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Busy Obama Campaigning In Virginia Today

President Obama, who has failed to make room in his schedule to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu or any other world leader during this week’s opening of the UN General Assembly, will be campaigning today in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The trip will take four hours out of his day, but Obama only has one campaign event scheduled. The president will leave the White House at around 10:00 am ET and return at about 2:00 pm. He has no other public events scheduled.

Netanyahu, whose country may soon be going to war with Iran, will meet with Secretary of State Clinton instead. Others who have found room in their schedule to meet with Netanyahu are Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper – who recently threw all of Iran’s diplomats out of his country – and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The White House, which has been under fire for ducking Netanyahu, has not ruled out a meeting, and may in the end bow to pressure to schedule one. Netanyahu is in the United States until Saturday night.

Netanyahu could easily make the quick hop to Washington from New York. And Obama has demonstrated an ability to take a spontaneous trip to New York, having used Air Force One to escort his wife there for a date in 2009.

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    1. He IS doing his “job”. His “job”, from HIS point of view, is to destroy the United States, and make the world safe for Sunni Jihadies.

      He’s doing THAT like no one’s business!

  1. This behavior should surprise no-one, it fits perfectly with what little vetting the Malfeasant Media allowed us to know about Barry.

    1. Surprised? No.
      Enraged…yes, very much so.
      I prefer an American leader who would rather talk to the leader of our Ally nation instead of blowing him off and going on the campaign trail…in the middle of a World War III crisis, no less.
      There’s just something about the safety of the world that should take presidence over trying to convince everyone that the failures and extreme lies of the last 4 years of your life were someone else’s fault.

  2. If I was AWOL from my new job for 4 hours, which I got in spite of the current administration’s best efforts, I wouldn’t have a job.

    1. Too bad the NFL didn’t keep their under qualified referees. BHO could have gone to work with them in November. He is sooooo underqualifed for what he is supposed to do, he would fit in with all of the arena league and D-II referees.

  3. THE absolutely BEST move for Bibi at this point? Launch an all-out attack on Iran. When all the critics start popping off, he can simply state that he tried and tried to meet with O’Bozo, but O’Bozo was too busy making late-night TV appearances, hangin’ out with Jay-Z and Beyonce and playing golf……

    In King Putt’s defense, he is just trying to ensure himself another term so that he can continue to fix all our problems…… You know,, like he has done for the past 4 years….

  4. President Kardashian is just trying to lay low and do as little as possible until after the election. Remember the message he told Medvedev to deliver to Vlad…
    “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility,”

  5. According to the White House Insider, the last time they met Bibi hurt poor little Obama’s feelings, so he said he’d never meet with him again. Guess there are a few promises he’s keeping…

  6. Rather than President of the United States Obama may be known as an errand boy for the radical left.

    O.K. Obama boy you go campaign, golf, vacation, hang out with celebrities etc. while the grown-ups take care of business!!

  7. It is enlightening to see that Surrogate president “H. CLINTON” has all the time to meet with world leaders at the U.N.While not recalling when or if her office was briefed on the treat against the BENGHAZI .Now that sounds more real sense the Libyan government as well as the British both said they advised the STATE Department about the threat potential of an attack!

  8. Obama would you please at least act like you know what you are doing. You are a complete disgrace to the office, to the nation and a fake!

      1. Channeling your leader, boog?

        “You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And it’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

        April 12,2008 in San Francisco, CA

      2. If the war is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy things ourselves because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger eastern nation. Besides, those who remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones have been killed

      3. heheheheee!! You mean the crooked skewered polls from NBC and CBS and CNN???? You are delusional. And so are they. Go to your mirror and stand there and practice this: “Good morning, President Romney!”

      4. boog we need camps that teach people like you to work with whatever it takes……. we have to many leeches in this land. Barry and Mooooochelle are two of them also. When people vote for a guy like that we are in deep dodo.

      5. The polls are not worth looking at. They are slanted to make you believe that Obama is winning. This is just another Liberal trick, along with media bias. Get out and vote. Do not stay home. Vote Romney/Ryan and save our country!

        1. Carter DID win. Republicans, led by any number of Bushes and the Koch brothers stole that election too, with a young Sean Hannity using his walkie talkie to spread their lies about Carter to truckers with CB radios.

          This was because they wanted to exploit the country for big business, and also because they were misinfomed and thought Carter was Black, and they hate Black people SOOO much, they set out to steal the election from him and succeeded. You just never heard about it because we didn’t have the stalwart Media Matters and hyperpatriot George Soros to defend democracy at the time.

          The Iranians, of course, being closet Republicans, cooperated by taking hostages and shaming the Carter administration at every turn, because everyone KNOWS that Ayatollah considered Reagan to be his best hope of spreading Islam to America.

          America hating Congressional Republicans managed, despite the fact that Congress was owned by the Democrats, managed somehow to spread “malase” thorugh the economy, just to further the damage to Carter and undermine world peace. They also hoped to cause tooth decay and bingo wings just because they’ enjoy being mean to women and children.

          After all, Carter was a Nobel winner too for all of his wonderful efforts at whirled peas. You probably don’t know that the world has been completely at peace since 1976, because Republicans keep wearing things on their heads and running planes into buildings just to make you think Carter wasn’t sucessful.

          So anyway, Carter won. Republicans stole. World actually much better now than it was four years ago. O-BAM-A! O-BAM-A! O-BAM-A!

      6. The polls are a joke, heavily skewed towards dems based on 2008 turnouts. It’s all propoganda meant to discourage voters who are leaning towards Mitt. The msm and the delusional democrap party traitors will do or say anything to get POS re-elected.

      7. You are a loon to believe the polls. What really makes up the “polls”? Guesses by the lame street media. The vote will be counted and Obama will pack his bags.

      8. You are a real liberal fool to believe the polls. They are just a guess by the lame street media. They know absolutley nothing and foolslike you fall right into the trap. Take your anti-depressants early as November 6 is coming and I’d hate to see you crying all day on November 7th.

  9. Fact – Obama is in so deep and so far over his head and he is so inept, he doesn’t know how to be President and actually do the work. His highest previous accomplishment was community organizer. aka useless twit who talks about things but doesn’t do anything. It should come as no surprise that he is totally cratering as a President. Hiding like a shameful little kid hoping nobody notices his disregard for the work of being President. Sadly, there were 57 million people stupid enough to vote for him, and there are 50+ million people still stupid enough to vote for him. That won’t be enough to get re-elected. Romney will win by 6-7 points, but it does say some very sad things about how ignorant so much of the US population has become.

  10. Obama is in over his head, he has no clue what it takes to be president, he loves the celebrity and star treatment as well as the perks of being a pretend president, but none of the real life stuff it takes to be a real president….now I understand why he will not release his college records….maybe he will find his true calling in Hollywood on the big screen playing the president in a movie after he leaves office.

      1. I actually did start an incident that threatened WW3. I was golfing someplace in Lauderdale and sliced one of the range balls I use for when I have to hit over water. It went over the fence of the Donald’s compund, almost hit him, didn’t, but did mess up his ‘do when he ducked. He threatened to make me an intern or a lawsuit… my choice. We now call him Donald DUCK!

  11. Obama’s right. More important to save the nation from a disastrous Romney presidency than meet with foreign leaders. I like a president who’s more concerned with the US than with leaders of nations I’ll never visit. OBAMA 2012! Woop woop!

    1. Love how you try to have it both way…..Obama is out for Obama and nothing else. If you believe otherwise you continue to be fooled(at this point willingly).

      What will be your answer when because of Obama’s anti-israel/ignoring policies that the arabs are embolden to attack them? Israel will have to fight for their life and launch nukes…which escalates to the entire region and starts WWIII. What will your answer be then?

      I am certain you will twist it again with some tortured logic and explanation because you just can’t see your messiah for what he is…a fraud, anti-Semite, enemy of capitalism who believes that govt creates jobs and therefore should control the business. All the while he and his family spend money on OUR credit card as if he were a king.

    2. A disastrous Romney presidency? Oh that’s right, because Obama has done such a great job these past 4 years. Another Liberal who just wants to make sure that government check keeps coming in the mail every two weeks while they sit on their duffs and complain how they aren’t getting enough of other people’s money to buy the new iphone 5. Kind of sick of grubs like you to be honest

    1. If this was George W. Bush, he would be sitting in a jail cell. The $1.4B is only for 2011. The real dollar amount is probably closer to $6 – 7B when you consider the vacations to 22 countries with his 1000 person entourages during his first year. Does all of this include MO’s multi-million $$$ wardrobe, cosmetic surgeries, etc.? Or Granny and the kids? America has been punked and it’s people are either too stupid to realize it, or they just don’t care. Hope there’s enough of us to throw these criminals back to the Chicago sewer system on Jan. 20!

      1. Michelle should have spent some of that money on liposuction and hip replacement. Put a jersey with a number on her and sit on your couch and watch monday nite football. Waht an embarrassment.

  12. We have had some bad Presidents but never a defective one… this guy is an honest to God lemon. The scary part is that there is over a third of the country who thinks he’s smart and doing a good job. How did we get these people?

  13. Obama is a like a petulant child…..running away from his responsibilities to insure his own success(vs for the good of the people). The ONLY reason that Clinton is doing this is because the complicit media could not ignore the blatant dereliction of duty by the President so they knew SOMEONE had to meet with these leaders. How can Obama be billed as this great foreign affairs guy while NOT meeting with them?

    Further, as liberal as Hillary is I can’t believe she lacks the integrity to out this fraud in the oval office. Just like Carney and Amb Rice, Hillary KNOWS he is a fraud. She KNEW al queda was involved within 24hrs of the Libya attack and the murders but goes along with the Obama disinformation campaign. And Obama STILL won’t say it was terrorism….but that is part of the plan….send two messages to muddy the water.

    But then again Bill and Hillary always do what ever it takes for liberals to win. What I think they have miscalculated is that Obama is not just a liberal but a progressive which is much worse for any freedom loving people.

    If Obama is reelected there will be a civil war by 2014…he will come out of the gates with more executive orders to circumvent congress and the supreme court faster than they can respond, he will abandon Israel(if he hasn’t already) which will likely embolden the arabs to eliminate them, Israel will nuke them for their survival resulting in WWIII. The “fly over” states will have had enough and the left wing coasts will continue support. Obama knows this and its why he had SSA and NOAA buy 1.2 Billion holllow point bullets this year(google it). Its also why Obama requested the military to put a war plan together to squash nationwide riots.(again google it, its there) Can you image US soldiers holding guns on US citizens? Well Obama can. Its all part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation”.

    I know Civil War seems impossible but so did the revolutionary war, the first civil war, great depression, WWII, WTC attack, the housing/banking collapse and being $16,000,000,000,000 in debt.

    We either fight for freedom at the ballot box or we will end up fighting in the streets for it.

  14. Obama’s minions in the press mocked Romney for even bothering to be in Ohio since he was down by ten points. Yet they didn’t mock Obama for visiting Ohio up by ten. The media knows the up-by-ten is a media created scam to suppress the Romney supporters..

  15. I am sitting here listening to people calling into a radio show who are freaking out at
    the thought of Obama winning this election. These are business people who will not hire
    anyone or invest their money if Obama is re elected. They hate his stifling regulations and
    his disgust for capitalism. What is wrong with this country.
    Obama is telling lies after lies, fact check has proven it and yet these people keep on
    believing this man. Wake up people. Vote for Romney/Ryan

  16. Fox headlines US had listed terrorism in the Libya Embassy 24 hours after attack? Rice sent out to lie? Obama to busy to meet Bibi? To busy to meet any leaders at UN?

    Nov can not get here fast enough.

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  18. Fox news is saying Obama knew within 24 hours it was terrorism in Libya. No FBI yet to go there. He is to busy to see Bibi, talk to America on what happened. They have lied repeatedly using Rice to say it was a movie…Nov can not get here fast enough!

    Oh yeah, Obamas parties, trips, have cost taxpayers more than 1.7 billion??????

  19. Obama/Jarrett fully support the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine, and Iran. ME chaos and the destruction of Israel are all part of the larger goal to weaken and ulimtately destroy the USA from within. Plan is working well.

    1. Yes, and they are doing it in broad daylight. The media should be shouting this for all to hear, yet they ignore it. We can scream it, but no one is listening.

  20. why is he running again the lazy bum. Go to Hollywood Barry you belong with that stupid crowd and let Romney take care of the country. That man has a wonderful brain and is a hard worker besides, he has all that we need right now, You have nothing and soon we will have nothing either.

  21. The President will be able to hear what the Prime Minister wants to say to him by watching him speak from the podium at the UN. General Assembly today at 12:30 NYC time. Will he be watching??

  22. Why is no one reporting on what the incoming 2006 congress, dem/libs/Progressives, inherited. If memory serves me, Unemployment ubder 5%, Longest “winning streak” in financial world, personal income, UP, homeownership, UP, personal wealth, highest in history, union membership, DOWN, communists in the white house, none, you get the point. Then the NEW dem/lib/progressive congress took over. In less than 2 years, they destroyed the foundation. Do George Bush and some Rep/Progressives deserve blame, ABSOLUTELY, then, when the Dem/Lib/Progressives took total control, it became the other guys fault. 1st thing they did, raise minimum wage, and the GIGANTIC,HOUMONGUS, crony bailout package. Tell me again how it is the other guys fault. We know this is only the tip of the Sylindra iceberg.

  23. I recall presidential candidate Obama telling McCain a president should be able to multi task when McCain said they should suspend the campaigns and return to Washington to deal with the bailouts in 2008. The job is a lot harder when you are on the inside looking out. I would have more respect for him if he would shut his campaign down for one day and meat with the prime minister.

  24. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that black Americans had a staggering 42% of all abortions in America in 2008 (the most recent year for which abortion data is available) yet according to the Census Bureau, African Americans composed only 12.6 percent of the total population.

    1. Here is another statistic for you. Blacks get 38% of all welfare money, whites also get 38%, the rest goes to other ethnic groups. Blacks are 12.6% of the population, whites are 72+% of the population. So it stands to reason that blacks are on welfare at a much higher percentage than whites. Just sayin’.

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  27. For days I have read about these polls showing Obama ahead of Romney. But it is simply not possible to believe in it. This must be foul play. I mean the unemployment, the deficit, the 9/11 in Benghazi, how can a politician be rewarded for such disasters ? Then, in my morning paper over here, I read about the report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The US economic growth has been revised to 1,3 % instead of the expected 1,7 %, the US might be headed for recession. Only in a parallell universe can a political leader survive such numbers.

  28. If Netanyahu would only call out an Islamic prayer like the muezzins our Prez so fondly remembers, he might get more attention. Or maybe he could wiggle his backside like Beyonce. Or bat his eyes like Eva Longoria. Failing that, Obama has no interest. After all, Israel should have simplified Obama’s life by abandoning its security interests long ago and giving the well-intentioned, peace-loving Palestinians everything they want.

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  30. Some of theposts are quite funny however no one touched on the very calculated reason obama is not meeting with world leaders…
    obama doesn’t want to meet them because doing so would give Romney the right to request the same… That would create a photo opportunity which would make Mitt look presidential… obama can’t afford that!
    Sinister but true!

  31. If President Obama “squeezes in” PM Netanyahu on Saturday — right before Netanyahu is scheduled to leave the country — that will effectively prevent Romney from publicly meeting with Netanyahu while he is in the U.S. and deny Romney an important foreign policy soundbite and photo opportunity.

    Sounds like something the Obama campaign would like.

    1. Remember, Romney went to Israel to meet BiBi. He also went to Poland. He does not need a photo opportunity. The jews will ALL vote for Romney.

  32. For days I have read about these polls with Obama ahead of Romney. Simply unbelievable, there must be foul play. Unemployment, deficit, 9/11 in Benghazi, how can a politician be rewarded after such disasters? In my morning paper over here I read about the report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, economic growth in the US has been revised down to 1,3 % instead of expected 1,7%, the US might be heading for recession. Another disaster. Only in a parallell universe can a political leader benefit from that. What´s going on among the poll makers ?

    1. That–or some weird mass hypnosis. I think part of it is the simplistic framing–I have college educated friends who quite seriously say Romney hates women… many Republicans are women, they are married to them, have female kids…the whole thing is so stupid. The sound bite world–the Big Lie…I don’t even know. I think this is a scary chapter in American life.

  33. Our president is a disgrace to the office. How can anyone support a man who is so clearly lazy and incompetent. Obama is only interested in Obama, not the US or what is in our country’s interest.

  34. Never in my lifetime have I seen a more irresponsible person ACTING as president of the United States, Anyone could do the same job he is doing since in my opinion it is not him running the country anyway, it’s all those behind him and the money power that put him there. If this man gets a second term it has more to do with the powerful people behind the scene who manipulate and ochestrate what we think is our doing by voting. If this man wins in November you can be sure our votes don’t matter at all. evil is so entrenched in the whole system of Government that only the Most High God has the power to save US.

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