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Obama Reuniting With Bill Clinton to Raise Cash

President Obama is enlisting the services of Bill Clinton once again, tapping his most valuable surrogate to help him raise money.

Clinton is credited with single-handedly boosting Obama’s poll numbers with his prime time speech at the Democrat Convention earlier this month.

Clinton will reportedly join Obama for a fundraising bash in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 7. The event was mentioned last night in an email sent by Obama to supporters. Obama wrote that he is raffling off a trip to meet himself and Clinton.

Next week I’m meeting up with President Clinton on the campaign trail, and we both want to thank you in person.

Donate $5 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to fly out to join us.

This Sunday is the biggest fundraising deadline of this campaign so far.

In an email to Obama supporters this morning, Clinton also issued an invitation to purchase a raffle ticket.

P.S. — If you donate $5 or whatever you can today, you and a guest will be automatically entered to fly out to meet President Obama and me on the campaign trail.

Clinton also reportedly will campaign in New Hampshire Wednesday for Obama.

29 Responses to Obama Reuniting With Bill Clinton to Raise Cash

    • Romney, the “Campaigner”, bears no resemblance to Romney, the “CEO”. He is not a performing seal – he is reserved and dignified. This was an awkward moment, to say the least. At least we have the debates to look forward to – he will run circles around Obama.

  1. I heard earlier today that democrat voter registration in NH is down about 19% this year. BJ Clinton is probably being sent there to get some SEIU types with Obamaphones to register in multiple names for voting purposes.

  2. Clinton and Hopey together!

    It’s like a Paul McCartney tune!

    Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney

    “Ebony And Ivory Live Together In Perfect Harmony”

    [Obama and Clinton certainly do complement each other, don’t they? It’s like the liberal wet dream to have two of the three most divisive Presidents together on the same stage! I guess that’s a kind of harmony, if “Eve of Destruction” is the tune you REALLLY want to hear…]

    “Side By Side On My Piano Keyboard, Oh Lord, Why Don’t We? ”

    [Just peas in a pod, if you can ignore all of the body language that suggests they’re as freindly with each other as two glue sniffing civit cats would be if they were in the same sack…]

    “We All Know That People Are The Same Where Ever We Go
    There Is Good And Bad In Ev’ryone, ”

    [Yup, Clinton and Obama. Just the same. Since they only listen to OTHER liberals, I’m sure it SEEMS like people are the same whereever they go! Same taker mentality, same hatred for America, same sense of laws and taxes only being for OTHER people!
    As for the “good”, some may say it’s hard to find in THIS duo, but I understand that Obama is quite “clean” from Joe Biteme. Does that count? Clinton takes a little more work. Maybe the “good” is that he keeps Hillary distracted….]

    “We Learn To Live, We Learn To Give ”

    [They learn to live on what WE are FORCED to give.]

    “Each Other What We Need To Survive Together Alive.”

    [Darn right! Obama would have been hauled to the electoral dumpster YEARS ago if he hadn’t had Clinton to pull his tiny chestnuts out of all his self-caused fires, from pimping for Obamacare to making fellow traveler commercials for him now. For his part, Clinton LOVES attention, and gets a LOT more when he’s around Obama. Maybe he gets Obama’s groupies too, since Obama isn’t really interested in females?]

    Perfect synergy! Kumbaya!

    I wonder if Sir Paul of the Red Flag wasn’t being prophetic here!

  3. President Kardashian & Hillary’s lackey Bill united. Wonder what it took for Bill Clinton to sell out America’s sovereignty? Hope he knows he sold his soul too. Once Juan and Eva win reelection the Clintons will be the first to be sent to the gulags. They are still nothing more than rich old white people no matter how hard they try to deny it.

    • You are correct. A meglomaniac like Obama can’t STAND that he has to have help from anyone else. He’ll use him to achieve his desires, then flush him once he has what he wants, and will throw him so far down the memory hole that there will be some question he ever existed.

      Clinton will be Agrippa to Obama’s Livia, Papen to Obama’s Hitler, Trotsky to Obama’s Lenin…history is replete with such examples. Clinton, though, being Clinton, is fool enough to think he’s “special” and has NO apparent concept how dangerous Obama can be. It’s like watching Obama as Mao asking for “a hundred flowers to bloom”, just so he can pinch off their heads…

  4. Considering that in next few weeks Barack Hussein will be forced politically to throw Hillary under the boss, (much like the ‘Obama Phone’ lady) what are William Jefferson’s intentions by teaming up with BO? Could he be waiting to publicly call Barack Hussein on the carpet for his ineptitude thus saving Hillary’s chances for 2016 and also at the same time saving the Democratic party from Barack Hussein’s transformative ways.

    • I think MrClinton is thrilled, just thrilled, to be back on the campaign trail. He’s scoring points with the local Dems and showing the Party pols that he’s a team player.
      IMO, he’s hoping that MrObama gets defeated, then MrRomney can’t do any better than his predecessor, leaving the field wide open for Hillary.

      He loves the stage and the attention. The Press loves him back because he never hems or haws, might say something newsworthy and doesn’t get huffy if he doesn’t like the question.
      He loves politics with a capital P and let’s face it, he has nothing better to do with his time.

  5. srdem65 – Well said and right on. Not sure if a W/L by the Dems helps or hurts Hilary, but you can bet Willy has an agenda… He always has and he always will…lol…

  6. Come to think of it shouldn’t Billy be with his spouse Hilly comforting her since she is now considered to be a failure as SOS, (funny how that fits). The madam Secretary needs to step down and Bill needs to go away.
    Bill must get more love from Barry.

  7. if Obama really wanted to raise money on Clinton’s name, couldn’t he sell personally autographed copies of Monica Lewinsky’s new book, “Devil with the Blue Dress Stained”?