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McCain: Carney a “Very Deep Disappointment”

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Thursday said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was a “very deep disappointment” to him, saying his habit of attacking opponents like McCain has caused Carney to disgrace himself.

McCain said Carney ought to “grow a beard” so he wouldn’t be able to see himself in the mirror.

They attacked me and they have been doing so. If you can’t attack the message and refute the message, then attack the messenger and that’s what they have been doing. And Mr. Carney has really been a very deep disappointment to me. I knew him when he was a journalist. And I think he ought to grow a beard because I’m not sure he should look at himself in the mirror in the morning.

McCain, who spoke to Brian Kilmeade of Fox News in an interview for Kilmeade’s radio show, may be responding to this particular attack, in which Carney mocked McCain for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.

As a reporter, Carney covered Congress for years, and probably got to know McCain extremely well, courting and cozying up to the powerful Senator as any reporter would.

Reporters who cover Capitol Hill have wide access to the buildings, roaming the halls and conducting ad hoc interviews with lawmakers they find strolling to the floor to vote or walking between meetings. McCain has long been one of the most accessible of those lawmakers, frequently stopping to chat with reporters.

That Carney would now attack McCain is a prime example of how people in Washington casually shift friends and allegiances as they change roles.

In the interview with Kilmeade, a video of which appears below, McCain also evinced contempt for Carney’s boss, referring to Obama repeatedly as “this guy” and characterizing him as “someone who has no respect for the truth.”

McCain offered a glimpse of how his foreign policy would have been different from Obama’s, suggesting Obama didn’t understand Islamists and had withdrawn too completely from Iraq.

Himself a war hero, McCain appeared stupified that Obama and his advisers couldn’t immediately recognize that the attack on the consulate in Bengahzi was a pre-planned, military assault.

Here’s the problem with these people: They were either intent on deceiving the American people, or they’re so naive they don’t understand the fundamentals of what happened. It was an attack with mortars and heavy weapons and rocket propelled grenades. And so somehow to think that that was just a spontaneous demonstration . . .

McCain expressed amazement at the lack of media outrage about the failure to understand the attack, attributing it to liberal bias.

The media coverage has been hard to believe. Suppose that Bush –  there had been an attack – and President Bush and his secretary of state said, “Well this is a spontaneous demonstration,” and it turned out to be a planned attack. The media would be outraged all over America.

Here’s the full video of the interview.

H/T to Dylan Byers at Politico.

29 thoughts on “McCain: Carney a “Very Deep Disappointment””

  1. Carney is on auto pilot. McCain should go after the “guy” supplying him with the batteries.

    Better for the voter to imagine the what “if” Obama was president after September 11, 2001 – he would declared NYC, Washington and Pa. a “workplace accident”.

    1. Nah, it was a failure to understand Islam coupled with some accidental insult to the Prophet that led to the fully justified religious rage of the 9/11 hijackers.

      Hey, if our troops are being indoctrinated that asking a Muslim about the kids is a justifiable capital offence, and that their murder is an acceptable response to the heinous act of walking in front of a praying Muslim, then why not? If our President deems it OK to sack sovereign American territory and kill our Ambassador, the personification of America abroad over something on YouTube, then why not?

      If our President does not respond to the newly “elected” President of Egypt, threatening the US along with the rest of the world if they dare say or do anything HE deems insulting to his namesake, then why not?

      ‘During his address, Morsi implored the U.N. to stand against insults to Islam and Muhammad and asked the international body to intervene to do something about it. The Egyptian leader, who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the world must “reject” these sentiments and that his nation will “not allow anyone to do this (insult the faith) by word or deed.”’

      It’s justifiable rage. Christians and Hindus, Buddists and Jews, convert or die. You have no other choice, and no one in this administration to defend you.

      You know, the funny thing is, all these Muslim apologist would be the FIRST to die in a true Sharia state? Strange that the party of homosexual marriage also embraces those who would kill them for being homosexual, is it not? Do those who are getting checks for a drug dependancy “disablity” and vote Democrat KNOW how Democrat supported Islam deals with the drug addicted? Do Democrat feminist have ANY idea how they would be treated in a Sharia state that is evidently, at least tacitly, supported by their chosen President? Talk about a war on women?

      The Dems are not thinking this through. That’s why the rest of us need to do their thinking for them, as we have to do everything else for them…

  2. You are spot on Sadie. Typical McCain…blame the acolyte rather than the left’s messiah. Surprised at his astonishment that the media won’t report the truth. He went through the same meat grinder four years ago, only he didn’t have the courage to stand up and fight back. Too afraid of being called a racist I guess. I don’t believe Romney will be as kind to the petulant one. I’m really looking forward to that first debate. Regardless of how liberal the moderators are, I have a feeling Romney will be able to get in some jabs.

    1. At least McCain spoke up–I was glad to vote for him against Obama in my first Republican vote. He still is out there, talking about policy–a loyal American whether or not he is as conservative as some would like.

      1. I salute him for his service to our country, but his not being a conservative has nothing to do with it. He let the press and the Obama campaign run all over him in 2008. I voted for him just as I’ll vote for Romney, but his fear of saying anything that would offend is what caused his defeat and gave us the demagogue we’re currently stuck with.

    2. ” I’m really looking forward to that first debate. Regardless of how liberal the moderators are, and how communist the networks are, and how lesbian the airwaves are, and how brainwashed the studio audience is, and how lobotomized the television audience is, and how much C4 has been packed in Romney’s podium by AFL/CIO Qeada, I have a feeling Romney will be able to get in some jabs. Too bad I really don’t feel anything for him.”

    3. I think we are giving McCain a hard time. Remember Obama put the Clintons – The Clintons! – through the meat grinder and won. You can’t say the Clintons stay above the fray and don’t fight dirty. The Obama election machine was powerful.

      I blame Matt Damon. Hello Matt – McCain is still alive – and still keeping up with what’s going on more than your beloved Obama. Remember your actuarial tables – and of course I’m sure you studied the 8 years it takes to become an accredited actuary before you made the statement.

  3. I voted for McCain for the same reason I am voting for Romney — they love this country and they will fight for it. It was a NObama vote then and now. Say what you will about McCain he has his country militarily and politically. We may not agree with him, but he has served.

    That’s a lot more than I can say about pissant Carney and his boss. The mere thought of a prison camp would have them both pissing their pants, let alone 8 years (?) in the Hanoi Hilton. Carney has no respect.

  4. Not sure what is the issue here on the main level. Let me see, the WH press Secretary being shameless utilized as a “tool” (pun intended) to message per the direction of those on high. He took the job and, like others, knew he had to sell his soul as part of the deal – as it has been done in similar fashion for centuries (in one shape or form). Any student of history understands this – no surprises.

    Now, if we want to discuss the discarding of principles of friendship, duty, call to position, etc., hang him and all the others. Geez, wait – may not be any politicians left let alone their “tool”…

  5. Reminder:
    Verbally sparing with drop in/drop out trolls is an exercise in futility. They get their jollies by abusing everyone. Fifteen minutes of fame and inflame burned out the first time they found this site and they may just as well burn their bridges while they still have a little ‘wick’ LEFT. ; )

    1. @Sadie – This is a moderated site and Keith can ensure that my posts never see the light of day. I suspect he will not – as having an occasional different perspective is something Keith supports.

      Oddly, in your effort to be whatever you are trying to be (cute? biting? humorous? witty? knowledgeable?, divisive?, whatever…) the result is that you appear exactly as you sound – close-minded and angry… I can only read your words and draw conclusions.

      Funny, if you read what I wrote above with even a modicum of attention, you will note that I said the guy sold his soul and on that basis can be hung with the lot of ’em… My initial observation is that there really should be no surprise in that respect. No more, no less. In all other respects, I am in violent agreement with Keith.

      Nonetheless, make it a nice day Sadie.

  6. Carney is NOT a “Press Sec.”
    Carney is a “Propaganda Sec.”
    Everyone please address him by his proper title; “Propaganda Sec.”

    1. BAH! If you knew anything about propaganda you would know that your new term would itself be abbreviated, newspeak style, to SecProp. Think how conservative communists like Rush Limbaugh like to employ military-like jargon such as ChiCom and SecDef.

    2. Goebbels official title was “Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment”. Goebbels had the SS and Gestapo to enforce the regime’s principles of ‘enlightenment’. All the Carney Barker has is the whiny lapdog press.

  7. Sparky is an idiot and how he stands there and lies daily is obscene. He’s a joke. Yes I will vote for Romney but not for the reason I would hope we can’t
    make it thru another 4 Obama years.

  8. It’s too bad that McCain did not slither off ‘gently into that good night’ after handing Obama the election on a sliver platter. Every time I see his face on tv, I change channels. He always was a lounge lizzard – a regular on the Imus show for years. I have zero respect for him, especially the way he treated his first wife, and then his second wife, Cindy. He looks like a mean little man.

    McCain is just looking for a little publicity by atttacking the Obama messenger. Too little, too late!

  9. BAH! If you understood propaganda you would know that your new term would itself be abbreviated, newspeak style, to SecProp. Think how conservative communists like Rush Limbaugh like to employ military-like jargon such as ChiCom and SecDef.

  10. “McCain said Carney ought to “grow a beard” so he wouldn’t be able to see himself in the mirror.”

    Is THAT why Al Gore grew a beard after the 2000 elections?

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