the lavatory, missing a portion of Chris Matthews rantings and ravings about Republicans, is hardly bearable.

    And not to mention those greedy and corrupt corporations whose bottom line is to enrich themselves and nothing more.

    Without the unions, the people have no defense against corrupt employers who want people to slave away at a wage that they can’t live on.

    Corporations are more corrupt than government. Government is the savior of the people.

    And on, and on.

  12. Are you saying “Obama Wins 2012”? (how that NO-BODY, EMPYT SUIT; ‘Hope & Change’ dope came to become “President of the USA” in 2008 is beyond me…)
    But, Mr. Koffler you are saying the USA is F#CKED because Romney has NO “Plans/Proposals”?
    I must say, I am “voting” for Romney because it is a “vote” against that G*d Damn ‘Neo-Socialist’ Barack Hussein Obama.

    God Save the Republic. (1776-2012?)

  13. Well reading that poor little Barry thinks prepping for the debates is a drag and
    he gets homework. For the love of God that alone nullifies his ability to be
    President. Terror attack off to Vegas Carter even refused to go campaign
    after the hostage crisis. Romney will be a solid leader unlike Obama because
    if he’s not hanging with the Hollywood crowd or being worshiped well its just
    not fun for him?!!!!

    1. If they had listened carefully they would have heard his specifics. Wealth re-distribution and the transformation of America. But that was ignored and all they heard was “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage and fill my gas tank.”

  14. Approve the Keystone pipeline and repeal ObamaCare.

    Keith, does the newsmedia ever cover the Romney rallies? Other than to try to snipe at them? Does CBS ever let us hear the words that Romney speaks at these events? So other than his website, how the heck is anyone supposed to know what he has proposed? This is like asking “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    1. In a way that’s true–a proposal is not a law…It’s easy to shoot at proposals and generalize them into basically a lie–and they might not even be what happens (viz: eliminating Medicare). With Obama, we know what happens…that’s the difference. So this whole specifics thing is so dopey.

  15. I know he supports Israel and that he is not a lying, thieving commie rat bastard.
    That’s enough for me to get rid of the criminal enterprise known as obamas regime.

    1. And me three. Obama has a track record now and he has proven his incompetence in his economic policies, foreign policy-especially with regards to the middle east and four dead DoS employees, and domestic policies. Obama had his chance, he blew it, time to go. Bub-bye, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, loser.

  16. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this post. It is not about a plan, the plan, or the details. It is about the direction, the goal, the future of the country. This election is not really about sound bites, and even if it were the media has sufficiently suffocated any sense of fair play. Obama is forward into the future with national socialism — the cult of the personality and the primacy of the state and the demonization of the enemies of the state. Romney is forward into the future standing squarely on the shoulders of the American foundation — individual freedoms and responsibility with a limited government of, by and for the people. Going into the weeds is not useful. If Americans living in Obamaland need the details of the Romney plan, need America redefined then no amount of planning, sound bites, details is going to help. Romney’s plans may not be memorable in their detail but I defy anyone to outline for me the details, the guts, the very entrails of Obama’s greatest plan to date — Obamacare. Or define the details of the plan that allows the President of the United States to advise defense corporations to disobey the federal law of the WARN Act and to further reassure them they will be compensated for any fines or legalities resulting from such action with the taxpayers money, all for the thinly disguised purpose of securing votes. Beyond Chicago style corruption, vote buying and gobsmacking abuse of executive power — what friggin’ plan for America does Obama have, The plan that Obama has to fundamentally transform the United States of America is so scary, so unAmerican that no one will discuss it honestly. And part of Obama’s plan is to get us to look closely at the shiny object of the man who is opposing him and accuse him of not having a plan. And this post on Romney’s plan plays into that perfectly. So, if America doesn’t know the difference by now between Obama and Romney no amount of articulation, sound bites or silly games is going to make a bit of difference.

    1. Well said, gracepmc. Our choices in this election are clear. Do Americans still cherish liberty, or have we succumbed to tyranny? If Romney could take that case to the American people, he could pull off what Reagan was able to do in 1980.

    2. Grace, that was the best post I’ve read in a long time. I hope that Keith takes it to heart and realizes how important and spot on your thinking is….what many of us think. Bravo!

      1. Thanks guys. It was a rant. But it was a rant born of what I believe and of a recent experience. So indulge me if you will.

        Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office. Talking with the woman responsible for insurance and financing of medical procedures. 30ish, working, soon to be divorced, average , good hearted American. We talk and she knows about the abuses of the medical system in terms of welfare and insurance. So, she is informed. She does not approve. But knows it exists. She deals with it every day. I don’t have that great of a chance of working the system as some — I worked and paid taxes.

        We move on. She has a friend — soon to be ex friend — receiving foodstamps ($800) a month/ with 3 children (receiving $ per child) with one child who is not disabled but slightly, possibly, maybe in another world, autistic, more $. Soon to be ex friend — druggie. This working woman sees the inequity of her situation and her soon to be ex friend’s and is not happy.

        So, on a visceral level, this young woman is unhappy with the way things are going. Moving on to politics and voting. She doesn’t have a clue. She doesn’t see a difference. I try the free enterprise vs. socialist route, the big government vs small etc. — no luck. So I say who would you want to be your office manager — to make sure the lights go on, people get paid, things work, schedules are met etc. I ask, Obama? Oh no, she says I would want Romney. So, that’s what it took.

        On a primal level this woman was an American who wanted individual freedoms, responsibility and small government, efficiency and no debt, but she was a product of our educational system and our culture. She didn’t know a Dem from a Rep, a conservative from a liberal but she knew she was opposed to those who milked the system and lived off her taxes. She knew she wanted her office to run efficiently and fairly.

        And so in my rant I was thinking of this woman. She knows on a very basic level how she wants to live and what is fair and what is not. And she would be a Romney voter if he was running for Office Manager.

        This woman, and I suspect many like her, could give a fig for the details of Romney’s plan and is unpersuaded by Obama’s rhetoric and lies. Details, plans and lies are not going to convince her or differentiate the candidates. But someone who speaks to her freedom to work and live and keep what is rightly hers and have a level playing field and to live a secure life. To be proud of herself and her country. She could care less about fundamentally transforming America — she has seen the direction it is going and she doesn’t like it.

        So for those of you who didn’t enjoy the rant — blame her, not me.:) Thanks guys.

    3. Grace – thanks for sharing. So, ignoring the remarks (or rant as you called it) with respect to our President, Keith’s article suggested rather directly that Governor Romney needs to make an adjustment – adapt, respond, adjust, react, shift, focus, illuminate, ,i.e., set forth a more defined / well articulated set of game plans, etc. Simply, the polls are trending down.

      I take it from your parting comment in this post that if America doesn’t get it by now, no change in strategy is warranted? Are we to infer Grace that your recommendation is that, bottom line, Romney should stay the course? You disagree with Keith’s basic precepts and line of logic on this?

      Yes? No?

        1. gracemc – Why set aside the Obama rant that was kind of embedded / wound / sprinkled among the main topic in play? OK, Um, cuz, the original post was about Romney making some tough choices? It was pertinent and appropriate to set aside the Obama rant as not being applicable to Keith’s initial observation – “Romney must explain what he intends to do. If he doesn’t, he can outline for us how he intends to spend his retirement.”

          Your closing quote / summary / wrap-up said: “So, if America doesn’t know the difference by now between Obama and Romney no amount of articulation, sound bites or silly games is going to make a bit of difference.”

          I was and am asking you to confirm a position, i.e., “Romney should stay the course? You disagree with Keith’s basic precepts and line of logic on this?”

          Just trying to understand where you stand. No more no less.

          1. With all due respect, I find your line of questioning tedious and not particularly productive for me. If you are having difficulty discerning sufficiently for your purposes what I think by what I have written then that’s unfortunate. I am not defending a dissertation. I have expressed a personal opinion triggered by Keith’s post. Nothing more, nothing less.

          2. OK gracemc. I’ll take you at your word – the course is set, battle-plans drawn, the first shots fired a long time ago, and your belief is that the best strategy is to stay the course. That the Governor has done more than enough to be specific and forthcoming on plans, policy, and associated specifics.

            I respectfully disagree. Governor Romney must act and respond in a manner that connect with the 10% Club. If he keeps swinging at a a pitch that he can’t hit, he’ll go down as an Al Gore / John Kerry – “It was there for the taking, and he didn’t get it done.”

    4. Grace, rant or not, your point is a good one.

      Let me make two points in reply.

      First, while the differences are obvious to you and many readers of this website, they are not as obvious to voters in the middle whom Romney needs to win. Many of these people have conservative instincts or can be swayed by conservative ideas, as Reagan proved. But for them, they need meat on the bones to really see the picture. They need some specifics to understand what they will be supporting and to look forward to a Romney presidency and what it will do. Principles are not enough. If they were, well, they wouldn’t be in the middle.

      Second, conservatives have to not just believe, but to get to the polls. Disliking Obama and believing in conservatism will enough for some, but having real proposals they want to see enacted is what may stir them to vote. Just as, for example, some people can be religious on their own, but many need to go to church, read the text, hear the preacher, and get excited about the specifics to feel the religion.

      And for both conservatives and the undecided, if Romney is not willing to make specific proposals the centerpiece of his campaign – not just list them on the website – it calls into question his commitment to getting them done.

      What works is ideology mixed with a commitment to specific actions. It’s what both Reagan and W. Bush campaigned on. And Romney better get smart fast.

      1. Yikes! I had a reply but it flew off — new computer, crazy sensitive. I will try to keep this short.
        Keith, I agree with you that there needs to be a plan, more meat to grab the swing and get the commitment. But if you consider the woman in my doctor’s office who knew in her gut what she wanted but not too much beyond that, too much detail can overwhelm. And the bog of detail can quickly lose to a silver tongued demagogue with no record and no plan. So, it’s a matter of degree I think. And let’s face it Romney is a wonk – short and sweet sometimes defies him, which I think is interesting because he can see solutions with a fair amount of speed and precision. Sometimes we can’t see in ourselves what others see. So goes Romney.
        That said, on your second point — action I couldn’t agree more. I meet more and more people out and about, dissatisfied but not keen on voting. I spend a lot of time on that — with sometimes the most ridiculous of arguments as to how it does matter and framing the importance of this election in the landscape of whatever they can relate to. My Romney as office manager is just one example of where you have to go sometimes to reach people where they live. Because people do care but with the misinformation, money , ads and distortion and corruption it is easy to lose heart.
        So, we are not far apart. Obama has such bitter disdain for the goodness of this country that rants ensue when reason should prevail. So, how fortunate for me that you take the time to do what you do.
        And finally I might gloat a little bit — I absolutely loved the left’s attempt to trash Romney with the garbageman ad, only to find out that Romney did indeed do that job,praised the hard work and often overlooked merits of it, and wrote about it. You gotta’ love the dems when they are at their dimmest. Daily Caller did a nice piece on it. Cheers and thanks again for your time and commitment to this blog.

  17. Yes, Romney proposes to end our dependence on foreign oil and cultivate our own resources. This will be good for the economy, creating jobs, and it will be good foreign policy. Let the Middle East choke on its oil.

    1. Julie – Romney proposes… Not going to happen on his watch, cuz, well, he won’t be on the Bridge. If he does indeed come up with a good idea, I hope someone on the President’s staff runs (absconds) with the idea. I mean, really, at the end of the day, we need to just run with the best ideas. All we can ask is that they (the WH) provide credit and appreciate when due.

      Oh, love the metaphor on Middle East choking on its oil. You being serious, I mean, the good foreign policy comment? I know there are some trolls on the Internet who try and make us look uninformed…

  18. In 2008. Obama was elected president. He was “hired” to do a job. He has failed to do that job. Electing Romney is in actuality firing Obama. If Romney does not do the job, in 2016, Romney can also be fired.
    Too many Americans have forgotten that is what our vote is —- to hire and fire. There isn’t anything that guarantees a second term for any elected official. Career incumbents and the state of our nation proves WE, the people, have NOT done OUR job.WE have allowed our nation to devolve into this morass. WE have allowed our elected officials to become our masters.
    WE have allowed our news agencies to abrogate their responsibility. WE have allowed celebrities who do not face any of the troubles or hard times the majority do to influence us simply by virtue of their fame. We do not pay them for their opinion but to entertain us.
    It is not any party that must win, but all Americans. We must reclaim our rights and accept our responsibility.
    Stop blaming anyone else but ourselves, for abdicating personal responsibility, not doing our own research, not voting, being swayed by personality instead of substance, by being blinded by fame instead freed by common sense.

    1. Excellent – we bear the burden for the very reasons stated. Since when does a President have to be “popular”. We’ve been through this too many times – let’s put adults in the White House. For all I care they can have warts, a bald head and a gut.

  19. Just go to and you will see what Obama has in store for us if elected. It is scary. I think the Daily Caller also has some gems to impart.
    As far as I can tell, every time Obama makes a speech he sounds like a racist. God help us all.

  20. For the last 4 years Obama has blamed Bush for the mess he inherited. No one has called him out on this lie – until now. If Romney is smart he will use Brit Hume’s argument somewhere in the debate tomorrow. Better late than never.

    BRIT HUME: A central premise of the Obama campaign is that he inherited an economy in freefall, pulled it back from the brink and set it on the right path.

    But consider this: The economy fell into recession more than a year before Mr. Obama took office. By the time he was inaugurated the worst of it was over. The economy was still shrinking but the steepest decline had occurred in the final quarter of 2008. It shrank less in the first quarter of ’09, and by June of ’09, it began to grow again, marking the official end of the recession. Mind you, this occurred before almost any of the massive stimulus spending Mr. Obama signed into law had taken effect.

    Yes, you might say, but in terms of job losses, the worst was still to come when Mr. Obama came in. But that’s not so either. More than half the 8.7 million jobs lost as a result of the recession had been lost by inauguration day.

    The president inherited an economy still in recession all right, but its recovery came before his policies could take effect. And remember this: deep recessions, including those involving a financial crisis, normally lead to strong, sharp recoveries. But this has been the weakest recovery since World War II

    Bush handed over half ($350B) of the $750B TARP funds to Obama. What happened to those funds? Bush used his share to rescue the banking system which was in freefall. By the time Obama took office, the emergency was over. That money was all paid back early with interest.

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