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Obama Strengthens the Threat Against Iran

Choosing his words very carefully, President Obama today ratcheted up the U.S. threat against Iran by committing the United States to military action if diplomacy fails.

You may think he had already done this, but he hasn’t. His previous words always left a careful way out. But not his time.

Whether Obama can be trusted to follow through is unclear. This is the same president who is moving too quickly out of Afghanistan and who moved too fully out of Iraq. But there is now U.S. guarantee, forfeited only at massive loss to U.S. credibility, to go to war against Iran if talks to end the Mullahs’ quests for nuclear weapons fail.

The new policy was spelled out in one seemingly simple phrase which, as far as I’m aware, has not been uttered by Obama before:

“The United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Look closely at what he is saying. We WILL do what we must. It’s a commitment. It says we will do what is needed to keep Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.

Previous statements have included carefully non-committal phrases with which you are probably familiar, like “our policy is not to allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon,” and “all options on the table” and “we’re not going to tolerate a nuclear weapon in the hands of this Iranian regime.”

Note the difference. There are plenty of things I refuse to tolerate that go on every day. The United States doesn’t “tolerate” Bashir Assad’s slaughter of his people, or famine imposed by the North Korean regime. What’s more, we have “policies” opposing these things. And yet they continue to occur.

We have never decided that it is in U.S. interests or capabilities to do what we must to put and end to such things, and that’s why they continue.

But now we will do what we must with respect to Iran.

Obama put the world on notice today that we’re going to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon by bombing it. Personally, I think he is probably serious. One of his core beliefs is that the world must be rid of nuclear weapons, and allowing Iran to have them will cause the number of nukes to multiply, not decline.

This is exactly the rationale he offered at the UN for preventing the Mullahbomb:

We respect the right of nations to access peaceful nuclear power, but one of the purposes of the United Nations is to see that we harness that power for peace.  And make no mistake, a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained.  It would threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy.  It risks triggering a nuclear-arms race in the region, and the unraveling of the non-proliferation treaty.

But will Obama have the fortitude to make the “gutsy move” required to attack Iran? With no progress on the negotiation front in sight, the Israelis may not be willing to risk waiting much longer to find out.

27 Responses to Obama Strengthens the Threat Against Iran

  1. He would never venture down the path of attacking or supporting an attack on Iran unless he gets a green light from Putin. And for that Russian support Obama will have to promise to leave Syria alone and leave the fate of Syrians up to Vladimir. Obama will also need Saudi approval for such an attack and I suppose they would gladly give it to keep Israel on the sidelines. But of course all this goes against Obama’s ideological thinking, I suspect his statements are bloviation and pointedly made to keep the Jewish vote.

  2. My guess, was he Bluffing for Politics ?

    You know, he is bitter clinging to his Peace Prize, like a Mom who threatens her kids to clean up their rooms or else ? And the kids always respond, go ahead, you’ll buy me more ;) (based on a true story, heh)

  3. Don’t you find it a bit odd that he made a comment in I believe the 60 Minutes Interview about Romney wanting to go to war or something like that; this Middle East stuff was noise and a bump in the road and not less than 48 hours later – he’s at the UN telling them “We” won’t let Iran get a nuclear bomb and he himself is hinting at war? Don’t you find it odd that as soon as Romney starting China bashing all of a sudden last week the Department of Justice files a law suit …. the man is an opportunist. He has made so many promises and not lived up to most of them. He will say what he needs to in order to be re-elected – but his rhetoric suggests something far different. After all – he can’t work with Congress – is he going to authorize war with Iran without going to Congress. The man has no principles – he is truly a fraud.

    • Additionally – do you suppose their internal polling is showing some strain and he figures he needs to do this to get some people back on board. Problem is – his supporters are already with him – Romney’s are with him and those undecideds will likely be skeptical.

    • You got me thinking on this. Didn’t Obama do the same thing with McCain? “I’ll cut spending too – just like McCain. I’ll do everything McCain is doing – but better! Uh…except for the stuff you don’t like – of course not those things – only the stuff you like!” (not a real quote)

  4. That statement will be ratcheted back to include the word diplomatically. You’ve misunderstood the statement Keith. What he meant was diplomacy with no pre-conditions.
    Good writing still.

  5. Call me a pessimist but I’m afraid in my vision of the near furure is a picture of a mushroom cloud rising over Tel Aviv with an Obama voice over saying “There is still time. We HAVE to give sanctions a chance to work!!!”

  6. Early voting starts in Ohio on October 2. He’ll be making more trips to Ohio before then. Wouldn’t doubt if the campaign has voting booths set up outside the rallies after next week. He’s nothing more than a child abuser.

  7. Sorry, can’t believe a word he says. Ever. About anything.
    Walking a tightrope with his koranimal butt buddies and trying to keep Jewish votes. He will gladly let iran nuke Israel. After the election.

    And Jewish dems? Make sure you lick hitlers ass when you get to hell.

  8. Simply more hot air from the “Dear Leader” in order to try and keep Bibi and the Israelis in check until after the election. Wait and see, as soon as Yom Kippur is past, there will be a huge fuss made all over the MSM concerning “high level” discussions initiated by O-zero with his close friend and strongest ally, PM Netanyahu.

    Of course, it will all be pure B.S. Strictly a well timed photo-op and a chance for the devoted ( like Chris ” I get a tingle in my dingle over you Big O” Matthews ).

  9. seriously, Keith? you’re giving him way too much credit. yesterday it was all about the “noise” Bibi was making. today he’s going to do what he MUST to make sure Iran doesn’t get the bomb? I’m not buying it.

  10. Without Russian concurrence he will do nothing. But one has to wonder, where was this person the last 18 months or so? Suddenly he has a spine? Of course, its an election time, and of course, war (or threat thereof) would probably assure his.
    And so again we have a POTUS who would sacrifice anything if it would assure his maintaining power.

    • “And so again we have a POTUS who would sacrifice anything if it would assure his maintaining power.” – Tom Poole

      Actually, Tom, I would rephrase that just slightly. I would say “And so again we have a POTUS who would sacrifice EVERYONE ELSE if it would assure his maintaining power.”

      Democrats are famous for using OTHER peoples money, taking OTHER people’s liberties, and running OTHER people’s lives. Obama himself will put no skin in the game, that’s for the peasants.

      That said, this applies only to his own precious self. There is no one he would not throw under the bus to shift blame and keep power for himself. I wouldn’t recommend being close to Obama unless you have something on him (like Holder?). Otherwise, you’re just cannon fodder to the Mahdi. Once he uses his tools, he drops them.

  11. Remember, all this man does is talk. “Must” doesn’t mean anything when it comes from Obama. Israel cannot count on the support of America. I never dreamed that would be true.