As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2:25 am || Departs Henderson, Nevada
3:55 pm || Arrives Denver
9:00 pm || Participates in the first presidential debate

All times Eastern

15 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 3, 2012

  1. I bet we won’t hear the black Obama tomorrow,like the one that was in that video released today. Unless the audience is predominatly black. According to Juan Williams,if the audience was Italian American,he would speak with an Italian acccent!! And all politicians do it by the way,according to Juan. I’d love to hear Mitt Romney talk gangsta!!
    That video just shows what a phoney,panderer the President is,but the sad thing is half the people just don’t care.

    • Using Juan’s logic, if Obama is in Chinatown, he should talk like a Chinaman. If he was speaking to Indians or Pakis, he should sound like Apu…”Thank you, Come Again!” If speaking with Italians, sound like a Jersey mobster. Phony and pathetic.

  2. Another heavy schedule for Barry. More debate prepping no doubt…what a drag. Can’t go out and play a few holes, shoot some hoops or lay around watching videos of Beyonce.

    • LOL, great job, Granny Jan! Thanks for the laughs, but I hope they don’t cause nightmares. I especially enjoyed what you did what the Moochelle “My Plate” clip. Making BHO the vegetable portion of the plate is so appropriate, since we have articles coming out every day about how the kids across America are dumping all the mandatory vegetables in the trash cans. Hopefully, that’s a sign….34 more days.

    • What a masterpiece, Granny Jan! If Obama wins, I’m going to play the ‘creepy family” video every day just to keep my ‘spirits’ up.

  3. I’ll be watching and trying not to drive my husband crazy by pausing the TV so I can vent (loudly), or refute what Obummer is saying, or complain about the questions being asked or not asked.

    With five weeks to go, I just have to ask all my fellow posters here to join me in ignoring those pesky trolls littering up Keith’s site. I just caught up on today’s comments and one in particular seems to think he’s the self-appointed moderator of nearly every comment here, as if it’s his right to approve or disapprove of the posted comments, often with a touch of condescending snark added in. He seems to have an awful lot of free time on his hands…maybe he needs a job/hobby/life. (Yes, he does have a definite fondness for a peculiar writing style if you know what I mean). From here on in, I’m going to save myself some time by just scrolling on down without reading certain posts. Most of all, don’t engage, especially with those who are not nearly as intelligent as they like to believe they are. It’s much more fun to frustrate them by not giving them what they want.

    • Spot on, Snark! Their intent is to incite, not to learn or to have an open mind to thoughtful discussion. By the way, do not try to prevent the venting by utilizing duct tape. Trust me, it does not work!