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Obama Schedule || Sunday, September 30, 2012

11:15 am || Departs White House
12:55 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas
6:30 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Desert Pines High School, Las Vegas

All times Eastern except as noted

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  1. Three days in Sin City to campaign and practice for the debates! He couldn’t find a place closer to home? The street closures and gridlock will hopefully lose more than a few votes for him. In the meantime, what a perfect opportunity for a few million Americans to gather in front of the WH to protest the ’empty chair’ inside of the Oval Office!

  2. Hey don’t say Moochelle doesn’t ever do anything for us. You see, she was so thoughtful when the women of America all gushed over her custom made dress that she wore when she spoke at the DNC that she made sure the designer created a version for the peons who only wish to copy Dear Leader’s wifey. Yes, for $398, you too can show off your “guns” in a fugly dress:

    Whew, that problem is solved! Now we know what we’ll be wearing to the office holiday parties this year. Oh, wait a second….they stopped having those parties a few years back. Maybe we should just skip the dress and buy a $500 pair of sneakers to wear while gardening or helping out at the local soup kitchen.

    • Her ‘everyday’ jewelry isn’t cheap either the necklace she wore on the View was $400 really how many lunches would that buy? The women
      that detail her every piece of clothes are begining to snipe at Ann Romney. They are so deluded they didn’t have to pay for Mrs Romney’s clothes. Idiots.

    • What’s really funny in that article is the mention of the retail price for the dress Ann Romney wore at the Republican convention, implying that hers cost nearly four times as much as Mooch’s. That would only be the case if Mooch paid the designer $398 for her custom made dress, which is the retail cost of the fugly knock-off.

      Unlikely. Mooch probably got her dress for free–a pay-for-play with the designer. It’s the Chicago way.

      • There are rules for what the cost of a FLOTUS can accept after a certain $ they become part of the WH collection. Ask poor Nncy Reagan
        but the rules don’t apply to HRH

      • Exactly, Lindy! Some people will read that quickly and come away thinking Ann Romney’s dress was so ridiculously expensive while Moochelle’s dress was “only” $398. See, she”s just like us. Not quite. The dress was custom designed and fitted just for Mooch. In exchange for the free dress, the designer got all that free press and now gets to market a “cheaper” version for the average woman, Except, how many women would pay $398 for a dress? I sure as hell do’t know any.

  3. I just read the previous article about the security problems in Benghazi. Seems like the White House can´t bury this story as easily as usual. And then there is the Fast and Furious story that rises again. Obama may soon be stuck in a mine field that was planned and executed in his own house. I hope it will get him out of balance in the upcoming debates. Right now he looks very grey , tired and skinny, well actually unhealthy. It will be advantage Romney who looks very confident in spite of the polls.I am certain that he considers them irrelevant and biased.

    • The majors use the weirdest pix of Romney they can find, but yes, he looks hale and energetic and the other one is spindly. Today on MTP (why o why do I do this?) Gregory had Christie there but interviewed himself once again–why did Romney deny us the specifics, wow those battleground states are sure going for Obama, what do you think of this Obama commercial–neat huh? These network guys have really left the rez of actual reporting. Don’t know why it always surprises me.

      • I just watched that uber-brilliant (in his own mind) interviewer Chris Wallace try to trap Ryan into saying something stupid…But that does no good with Chris and some of these people–they just say what they wanted the subject to say, lodge it in the consciousness, and ask another one. Chris is so blatant about this now. He asked Ryan if Ryan thought there was a media bias–I would have said, look at this interview! But that would have been the story then. Ryan did say sure, there is, I have seen it and known it my whole life as a conservative.

        • Ha, Star. I’m catching up here and I just made a comment above about how I’m watching the Wallace-Ryan interview on my DVR right now and Wallace is annoying the heck out of me.

  4. Back in March Obama pulled 9 military cargo planes out of military operations to support his campaign trips, He’s too busy campaigning to attend his intel briefings but he sure knows how to use our military for his own self-aggrandizement. The parking lots at his campaign stops must look like Andrews AFB on a bad day. No mention of the cost to taxpayers but it’s probably costing more than the GM bailout. All of this….and he STILL looks and sounds like the shyster community organizer from h*ll.

    …..”His wife, Vice President Joe Biden and many of his cabinet secretaries are using the Air Force’s fleet of VIP aircraft to visit more states as the election season speeds up.

    “The squadrons will supplement the existing fleet of VIP passenger aircraft at Andrews. Those aircraft include two giant Boeing 747s – which are tagged Air Force One while they’re carrying the president – as well as five Boeing 757 wide-body passenger jets, and 11 Gulfstream executive jets.

    Those passenger aircraft are already helping shuttling cabinet secretaries to their election-related events, many of which are in critical swing-states.”

    • Yes, this . A buddy does air traffic control, and he was telling us of the logistics, moving around these cargo plans filled with Obama’s crap, etc. When Shofar does that $$ tallies for AF1 – the price would be even higher if we included all of the transport stuff.

    • That article mentions that we need to protect the president, etc, and perhaps this isn’t a partisan issue to get in a ruffle about, but when Obama is campaigning 5 days a week … flying to Vegas one day, another city the next …

      How much farking money is he spending? Of OUR money?

      • Exactly, Car in. Every President is entitled to top security but this article fails to mention that Obama has been campaigning realistically speaking for the past 4 years – starting with his townhalls on Obamacare…all over the country. I can report first han that his motorcades are triple the size of the last 5 Presidents when they come to L.A. ….Obama has approx. 40 vehicles compared to the 8-9 of Bush and Clinton. We NEVER had street closures or gridlock. NEVER! Reagan used to jog in the little park two blocks from my house and only had 3-4 SS vehicles. You hardly knew he was there.

        Obama does all of this strictly for ‘show’ – he is, after all, the first half-Black POTUS. In a perverse way, he is hitting us all up for decades of reparations.

        • You woulda thunk “reparations” would be spread around a little more, you know, “redistributed”? But no.
          Wasn’t it Walter Washington, who, upon being elected Mayor of Chicago, said “Now it’s our turn at the trough.”

        • It´s appalling to read about the costs this president causes the American taxpayers. This man ( and the wife ) seems to love the pomp and circumstances, he resembles a certain kind of Third World leader. I remember how they started to misuse the Airforce One early on with those frivolous New York flights.
          Also, I hope that questions about the financing of the Hawaii estate will arise in the media. Who is buying influence here ?

    • I read the book “White House Perks Gone Royal.” It is amazing how much recent Presidents (not just Mr. Obama) have increased the perks for themsevles, their families and their staff. Why is it necessary for some cabinet members or Presidential staff (those who are not likely targets of terrorism or who do not have access to critical, sensitive information) to use Air Force jets? I remember that when President Kennedy was assassinated, several cabinet members were on a commerical flight in connection with official business. Why was that OK in 1963 but not now?

      According to the book mentioned above, there are projectionists on staff 24/7 (sleeping at the White House) in case the President, his family or guests want to watch a movie. I am sorry but this perk is not necessary. And given that most of us can put a DVD into a player, why is a projectionist needed at all? We could spend one year’s salary to upgrade the equipment to eliminate any need for this expense. And I doubt the equipment needs upgrading.

      The book explains how these expenditures are hidden from view and how they are undermining democracy.

      • You bring up some good points. Another expense that has been reported is the $100,000 plus salary per year for their dog handler. Why did Obamas get a dog if they can’t take care of it themselves? I don’t recall prior presidents paying such high salaries for dog handlers.

        • ovomit only “handles” the dog for photo ops. We all know koranimals don’t like dogs. And if we are paying for a dog trainer, we are being robbed. It’s not hard to train a dog to heel on a leash. You just have to be smarter than the dog.

  5. For someone who said. . .””You don’t go buying a boat when you can barely pay your mortgage. You don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.”. . .and who could also forget, “”You can’t go take that trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on taxpayers’ dime,” . . .he sure has been spending a lot of time in Las Vegas lately!!! Aren’t you folks sick of seeing him so often? Or maybe he’s scouting retirement properties!!! Maybe he could find something in Dingy Harry’s neighborhood!

  6. American troops who died in Afghanistan reaches 2000. The majority under Obama’s command. 30+ by Afghani soldiers or police we trained. General Dempsey suggests some of these due to cultural affrontery to the Afghans. Terrorists attack temples, churches, religious sites worldwide. Think Obama’s going to address any of this at his high school fundraiser. Think any of the 4th estate/5th column media will ask him about any of this. And Univision is the media outlet that has challenged Obama and tonight takes that further with a special highlighting even more F&F collateral damage. Dear God, get this guy out of the White House.

    • Hi gracemc. Our President will indeed be leaving the office. Bad news, for you and yours, sorry to report. The lack of specificity on your request on “when” he should be delivered from the White House has resulted in some confusion and now the President will now get another 4 years… Yikes….

      On the bright side, the loss of life in Afghanistan is more than offset by the lack of loss in Iraq. Not sure where the runaway logic train was going, but it is time to get off.

  7. I’m trying to find out who is paying for this trip. This is campaign related so the way I see it, his campaign should be footing the bill not the taxpayers