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Video || Hey! You Didn’t Build That!

Thought you might enjoy this on a Friday morning.

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    • Owebama’s point was that businesses use infrastructure put in place by government. What he (as ususal) fails to realize is that it is the same businesses that generate the revenue to pay the taxes to fund this same infrastructure development, not to mention his own extravagant lifestyle and the handouts to those on the dole, which end up being donated back to his campaign.

  1. That is a well done video, but no, I didn’t enjoy listening again to the arrogant sneer of an elite who doesn’t have a clue of what it takes to build a business dismiss the sacrifice, committment and risk it takes to build something..

  2. Great video. It illustrates just how much this demagogue has involved himself in our everyday lives. So looking forward to this election. It will be nice to have a leader who will make it his job to fulfill his constitutional duties rather than micromanage the details of every American citizen’s life.

  3. Bogus Issue??? BOGUS ISSUE???? And this coming from the one man in America who I would expect to KNOW a bogus issue when he sees one, being the Champion of Bogosity!

    Excellent video. Thanks Keith

  4. As a person with a small (blogging and freelance) business made way smaller in the last four years–and as far as I can see, not built by government except for the existence of DARPA and then eventually, due to much private development, the internet, this is just another smack in the forehead. What a sentence! I am a professional communicator, LOL.