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Obama Visits “You Didn’t Build That” Monument

President Obama today made his way to the Hoover Dam, one of the most famous “You Didn’t Build That” structures in the United States.

The dam, a massive Depression-era government project, provides 4.2 billion KWh of energy per year, mainly to Southern Californians, to make it possible for the people there to power their businesses.

But they didn’t build it.┬áThank you, Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt.

Okay, Obama said he went to see it because it’s really neat and he’s never been there before. Doesn’t seem to be a campaign stop.

The dam is about 30 miles outside of Las Vegas, where Obama is practicing for tomorrow night’s debate. And it is neat.

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  1. Obama is like Hoover…
    He got caught in a bad economic situation (someone else’s fault) and made it worse.

    Plus like a Hoover vacuum he sux. Sorry, just had to say it.

  2. Why do I have the feeling the two moochers have never ventured outside the confines of the killing fields of Chicago. I resent my tax $$$ being spent on sightseeing for the Kenyan Marxist whose only goal is to destroy capitaliism.

    When reporters ask MO what she likes most about being FLOTUS, she ALWAYS answers: “The travel”. When they came back from the $100M Indonesia trip, Obama reportedly couldn’t stop talking about it – to the exclusion of anything pertaining to his job and the fact that he had just been shellacked in the mid-terms. Their motto is “Capitalism for Me; Socialism for Thee”.

    • It’s been months since MO has had a real vacation. I bet once the election is over she’ll be scheduling trips like there is no tomorrow, especially if BO loses. There is no way the Obamas can support their lifestyle on their own – MO is really going to have a meltdown.

  3. The best way to visit the Hoover Dam is to approach it from the Arizona side.
    The highway that leads to the Dam runs through the most desolate mountainous area imaginable and because of the dry, arid climate that retards plant growth, you can still follow the original roads that the builders and workers used to reach the area. The ‘old’ one-lane roads are cut though small hills but have to travel up and down the mountains. Not a small feat for the vehicles of the era.

    On both sides of the Dam are TSA checkpoints where all vehiclular traffic must stop and be inspected for..I don’t know…terrorists. The roads on both the Nevada and Arizona lands that lead down to the Dam are twisted, turned and so dangerous that the speed limit posted is 15MPH.

    Before 9/11, tractor-trailers were allowed to travel across the Dam, but then afterwards were forced to take a 50 mile detour starting outside Kingman Arizona and then through the casino town of Laughlin Nevada.

    The Dam is rightfully called a Wonder. The men who built it and died because of it in a time before modern construction equipment and safety protections are to be admired. The engineers who designed it were brilliant and their design still holds the waters of the Colorado and Lake Mead.

    I guess you can figure out that I’ve seen it many times and have always been amazed by it’s sheer splendor and design.

  4. I resent the fact that he chose to visit it, while President, on my nickel, Acutally, in light of the protection, on my thousand dollar biil, which is probably my share of the total cost. Why can’t he simply do his job?

    • Here I thought we wouldn’t see his face for 3 days. Wishful thinking on my part.

      Can’t wait to see how Axeldouche spins the video being shown on Hannity tonight. The Daily Caller will release the whole “unscrubbed” video.

      Drudge is giving a tease on the contents:
      “DAILY CALLER: ‘For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America’… Developing tonight…”

      • I’m listening right now on the Daily Caller and his fake black accent would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Why wasn’t he laughed off the stage?

        Obama X at his most extreme. He must have practiced have by watching Malcom X videos until he thought he had it right. Obama would be a joke if he weren’t so dangerous.

        • His put-on accent is about as convincing as Gore’s, Hillary’s, and Biden’s was. So phony and condescending, and the audience has no idea he is mocking them. This is a picture of the real Obama at work, shamelessly pandering his divisive BS to ‘his’ people, which he never was one of to begin with. Despicable lying bastard.

        • Raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, attended elite and ivy league schools and he sounds like a sharecropper from Alabama.
          He says “mah pastoh” and never puts a “g” on the end of a word.

          It was a race-baiting speech, meant to inflame racial hatred of White America that he claimed cared nothing about the events that hurt Black people.

          He might have sounded like Malcom X, but the Black leader’s message to his followers was that they should look to themselves to solve their problems, not to the White community.

        • The Malcolm X comparison is spot on. He is a dangerous chameleon. The worst part is that the fourth estate intentionally deceived America by hiding those snippets of his radical off the cuff remarks.

          • Obama is channeling Malcolm X with a really fake black accent.

            I have an authentic Boston accent but I’m will to change it for a few votes or in my case views.
            I don’t know what I should change it to.

            I went to private school like Obama and can do a pretty good New England wasp accent. However, I’m Jewish so might consider going the Jackie Mason route.

            I’ve always been envious of English accents. Barack could have chosen to sound British as a tribute to his father who probably spoke with one. That might have actually had some authenticity.

            I’ve never heard him do an Indonesian accent accept when he talked about the prettiest sound in the world.

            I can almost see the makings of a SNL skit which never will be made

          • Don’t forget the Irish brogue when he discovered his Irish roots. My MIL has that wonderful Boston accent and she hasn’t lived in Massachusetts for more than 50 years. We still tease her about “pahking the cah”.

            Yeah, won’t be holding my breath for any SNL skits on how easily he slips into the skin of whatever his adoring masses want him to be.

          • Allen West on Greta’s show tonight, reacting to a clip of the Obummer video began by first commenting that as someone born and raised in Georgia, he was very surprised at the inedible southern accent that the President, who was born in Hawaii and lived in Chicago was able to command.

  5. He made a campaign stop there because Harry Reid told him that in Nevada, fish can register to vote. He figured if there was water, there must be fish and he thought he could go preach to the fish.

  6. Hoover is a wonder and men did build it and several died in the process. I
    think that’s where they perfected a new type of cement/concrete due to its use
    for the dam like NASA and Teflon.

  7. I’ve never seen the Hoover Dam, but went to Mt Rushmore recently. I was amazed at the size of the project and then saddened that nothing like it will ever get built again. Environmentalists have a stranglehold on everything that gets built in this country. We will never be the leader again until we wrest control back from them.