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Psaki: Romney’s Nose Stretches About 300 Miles

Seeking to rebut charges that President Obama plays fast a loose with the truth, Obama Campaign Spokeswoman Jen Psaki today accused Gov. Mitt Romney of himself being a champion liar.

“If Mitt Romney were Pinocchio, his nose would be reaching from Virginia to Ohio with the number of lies he’s told,” Psaki said.

It’s about 300 miles from the middle of Virginia to the center of Ohio, so that would give Romney a pretty big nose and make him quite a substantial liar.

Psaki, who briefed reporters today on Air Force One along with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, was responding to reports that Romney plans to call Obama out if the president makes misleading statements.

“I think he’s going to say a lot of things that aren’t accurate,” Romney said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier this month.

Psaki accused the Romney campaign of trying to create a distraction from other issues.

“This is the kind of ridiculous, absurd and unproven accusations by the Romney team that are just meant to distract,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Obama team continued to try to lower expectations for the president – a classic pre-debate strategy – suggesting Romney is the favorite to win the encounter.

“I mean, if you just look at the assessment of the debates in 2008, that Barack Obama became the nominee of his party, in some ways in spite of his debate performances, and Mitt Romney became the nominee of his party because of them,” said Carney.

Psaki said Romney has been working harder to prepare the debates than John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush – unclear which one – or Ronald Reagan did for their debates, while Obama has been forced to spend time at his day job.

The first debate is on October 3 at 9:00 pm ET in Denver.

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    1. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

      -Karl Rove

          1. ask Mao about “Truth” when it comes to the “Great Leap Forward” or the “Cultural Revolution”… (how many Millions died/killed..?)

          2. …is Obama “accountable” for 2008-2012?
            (or is 2008-2012 all “Pres. Bush’s” fault?)
            One term and Obama: ‘the Messiah’ could not fix America?
            Whats up with that!?!

          3. You’re not talking to Christ, are you? Anyway, it sounds somewhat like the Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood v Casey: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

          4. I am talking to Christ, and he says “hi”. As for that Supreme Court case, that sentiment is not at all like Rove’s. Rove is talking about dwelling within a realm of facts that he constructs, not creating a context for existing facts.

          5. Maybe you’re right. Rove said actions create reality, which is certainly true. The Supreme Court said we are all at liberty to define meaning, existence itself, the universe, human life… Maybe they are not as similar as I thought.

          6. Thank you for spelling it out, for a minute there I thought you were a disciple of Karl Rove. To bad.

            Liberals will do and say anything to advance their socialist agenda, any amount of wrongs will justify, in their feeble mind, the desired end result, Obamacare is a prime example, wasted stimulus billions, Reid & Pelosi rhetoric, Solyndra, NLRB v Boeing, GM bailout, the list goes on and on.

            Lies on top of lies on top of more lies. It’s really the only thing they are consistently good at doing.

          7. Truth as who defines it? Is your truth the same as mine, probably not. When you are examining what this person or that has said or done, your automatically inject your own personal bias into what is being said or done. Your own bias causes you to come to a specific predetermined answer, long before you actually observe the behavior. If the actor in your observation knows that s/he is being watched, then you have the problem of the Hawthorn Effect, and your deductions of their behavior will end up being skewed.

            What you are saying is similar to Jourdain’s double liar paradox. When you commit to a statement as being totally true, then you commit to saying that anything in opposition is thereby false. If conservatives do not believe in the truth, then by your statement you are saying that they only believe in falsehoods.

            If what you are postulating is that conservatives only believe in falsehoods, then they must deny that water when subjected to 100 C temps boils and turns to steam. BUT we know that this is true, just as much as we know that when water is subjected to 0 deg. C temps it freezes.

            So by your blanket statement you are negating your own argument, because we conservatives do know the difference between a truth and a falsehood. Ergo, what you have said is by its nature false.

          8. Do you equate all conservatives with Karl Rove? Typical commie, put us all into classes or cliques. We are not all Karl Rove. Besides, he’s a RINO, not a conservative.

          9. Susan, conservatives et al–

            It is WAY too late to disavow Bush/Cheney/Rove/Wolfowitz/Rumsfeld. Trying to pretend that you were against them all along, that you knew that the real Oz was behind the curtain–that is literally what Rove means when he talks about “creating your own reality”.

          10. So then you admit that your statement is false. If your statement is so blatantly false, then how do you expect anyone to believe any other statements that you make?

            When either group, Dem or Rep level blanket statements about one group or another, they totally invalidate their arguments. You can no more say “All Jews are rich” (I wish that one was true, then I could get a new car) or that “All Muslims are murderous loonies” without totally loosing all credibility.

            You seem like a bright kid, albeit slightly misguided in my view, but you present far too many of your views in generalities and with banal talking points. It seems as though you cannot even fathom the other side’s perspective, nor except any other argument other than the one you postulate. For a nation to be free, discourse must be vigorous and at times contentious. But it should always be respectful. Pejoratives, and denigrating others who oppose your particular view lead to a tyranny of the masses, and that is something no one wants.

            Be wise in your words.

          11. “Denigrating others”? Wow! If this is what I get for calling a guy “Socrates”, imagine the earful I’d get for something like “Spinoza”.

            …And at no point did I “admit” my statement was false. The statement was an illustration, one you are parsing down to its atoms.

          12. Actually I was referring to your constant “teabagger” references and the like.

            I would no more call a member of the TEA party a teabagger than I would call members of the Black Caucus the “N” word. Both are beyond what should be acceptable speech in political discourse. Granted, I also do not want to see government censorship of any speech, other than yelling fire in a crowded theater, but self-censorship allows you to sound as if you have some intelligence, and some fresh ideas. Otherwise you simply sound as if you are a trained parrot, repeating the lines taught by your masters.

          13. Otherwise you simply sound as if you are a trained parrot, repeating the lines taught by your masters.

            Talk about parroting! How many times have I been told on this blog that I am aping the words of some secret overlord (sometimes alleged to be the Obama himself!)

            Look, I have no master except the Prophet Thomas S. Monson (peace be upon him). I am glad you are so courteous, but only after the Tea Party has been enslaved for hundreds of years (which, granted, I am rooting for) will “tea bagger” and “nigger” have the same cache.

          14. Shofar, I believe you are correct in the context of the observers paradox/ hawthorn effect. Because the us at the time of the quote (2004) was so large and projecting so much power, the reality would be shaped by whatever action we might take. To me it was more of a cautionary statement than bragging. But I’ll let someone else splain that to dim ray.

    1. Maybe it’s just prep for phone-in voting?

      You know, “Text 666 to vote for Obama, standard text rates apply unless you’re a Democrat, in which case the taxpayers take care of it. You may vote as often as you like for the candidate of your choice, as long as you choose Obama.”

      Like that. Why not, it’s no stupider than “vouch” voting, same day vote registration, and not checking in any way to see if someone voting is who they say they are…

  1. Obama has been forced to spend time at his day job? Pray tell, just when was that? While he was “eye candy” on the View? While he partied with Jay Z and Beyonce’s 350 bottle tower of $$$$ champagne? While he gads about the countryside in his private, taxpayer funded jet? On the golf course???
    It’s beyond me how anybody can go out and make such stupid, false statements as the Obots do.

  2. I hope Mitt comes out swinging for the fences in the debates. The obama record, which is nothing but a near 4 year trainwreck, has got to be driven home and Mitt saying what he will do to right the ship and get us moving again. The lies thet Obama’s campaign staff spew is almost as bad as the lies and distortions Obama and his inept, clueless administration along with his media lapdogs dish out on a daily basis.

    1. Snort! Your boy has been running for president for eight years and you still don’t know what he will do to correct an economic downturn that he has had four years to think upon?

      I’ve got news for you: candidates don’t debut huge new agenda items during debates. They hatch clever sound bites. What you know about Romney’s “plan” today is all you are going to know.

      How about we put a few of those “job creators” who sub-primed us into a depression in jail? Why the hell aren’t liberals and conservatives on the same page with that?

        1. Thank you for asking, KM. Obama’s plan was a glorious combination of Keynesian theory and “don’t rock the boat-ism”, which is to say, a stimulus plan that every expert agrees was half the size it should have been (so as not to upset the Republicans over much) as well as he barest of finger-wagging at Wall Street, so as not to push them too far into the Republican camp. This was best exemplified in the TARP, where the least punishing conditions for bailout were put on the financial sector, which by all rights should have been begging for mercy.

          (By the way, before you shout “AHA! GOT YOU NOW!”, please remind yourself how often Romney has brought up TARP in this campaign. Both sides have conspired to sweep that under the rug).

          Obama did do some good that Romney likely would not have. GM? Stroke of genius. Not only did he rescue a whole sector of the economy that we could hardly have afforded to lose in the middle of the Second Great Depression (and at minimal cost to the taxpayer), but he pretty much bagged Ohio in the process. So, let’s not pretend that Obama isn’t shrewd.

          1. GM? Stroke of genius? Minimal cost to the taxpayer? I guess billions of dollars can be considered minimal. Screwing bond holders, dealerships and non union shops is genius. Ford and all of the other auto manufacturers were and are doing fine. I don’t think this sector of the economy would have disappeared had GM been allowed to go through normal bankruptcy proceedings. But, to Potus’s credit, he bought a bunch of votes with the bailout using our minimal tax dollars.

          2. I guess that 1.3 revised GDP speaks highly of the Obama plan. Manufacturing shrank yet again to its lowest measurement since the 1930’s. I would guess that’s Romney’s fault?

            GM has been an utter disaster. To recoup the US investment (bail out) the treasury department would need to sell the 500 million shares at 53 dollars, GM finished trading at 23.18 today. Remind me not to consult Mr. Geithner on neither tax planning/reporting nor investment strategies.

            I did take a look at the fool hardy projections by the Obama administration, for all the blathering about increasing taxes on the ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’ his own numbers expect ONLY 891 billion in increased revenue over ten years, last time I looked the debt was some where north of 16 Trillion (T not B). Chump change for a chump President.

        1. I’ll go back even further than that! How about Jimmy Carter and the “Community Reinvestment Act.” Clinton only added to it with help from Barney Frank and Chris Dodd!

          1. Since the CRA has been disassociated with any significant role in the subprime bubble (very few lending institutions that inflated the bubble were covered by the CRA), I’m not sure what you are driving at. The players in the sub-prime bubble, and the institutional collusion behind the mortgage backed securities fraud, have never been a secret. You probably know someone whose house is upside down because of the crisis. Did they get their mortgage thanks to the CRA?

      1. …and how did Barack Hussein Obama run/campaign for “US President”?

        (re: life background?, education?, work history?, political career?)

      2. You play fast and loose with the facts, picking some that might support your conclusions. Anything that does not fit your narrative you ignore.

  3. Someone–us, probably-is paying the dog Bo’s handler $102K a year. Don’t tell ME this spoiled kid, now rich barely orf his own doing, understands “us.” I am hornetbaskert mad about that stupid meme– he likes us…he is like us. He is not like us–Romney may have more money, but he is way more like a regular person. I think he would talk to me a few minutes, chitchat even–while Obama would ask to see my Gold Records first.

    1. Plus if someone is “likable” is not even the point. I want someone who can run this place so I don’t have to think I am trying to do it. We know that is not Obama.

      1. “Likeable” is actually crucially important, as this campaign is proving. You don’t VOTE for a guy you don’t like, and you don’t back his policies either. The right wing didn’t like Obama in 2010, and we got the Tea Baggers (BTW, aren’t they doing a swell job?). In 2012, the country, overall, “likes” Obama, and that is one of the reasons Romney is sinking like the Titanic.

        Therefor, how much we “like” a guy can make the difference between, say, repealing Obamacare or not.

          1. I’ve voted for people I don’t like but who seemed to be better for the job. That’s not to say I actively disliked a lot of candidates and still voted for them–most of them I neither like nor dislike. But, some of them, I “disliked.”

  4. O/T

    Just finished watching Bibi’s speech to the UNGA. He made one of the most salient points I have heard regarding the Islamist radicals that I have yet to hear. This is a conflict between those that wish to take the world back to the Medieval age and modernity, and he is right.

    I hope that somewhere his speech is posted for everyone to watch and listen to. He pointed out the contributions that Israel has made to the world, and all that Israel and the Jewish people have done to promote modernity and prosperity. To paraphrase what he said, traditions and the modern age can exist together. It only takes people of courage to realize that fact.

      1. Ironically, or perhaps moronically, most Westerners do not know that the Crusades were actually a response to Muslim aggression, and not the other way around. The Islamic apologist try to make the Crusades out to be Western aggression against the peaceful and fun loving Muslims, but that was hardly the case.

        That is the problem of the school systems in the US and the West, we don’t teach history as history. It is all filtered through what is the current politically correct version.

        To me, history is like math. You look at it objectively, and see what the answer is.

      1. Susan, THANKS! I was wondering where I could get it. I tried to record it off my computer with a small recorder, but the goofy dog decided that he wanted to play catch in the house, and all I can really hear is him running back and forth through the house to the office.

        I love Gus (the dog) dearly, but LORD he can be a royal pain in the rear.

        Thanks again.

  5. “This is the kind of ridiculous, absurd and unproven accusations by the Romney team that are just meant to distract,” she said.

    What she meant to say, “we are masters of bright and shiny objects, do not attempt to distract us truth – only ‘we’ are the bearers of truth”. The only thing she left out was:

    There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling the transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image; make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the Outer Limits.

  6. Ummmhhh…reflecting much Jennie girl? You sound like a teenaged bully and a braggart. If Romney is telling lies spit ’em out. What is he lying about and be specific? I’m waiting….

      1. Damn skippy! But I notice that a lot of you “working stiffs” seem to be home this afternoon, carrying the water for the candidate who wants to disembowel Medicare. Remember when that was the “third rail” of American politics? Thank you, Tea Party, for putting the Safety Net in play!

        1. You really do need new talking points. Next time you pick up your check for the number of hours you spend bullying and harassing conservatives be sure to pick up a new seminar script. Mom is probably getting tired of reading the same lines every day she cleans your room.

          1. Verbally sparing with the drop in/drop out troll is an exercise in futility. He gets his jollies off abusing everyone. His fifteen minutes of fame and inflame burned out the first time he found this site.


  7. spend time at his day job, spend time at his day job!!! are you kidding me???? the man has not spent hardly anytime at his day job. he’s to busy flying here and there on airforce 1 campaigning to spend time on his day job!!!

  8. Stop with the “day job” nonsense.

    If you look at his schedule over the past several weeks (provided by Keith), his “day job” consists of mostly campaigning, fundraisers, and travel to the above (plus things not on the schedule like golf and basketball).

    Every now and then, there’s a presidential event thrown in, like meeting with a championship team.

    Obama’s “day job” lie stretches from Virginia to Ohio!

  9. Psaki said , “Obama has been forced to spend time at his day job” HILARIOUS Stuff there.
    Now that is actually a correct fact. His day job is campaigning and complaining about the other guy.

  10. ” Obama has been forced to spend time at his day job” Obama doesn’t even attend his daily briefings. I guess he is above all that. His arrogance and conceit really showed at the debate. He though he could just show up and dazzle us with a few smiles and we would vote for him again.

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