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Ann Romney Outbaked by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has won the quadrennial Family Circle cookie bakeoff, defeating Ann Romney by just three points in voting – about the margin that separates their husbands in the campaign.

Michelle eeked out her victory with a recipe for “white and dark chocolate chip cookies.”

I’m sorry, but the irony of submitting such a recipe when you’re the wife of the first mixed race president is a little hard to miss.

Ann Romney went with M&M cookies. And yes, in some respects, Mitt Romney does remind me of an M&M.

Michelle’s cookies garnered 4,844 votes from Family Circle readers, or 51.5 percent. Ann’s cookies picked up 4,557 votes for a 48.5 percent share.

59 Responses to Ann Romney Outbaked by Michelle Obama

    • Does Soros own Family Circle? that would explain why communist
      cookies win. mo doesn’t outdo any aspect of Ann Romney.

      Ann a first class lady with integrity, values and love of our country.
      mo a deceitful, selfish, destructive disbarred lawyer fraud bent on starving our children and destroying America.

  1. Michelle….Did you bake those cookies?

    This coming from a woman who makes kids suffer at lunch and tells you what you can and cannot eat.

    • Michelle you “Didn’t bake those.” The government helped you! The government provided the roads that brought the flour, sugar, chocolate chips and other ingredients to the WH. The government helped the farmers to raise the wheat that the flour was made from. The government helped the import of Cacao to make the chocolate. The government made sure that the gas and power lines were there to provide the means to cook the cookies. The government gave you the education so that you could figure out how to read or make up the recipe.

      These aren’t your cookies Michelle, they are the people’s cookies. Your cookie success was built on the backs of the poor laborerS who worked the fields and factories to produce the ingredients.

      To paraphrase your husband, “YOU DIDN’T BAKE THAT!”

  2. From the Family Circle website:

    “Will history repeat itself? Our bake-off has been a bellwether in four out of five elections, with the winner becoming First Lady. Don’t forget to vote November 6!”

    • In all my years of being alive (won’t even go down that road this morning!) I have never, EVER seen someone hug the crew who picks up garbage or recycling! If I see them, I’ll say “good morning” and “thanks”, but that’s it!

  3. Does anyone actually think that MO actually has ever baked anything that has any value?

    At least, Ann had 5 boys which she had to feed.

    No way I believe that MO’s recipe isn’t anything that doesn’t come out of hte WH kitchen.

  4. Meeeeeeeeshell doesn’t know how to bake. They had a chef who lived with them in Chicago. But she can sure stuff those pieces of crap into that big mouth of hers. How do I know? Look at her behind – it’s as big as a broad side of a bus.

  5. Did Family Circle check the recipes for plagerism? I wouldn’t be surprised if MOo borrowed the recipe from someone else. They’re not above cheating to get what they want.

  6. After what I read today on the, Obama is really playing the race card in spades. So Michellle seems to be doing the same thing, only with cookies. Why am I not surprised? Those two want to win the election so bad that they will stop at nothing to win it. Just check out Drudge.